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Chapter 3314: Isnt This Fella MaddeningTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Im still talking to Auntie.” Dong Muping could hear Yan Zhiqings complaints through her phone.

Dong Muping immediately grumbled to Wei Wucai, “Xiao Cai, whats wrong with you Im still talking to Zhiqing.”

Wei Wucai then said, “Mom, we still have a lot of things to do.

I will tell you the details of the things you want to know later.”

“Hey, Kid.

Whats wrong with me saying a few words to Zhiqing” Dong Muping said.

How could he take away her chance to chat with Yan Zhiqing

“Alright then.” Dong Muping couldnt do anything.

She thought to herself that she would have Yan Zhiqing teach him a lesson.

But for now, she really couldnt control him.

From now on, Yan Zhiqing would handle Wei Wucais matters.

Wei Wucai let out a sigh of relief as he hung up.

He lifted his head and saw the room full of people staring at him.

It was fine if Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling were staring at him.

But the others were all single.

How dare these singles stare at him in an amused manner.

They really didnt know their place!

As such, Wei Wucai pretended to be in a difficult position.

He shook his head and sighed as he said, “You all dont even have girlfriends, so you wont understand my struggles.”

Wei Wucai looked at them and appeared hesitant to speak.

He sighed and then said, “Hah! Nevermind.

You wont understand my feelings even if I told you guys.”

Everyone: “…”

Isnt this fella maddening!

At the very end, Wei Wucai seemed worried that they didnt get the message.

So, he specially added a comment.

“Its because you all are single.”

“I am different.

I have a girlfriend.

It is really difficult to resolve the conflict between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law.

As the intermediary, I have to find the right balance and function as the role to keep things balanced.” Wei Wucai straightened his back as he remained seated.

“This is really difficult.

However, you people have no experience with this kind of problem, so you dont understand my hardships,” Wei Wucai said.

Everyone: “…”

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

Yan Zhiqing thought to herself about how she had yet to even meet Dong Muping.

What conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law




They werent in-laws!

They hadnt even met yet—what in-laws Those were just Wei Wucais words alone.

She had never even said that!


You can stop talking.” Han Zhuofeng felt that he had been hurt.

But because there were quite a number of people who had received the same damage, Han Zhuofeng felt better.

“We get it,” Han Zhuofeng said to get Wei Wucai to stop quickly.

He thought to himself.

Did Wei Wucai really think that all of them had never been in a relationship


He had never been in a relationship.

But his brother had been!

Not only had his brother been in a relationship, but his brother had also gotten married!

If they were to talk about relationships between in-laws, Shi Xiaoya was the actual in-law of Lin Liye.

Of the people present, Han Zhuoling should be the one with the most right to speak.

Han Zhuofeng couldnt stand seeing Wei Wucai behaving like a prideful villain who had just achieved success.

Han Zhuofeng immediately said, “You just started dating Zhuofeng.

This is your first day.

You are overthinking things.”

“In addition, dont you forget that the only married guy here is my brother.” Han Zhuofeng proudly gestured with a wave of his hand as he pointed at Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya.

“If there are any difficulties, my brother would be the first to experience them.

Today is just your first day.

What is there to experience”

“That doesnt even count as being overly worried; you just have nothing better to do,” Han Zhuofeng concluded.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Han Zhuofeng said, “However, my sister-in-law doesnt have any irreconcilable conflicts with my mom!”

Han Zhuofeng felt a chill on the back of his neck as he felt dangerous glares coming from Han Zhuoling.

He immediately said, “My sister-in-law and my mom bond with each other like they were actual mother and daughter.

The two have such a good relationship, which is why my brother doesnt need to be in an awkward predicament while stuck between them.

To my brother, such difficulties do not exist.”

Han Zhuofeng took the chance and won favor from Han Zhuoling.

“…” Wei Wucai didnt expect Han Zhuofeng to be so capable.

Han Zhuofeng actually retorted that he was in an awkward predicament and was stuck between two people…

What predicament!

There was no issue between Yan Zhiqing and Dong Muping.

After enjoying the sight of Wei Wucai being humiliated, he suddenly recalled his friendship with Yan Zhiqing.

He then realized that they shouldnt be too mean to Wei Wucai.

And so, he tried to distract everyone by saying, “Aiya! Director Wu shared your Weibo post!”

Everyone quickly checked it online.

They saw Wu Mosen sending his blessings not long after they had published their announcement post.

“Congratulations! Congratulations! This is a couple that came into existence through our crew and cast.

Its a happy thing! Its a very happy thing!” Wu Mosen said, “Should I be considered the matchmaker Hahaha! No matter what, I am sincerely happy for Xiao Cai and Zhiqings relationship.

I wish for you two a long-lasting relationship.”

The official Weibo account of the film Left Right also made a post.

“Congratulations to Xiao Cai and Zhiqing.

The first couple in our crew and cast! This is a piece of exhilarating news since the start of our filming!”

Benefactor Come Have Fun commented, “Awesome! Even Director Wu appeared.”

My Familys Smart Kid commented, “I am so happy to see that so many people feel so optimistic about Zhiqing and Xiao Cais relationship.”

Sir H Xiang Yang commented, “Amazing! Even the members of the eight great families popped out!”

As expected, aside from Wei Zhiqian…

Han Zhuoling, Han Zhuoli, Qi Chengzhi, Qi Chenglin all appeared.

Because Wei Zhiqian and Yan Beicheng were Wei Wucais older brother and Yan Zhiqings older brother, respectively.

Wei Zhiqian and Yan Beicheng obviously appeared first.

The others replied later not because they didnt cherish their relationships with Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing.

They were trying to give Wei Zhiqian and Yan Beicheng enough time.

After all, this was a piece of happy news for both the Wei Family and the Yan Family.

As such, Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing were the main characters.

Wei Zhiqian and Yan Beicheng were the next important figures in this news, as they represented the Wei Family and the Yan Family, respectively.

Wei Zhiqian and Yan Beicheng had to give the netizens enough time to congratulate Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing.

They had to appear after Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing had received enough attention.

And now, the few members of the eight great families appeared almost at the same time to congratulate the new couple.

424326 commented, “This is so grand.

You only see so many members of the eight great families appear at the same time when a happy event occurs within the eight great families.

The members of the eight great families werent the only ones who sent their blessings.

With Wu Mosen taking the lead, the other people in the entertainment industry appeared as well.

Even though many individuals in the entertainment industry had no relation to Yan Zhiqing…

Some had never even seen her before.

They wanted to ride on this wave of popularity.

They all appeared and posted their congratulations.

Even without the members of the Mount Lan Compound controlling the trending search ranking, the current wave of popularity would have guaranteed that Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucais happy news would take up the entire list of the trending search ranking.

The news about the two was so popular that it completely overshadowed the news about Chen Zeqing.

The announcement that the film crew released about replacing Chen Zeqing was initially mocked by some netizens…

But now, that announcment was almost forgotten by everyone.

Because the film crew immediately congratulated Yan Zhiqing, Yan Zhiqings fans felt really happy.

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