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Chapter 3313: Never EndTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

As long as they werent some outrageous needs, they could be fulfilled.

They respected Wei Wucais decision.

In addition, there could not be anyone better than Yan Zhiqing, so why would she have any complaints

Dong Muping wasnt petty.

She wasnt unhappy because Wei Wucai was siding with Yan Zhiqing.

She had never contributed much when Wei Wucai was growing up.

So, she didnt have the right to intervene too much.

In addition, Wei Wucai hadnt done anything wrong.

It was rare for him to find someone he liked.

Moreover, if a man didnt even know to protect his woman, what use did he have

In Dong Mupings opinion, as she was a woman as well, she should take the womans side.

Why would she make a little girls life difficult

“However, arent you scared that I would be mad and nitpick here because you keep on protecting her” Dong Muping asked, attempting to scare Wei Wucai.

However, Wei Wucai wasnt nervous at all.

He casually said, “What is there to be scared about You are not someone like that, so I am not worried at all.”

Wei Wucai smiled and said, “I am more worried that you might treat Zhiqing too well and Zhiqing would end up being closer to you than me.”

“If the two most important women to me dont pay any attention to me, how sad would that be” Wei Wucai said.

This successfully made Dong Muping laugh.

Wei Wucai then seized the opportunity and said, “Mom, I was inconsiderate.

I cant believe I didnt tell you beforehand.

However, even if I had told you beforehand, I would still be telling you today.

After all, we have only just gotten together.

It really wouldnt be too far back in the past.”

“You must have been courting Zhiqing for a long time.” Dong Muping said, “I thought it was weird that you didnt deny the scandal with Zhiqing online.”

“You should have told the family that you like someone.

Because of that, I kept worrying about you.” Dong Muping complained.

“I wasnt confident, and I was worried that my courtship might end in failure.” Wei Wucai said with a bitter smile.

“So, I didnt dare to tell you.”

“If I told you that I like someone, you would be very happy.

But if I didnt successfully court her, wouldnt you be happy for nothing” Wei Wucai said.

“Anyway, no matter what, you have your excuses,” Dong Muping said in an annoyed tone.

“Anyway, I have a girlfriend now.

In addition, I am definitely marrying Zhiqing.” Wei Wucai said.

When Yan Zhiqing heard this, she smacked him on the arm.

This was just the first day of their relationship.

It barely even counted as the first day.

The two were working on set and had never been on an actual date before.

Because they were always working on set and were together every day.

So, even though they had never officially been on a date, they were already very familiar with each other.

They knew each others habits and personalities very well.

There wouldnt be a conflict of personalities even after all these.

However, they had just officially started dating, so how could they be talking about marriage!

Who knew what might happen

Could Wei Wucai really be that confident

Of course, Yan Zhiqing was more embarrassed than him.

Who talked about marriage so quickly

Dong Muping couldnt help but curve the corner of her mouth up as she said, “Stop bluffing.

You were previously worried that you wouldnt be able to court her.

Even if you wanted to, would she be willing to marry you”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Wei Wucai was silent for a while before he turned and asked Yan Zhiqing, “Are you willing to marry me”

Yan Zhiqing didnt know what to say.

In front of so many people!

That wasnt a question you should ask on the first day of the relationship.

It was so casual and insincere.

As such, Yan Zhiqing didnt respond.

She humphed and turned her head away, refusing to look at him.

Wei Wucai then said on the phone with Dong Muping in a serious tone, “You are right.

I still have a long way to go.”

Dong Muping was speechless as well.

She felt as though it was a miracle that Wei Wucai was able to get Yan Zhiqing to be his girlfriend.

As for marriage, she didnt even dare to rush it.

She simply prayed that Yan Zhiqing wouldnt break up with Wei Wucai.

It was such a waste for this son to have such a pretty face.

Since he was so useless!



Now you know what I mean.” Dong Muping said, “Is Zhiqing next to you”

“…” Wei Wucai was silent for a moment before he said, “Yes.”

“Can I say a few words to Zhiqing” Dong Muping didnt want to talk to her son anymore.

She just wanted to talk to her future daughter-in-law.

The two had never met before, but Wei Wucai already felt as though he would soon fall into disfavor.

Wei Wucai moved the phone far away and whispered to Yan Zhiqing, “My mom wants to say a few words to you.”

“Sure.” Yan Zhiqing agreed in a very natural and poised manner.

However, she was nervous.

After all, this was her first time talking to her future mother-in-law.


What future mother-in-law!

Yan Zhiqing got brainwashed by Wei Wucai.

She had yet to marry Wei Wucai.

Why should she call her future mother-in-law!

Yan Zhiqing concluded that it was because she was too nervous that she thought of that.

She actually recalled that nonsense.

She nervously took the phone from Wei Wucai and said carefully, “Hello, Auntie.

I am Zhiqing.

I am sorry I did not tell you that we started dating.”

“Its alright,” Dong Muping responded swiftly.

If Wei Wucai had heard this, he would have commented on the difference in treatment.

“It really was so sudden,” Dong Muping said.

When Yan Zhiqing heard that Dong Muping was being so empathic, she felt even more embarrassed.

“We should have visited you immediately, but we couldn”t leave the set because of work.

Thats why we couldnt visit you right away.”

“In the end, you even had to call us yourself.

That was inappropriate of us.”

“Thats nothing,” Dong Muping said in a carefree tone, “We are family.

You dont have to be this courteous.

Just treat me like a family member and dont worry about anything.”

“You dont usually treat your family with such courtesy, right” Dong Muping asked.

Yan Zhiqing smiled and admitted in silence.

Dong Muping then said, “Then you dont have to be this courteous with me.

I know you cant come back just yet.

I can just call you, and its the same.

Its nothing major.

You dont have to worry about it.”

“You can wait with Xiao Cai on set and talk about this after the filming ends,” Dong Muping said.

“You two just so happened to be in the same crew, and it will be easier for him to take care of you.” Dong Muping smiled and said, “If he makes you mad, tell me.

Dont hide it for his sake.”

“And dont you worry! I will not take Wei Wucais side,” Dong Muping added.

“Thank you, Auntie.” Yan Zhiqing immediately said with a very sweet smile on her face.

“By the way, how did you two—”

Dong Muping didnt even get to finish her sentence when Wei Wucai snatched the phone out of Yan Zhiqings hand.

Wei Wucai had very good hearing, and he obviously heard what Dong Muping was trying to ask.

If Dong Muping continued chatting like this, the conversation would never end.

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