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Chapter 3311: Forgot Everything ElseTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Dong Muping had always thought that her family in Wei Wucais generation had nothing to do with the immediate members of the eight great families.

Wei Wucai wouldnt inherit anything from the actual Wei Familly.

Wei Wucai had his own business, but it was nothing compared to the businesses the immediate members of the eight great families would inherit.

Dong Muping was worried that some people might say that their family had thought too highly of themselves that they even dared to covet what was beyond their league.

Dong Muping had no intention of reaching for the unthinkable.

She just wanted her son to have a normal marriage.

Otherwise, looking at Wei Wucais situation, he would probably end up being single for the rest of his life.

As such, she never tried to introduce girls with powerful families to Wei Wucai.

She just wanted another family of similar status and wealth.

It wasnt because Dong Muping was snobby.

Even if Wei Wucai was not an immediate member of the Wei Family and even if he had started training at the Mount Lan Compound when he was still young…

Although Wei Wucai had not been brought up with a golden spoon…

He had all the necessities that the members of the eight great families had.

His experience and insights were better than others.

Even if she introduced an ordinary girl to him, they might not be able to even have a good conversation with each other.

But now, Wei Wucai suddenly started dating, and he was even dating Yan Zhiqing.

What more could Dong Muping ask for

She was very surprised and happy.

The complaint she had was not toward Yan Zhiqing.

It was toward Wei Wucai.

This fella didnt even know to tell her when he started dating.

He even wanted his mother to find out about it through the announcement they released like she was one of the netizens.

This was absolutely inappropriate!

“Why Are you not happy” Old Mrs.

Wei could tell that Dong Muping was not very excited.

She thought that Dong Muping had complaints about Yan Zhiqing.

Dong Muping then said, “I have no complaints about Zhiqing.

Zhiqing is perfect.

I am just mad at Xiao Cai.”

Dong Muping started complaining to Old Mrs.


“I am telling you.

Sons are just not as thoughtful as girls.”

“Why” Unfortunately, Old Mrs.

Wei couldnt understand how Dong Muping felt.

Her grandson didnt even have a girlfriend.

Old Mrs.

Wei thought that Wei Wucai was awesome, as he was able to get a girlfriend by himself.

He was such a capable young fellow.

What was there to complain about

Wasnt this equivalent to the well-fed not knowing the suffering of the starving

Dong Muping then said, “This stupid son knew that I was so worried about him.

He got a girlfriend, but he didnt even tell me about it.”

“Fortunately, he had driven away so many of the girls in the matchmaking sessions, resulting in me feeling too embarrassed to introduce any more girls to him for the time being.

If not, I would have offended Yan Zhiqing.” Dong Muping complained to Old Mrs.


“Think about it.

If I had contacted someone with the intention of introducing him to the girl and something like this suddenly happened, how awkward would I feel The family that I would have arranged for matchmaking with him might think that I was just messing with them for fun.”

“Both the intermediary and the family matchmaking with Wei Wucai would be very angry,” Dong Muping said.

“Of course, because I was lucky, it didnt happen.

However, it doesnt mean that he hadnt done nothing wrong.

Dont you think so” Dong Muping said.

Old Mrs.

Wei nodded and said, “True.”

“In addition, as his mother, I dont even know that he was already in a relationship.

I had to find out about it through social media with all the other netizens.

Dont you think this is…” Dong Muping said angrily, “I was just mad about this.”

“Of course, this has nothing to do with Zhiqing.

Its all Xiao Cais fault.

Obviously, Zhiqing couldnt possibly tell Xiao Cai not to tell me.

I know its because men are careless.

He must have forgotten about this, which is why I feel even angrier.”

“He doesnt think about me during such crucial moments.” Dong Muping said.

Old Mrs.

Wei really couldnt understand Dong Mupings feelings.

But she thought that Dong Mupings anger was reasonable.

She was just mad at Wei Wucai.

She wasnt redirecting her anger at anyone else.

So, there was nothing wrong.

However, Old Mrs.

Wei felt so jealous as she thought that Dong Muping had finally resolved her biggest worry and could get mad at Wei Wucai however she wanted.

Old Mrs.

Wei wanted to do the same as well!

If Wei Zhiqian was able to get out of the single mens club and find a granddaughter-in-law for her…

Even if Wei Zhiqian didnt tell her about it, Old Mrs.

Wei might not feel that… mad

Even if she felt mad, she would have to wait to settle that matter with Wei Zhiqian later.

She would still feel very happy.

“Its really Xiao Cais fault!” Old Mrs.

Wei went along with what Dong Muping said.

“Quick, give him a phone call and scold him!”

“Yes!” Dong Muping nodded.

The two chatted for a while before hanging up.

Dong Muping then angrily gave Wei Wucai a phone call.

When Wei Wucai saw Dong Mupings caller ID on the phone…

His heart skipped a beat.

“Whats wrong” Yan Zhiqing asked when she saw him hesitating to answer the phone call despite the phone ringing.

It was rare to see Wei Wucai with a struggling expression.

He answered, “Its a call from my mom.”

Yan Zhiqing immediately felt nervous as well.

She then heard Wei Wucai say, “I forgot to tell her.”

Yan Zhiqing didnt know what to say.

Yan Zhiqing was really mad as she said, “Then, shouldnt you pick up the phone quickly Its a big thing.

How could you not tell Auntie She must have seen the announcement and must be really mad at you for what you had done!”

Yan Zhiqing was worried that Wei Wucais mother might not like her.

After all, her career was controversial.

Celebrities had many fans.

However, if a non-celebrity got involved with a celebrity, it would be worrisome.

But if it was a celebrity with no relation to them, they would just treat that celebrity as someone under the spotlight and would have no personal feelings toward that celebrity.

However, once it had something to do with a celebritys personal life, things would become different.

Of course, Yan Zhiqing had self-control and discipline.

Hence, the reason why she thought that her career wasnt really a shortcoming of hers.

However, Yan Zhiqing still felt really nervous.

She was scared that Dong Muping might not be satisfied with her.

After all, Wei Wucai did not even report back to the elders of the family about such a huge matter.

If Dong Muping thought that she was the instigator and the reason why Wei Wucai had forgotten about his elders, what would she do

She would be so aggrieved.

After all, she would basically be taking the blame for Wei Wucai.

“I kept thinking about our announcement and forgot about everything else,” Wei Wucai said sincerely.

Clearly, he viewed the publishing of the announcement with great significance.

With this, Wei Wucai didnt dare to wait any longer.

He quickly picked up the phone and said, “Mom”

“So, you still know that I am your mother!” As expected, the moment he picked up the phone, he heard Dong Mupings loud and incessant berating.

“This is a huge deal.

Why didnt you tell me first” Dong Muping complained.

Wei Wucai was scared that Dong Muping might be unhappy with Yan Zhiqing.

Therefore, he didnt even dare to mention Yan Zhiqings name.

He didnt dare to explain for Yan Zhiqings sake.

If Dong Muping heard and thought that he was completely on Yan Zhiqings side when they had just gotten together, and the former became even angrier, what would he do then

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