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Chapter 3315: Madam! Such Marvelous Tool! Highly Recommended!Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Her fans started to leave comments of appreciation under the film crews official Weibo account.

And those waves of comments left by her fans buried the negative comments previously left by other netizens.

Wu Mosen happily watched the effect brought by the announcement released by Yan Zhiqing and Wu Mosen.

The film crew was finally able to rid themselves of the negative publicity that occurred because of Chen Zeqing.

It was all because Yan Zhiqing was willing to help the film crew.

Wu Mosen kept this favor in mind.

However, the members of the Mount Lan Compound had total control of the trending search ranking list for Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai.

Someone had paid a huge price to buy the second place in the rankings.

But when it was right around prime time, which was 8 pm at night, they lost their place on the trending search ranking list.

Could they allow this to happen

That was definitely not allowed!

Lin Kexin was the one on the list earlier.

She was trying to promote her new show, which didnt clash with Yan Zhiqings news.

She was just unlucky to have encountered the news of Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai.

Some observant netizens noticed that the place in the Trending Search Ranking that she had purchased was taken over by Yan Zhiqings news.

Despite having the intention of watching the scene of bustle, most of the netizens, if not all, felt bad for Lin Kexin.

In the end, Lin Kexin wasnt able to get a place on the trending search ranking for her and her show and was unable to promote the TV show that had cast her as the main female lead.

It was all because Yan Zhiqings news had taken her place in the trending search ranking.

This was not what Lin Kexin wanted.

Because of Yan Zhiqings news overtaking Lin Kexins news in the trending search ranking, it created a whole new topic for Lin Kexin.

However, this topic wasnt necessarily a good one.

And now, the best solution was to hope that that show of hers would become very popular.

This way, she could use the popularity of the show to create more topics about herself.

Whether it was the couple in the show, the character she was playing, or her acting skills…

By talking about those three things, she could come up with many topics.

And recently, there was a growing trend of sending clips of shows on short video apps to attract more viewers.

The actor could gain a lot of fans through the popularity of the role.

People who became fans because of the shows character were more reliable.

With such intention, Lin Kexin bought a place in the trending search ranking.

But she didnt expect her money to be wasted!

Would Lin Kexin be willing to let this go

Obviously, she wouldnt be willing!

Lin Kexins manager immediately contacted the operation team at Weibo.

The operation team then had a talk with the technical department.

What could the technical department say

Could they say that someone had taken away their control of the backend system

And now, they werent in control, and they couldnt control Lin Kexins place in the trending search ranking anymore

If they were to say that, they might all lose their jobs!

And so, the technical department could only reply, “It is because the server capacity is running low.

The news of Yan Zhiqing announcing her relationship was too sudden and left us unprepared.”

“And now, all of our members are trying to stabilize the server, and we do not have time to change the data in the system.” The chief said, “I had previously requested for the server to be expanded.

If that request had been approved, we wouldnt have to work on this, and that mistake on the trending search ranking wouldnt have happened.”

“As of now, we really do not have the time to deal with the mistake on the trending search ranking.

Hows this When Yan Zhiqings news is not that popular anymore, and the server is not under so much stress anymore, we will give Lin Kexin the ranking she wants,” the chief said.

The technical department had already given a solution.

In addition, there wasnt even enough staff to deal with such matters because of the issues with the server.

The operation team couldnt say anything.

They could only turn back to deal with Lin Kexin.

Even if Lin Kexin had complaints, she couldnt say anything.

After all, she would still be collaborating with Weibo in the future, which meant that she couldnt let this matter make things awkward in the future.

But wouldnt it be hilarious if the same post went on the trending search ranking again

By then, the netizens would laugh even harder at her than they had today.

Lin Kexins manager said, “If you want to compensate us, you have to boost the popularity of another topic.

You cant boost the same post.

If not, wouldnt everyone think of Kexin as a joke”

This wasnt something difficult.

The compensation had to be given anyway.

So, Weibo immediately agreed.

But because of what happened today, the netizens still considered Lin Kexin a laughing stock.

No one said that Yan Zhiqing had bought the ranking.

Even if Yan Zhiqing had paid to boost her post, there was no way she could have kicked another buyer out of the ranking.

Business required integrity, after all.

The netizens attention went back to Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai.

However, there was no fun just congratulating Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing.

The netizens enjoyed the bustling scene and congratulated Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai.

Besides congratulations, there was nothing else to say.

Wei Wucai was a mysterious person.

Since not many people knew him, there wouldnt be any news of his bad history.

And Yan Beicheng had already cleaned up the stupid things that Yan Zhiqing had done when she was still young.

They hid those secrets, so there were no more netizens with the capability to find them.

As such, the netizens obviously had to divert their attention and use their energy for someone else or some other matters.

Hence, Wei Zhiqian became the unfortunate target.

Mo Ruoan commented, “[email protected]Zhiqian, your brother has lost his status as a single man.

What about you”

The netizens started taking their turns leaving this comment.

In addition, some netizens excited to watch the fun and werent worried about creating a bigger mess went and left comments in Old Mrs.

Weis official Weibo.

Zu Xiaonaing: commented, “Madam, Xiao Cai is no longer single.

When is it Wei Zhiqians turn”

Benefactor Come Have Fun commented, “Old Madam, is your feather duster urging to make a move”

Queen of Imagination Xin Tong commented, “Old Madam, you should check out this new feather duster on a certain online shopping website.”

Then, she even included the link.

Benefactor Come Have Fun commented, “Hahahaha.

The commentor before me is outrageous! She even added the purchase link!”

Hou Manman ice commented, “The new product is very nice.

You can stretch it long and short.

Madam, you can take it anywhere with you, and it wont take up much space.

This way, you can beat up Wei Zhiqian whenever you see him.”

Yijiao commented, “Not only can the rod be retracted, but you can also extend it to a maximum of one meter.

With the length of the chicken feathers, it would be 1.5 meters long.

Even if Wei Zhiqian wanted to run away with his long legs, you dont have to worry.

You can still hit him.”

XuanXuan or GuoGuo commented, “Madam, this is a marvelous tool! Highly recommended!”

Wei Zhiqian discovered the netizens comments.

He was worried that the netizens might start some weird sh*t.

So, he was constantly switching back and forth from his main page to Old Mrs.

Weis main page.

As expected, none of the netizens ideas were good.

He wanted to say that it was fine if Old Mrs.

Wei was the only one worried about whether he would lose his status as a single man or not.

Why would the netizens worry as well!

He didnt know if Old Mrs.

Wei had seen those comments.

If she had seen those comments and actually made a purchase, what would he do then

While Wei Wucai was worried about this, Old Mrs.

Wei saw the purchase link.

Old Mrs.

Wei then called Dong Muping and asked how she could make a purchase on that online shopping website.

Old Mrs.

Wei was very modern and could surf the web, but…

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