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Chapter 3317: He Just Behaves a Bit DumberTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Dong Muping typed the name of the brand that she usually used and clicked it.

“Look at this shop.

Click the shop name, and you should see the shops business license, right Click it, and you should see the business license after you enter the verification code.”

“You can see the name of the company that registered this license.

If this name matches up with the brand, then its okay.

You can see the registered capital as well,” Dong Muping explained.

“Thats convenient.

Let me look into it,” Old Mrs.

Wei said.

Wei Zhiqian had no idea that the Old Mrs.

Weis feather duster would soon get an upgrade.

However, he had already decided to lay low for these few days and was trying to make himself unnoticeable.

He wanted Old Mrs.

Wei to forget about him.

As for Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing…

Their friends were still sending their blessings.

Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai responded to everyone—they even responded to those they werent familiar with.

After all, those were blessings.

Who would complain about being congratulated too much

While the two were responding, there was another commotion on social media.

Hao Donghuai said, “The leader of our house has appeared.”

This would obviously cause a commotion.

Although Wen Ren had registered accounts on various social media platforms, he rarely used them.

He would log-in once every several years.

There was no actual reason why he was doing that.

It wasnt because he was scared that someone might find him through the web.

After all, the Mount Lan Compound was a significant landmark, and it wouldnt be hard to find it.

Wen Ren would be there as well.

The reason why Wen Ren rarely appeared on these social media platforms was that he wanted to maintain a mysterious image.

It wasnt this bad when he was still the young master of the Mount Land Compound.

Back then, he would occasionally appear on those social media platforms.

However, ever since he became the leader of the house, Wen Ren felt that he should maintain an aloof and mysterious image.

Since he was now representing the Mount Lan Compound, he would have to protect the Mount Lan Compounds reputation.

But this time, Wei Wucai had gotten into a relationship.

Wen Ren couldnt control himself anymore.

As the leader of the Mount Lan Compound, how could he remain silent when the team leader of his elite unit had gotten out of the single life

Therefore, after keeping a low profile for several years, Wen Ren reappeared on Weibo.

But to maintain that aloof and mysterious image, he tried to control himself and didnt say a lot of words.

He shared Wei Wucais Weibo post and included a comment, “Congratulations.

Your wedding red packet is ready.”

Wen Ren had successfully maintained that aloof and mysterious image.

After all, the netizens wouldnt know Wen Rens actual personality.

However, Wen Rens appearance caused another commotion on Weibo.

Teamo commented, “What the f*ck! Who is this Wei Wucai Even if he is a member of the Wei Family, hes connected to Wen Ren as well! It seems like they are really good friends.”

Fat Goddess in East Side of Village commented, “Yeah.

Not even all the members of the eight great families have a good relationship with Wen Ren.

Of course, there must be some we dont know.

But didnt they say that Wei Wucai isnt an immediate member of the Wei Family But he even got Wen Ren to log into Weibo and congratulate him.

Wen Ren hasnt been on Weibo for a few years now.”

Three Raindrops on Sycamore Leaves commented, “Even if he has, he must have been using an alternate account.”

The Soap That Eats So Much And Cant Gain Weight commented, “I didnt expect Wei Wucai to have such a good relationship with Wen Ren.

I am more and more curious.

Wei Wucai is clearly not just a simple cousin of Wei Zhiqian and the CEO of Ledepic More.”

Jiucicicicici commented, “When I saw it, I knew it wouldnt be that simple.”

Wen Rens appearance actually crashed the server.

The members of the Mount Lan Compound were maintaining the server, but it still crashed.

It was all because Wen Ren had disappeared for a few years, but then he suddenly appeared today.

This was simply too surprising.

The netizens who werent initially interested in the announcement of Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucais relationship…

They came to spectate because Wen Ren appeared.

In addition, with Yan Zhiqings popularity as the foundation…

Even when the members of the Mount Lan Compound were helping, they could barely keep the server together.

And now, Wen Rens appearance had basically added fuel to the fire.

The server could no longer handle it.

The members of the technical department were stunned.

They thought they could get a good nights sleep.

But they didnt expect Wen Ren to join the fun!

When Weibo crashed, the pages went blank.

The netizens refreshing the webpage thought the same.


“Look at this! I told you we needed to expand the server!” The chief took this opportunity to tell his superiors about this on the phone.

In Yan Zhiqings room, Hao Donghuai pointed at the white phone screen and said, “Our leader must have done this intentionally.

He wanted to tease those people at Weibos technical department and wanted to know how it feels to take down a websites server by himself.”

Yuan Jiangyi nodded heavily and said, “Thats right.

Currently, he must be really proud of his high popularity.

Although he had disappeared for years, his stories are still known by people.

Therefore, the moment he appeared, it caused such a huge reaction.”

Yan Zhiqing didnt know what to say.

Wei Wucai, who was at the side, nodded and said to Yan Zhiqing, “Dont be surprised.

That is the kind of person Wen Ren is.”

“I will take you to the Mount Lan Compound later on, and you will know it after you meet him.” Wei Wucai said.

Yan Zhiqing wasnt even nervous.

She knew that regardless of whether it happened soon or later, the day would come eventually.

However, the thought of going back to the Mount Lan Compound with Wei Wucai…

Yan Zhiqing felt even more nervous about this than meeting Wei Wucais parents.

At least Yan Zhiqing knew about the eight great families.

She was familiar with them.

However, she really didnt know much about the Mount Lan Compound.

Even if she had the chance to spend days with Yuan Jiangyi and the others.

She still felt nervous.

Considering Wei Wucais attitude and tone of words, she knew that Wei Wucai greatly valued House Leader Wen Ren.

She was really worried that Wen Ren might be dissatisfied with her.

Wen Ren wouldnt intervene in Wei Wucais choices in a relationship, but Wei Wucai would definitely listen to Wen Ren.

It would still be sad if Wen Ren didnt like her.

Yan Zhiqing still wished that she could be liked by the people Wei Wucai cherished.

And that they would approve her.

This way, her relationship with Wei Wucai would receive a complete blessing.

This time, Wei Wucai could tell that Yan Zhiqing was nervous.

He soon realized why she was nervous.

He gently pinched her hand and said, “Dont worry.

The house leader is just like Old Yuan and the others.

He just behaves a bit dumber.”

“In addition, we share similar opinions and views.” Wei Wucai chuckled and said, “If I like you… Old Yuan and Hao Zi will like you as well, not to mention the other team members.

They really support having you as their team leaders madam.”

“I like you.

They like you.

You dont have to worry about anyone at the Mount Lan Compound.

You dont have to worry about any of the members of the Mount Lan Compound not liking you,” Wei Wucai added.

Although Wei Wucais words couldnt really boost Yan Zhiqings confidence…

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