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Chapter 3319: The Difficult QuestionTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

During the day, they put on a very poised show of confidence for everyone in the cast and crew to see.

Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing did it to inform everyone that they were already in a relationship.

They were very confident and poised, with nothing much to hide.

But right now, only the two of them were in the room.

Yan Zhiqing felt shy to act as she had done during the day.

Earlier, she behaved very intimately with Wei Wucai in the presence of so many people.

As such, Yan Zhiqing just stood motionless where she was.

Seeing Wei Wucai slowly walk towards her…

Yan Zhiqing felt a little uneasy and at a loss as to what to do.

She hid her hands behind her, with her fingers getting entangled.

She lowered her head, not really daring to look at Wei Wucai.

Then when Wei Wucai stepped right in front of her, Yan Zhiqing couldnt stop her face from reddening.

Wei Wucais fingers had a slight itch.

He rubbed his thumbs and index fingers together twice.

After that, he slowly reached his hands toward Yan Zhiqing.

At this moment when Yan Zhiqing was holding her breath out of nervousness, Wei Wucai ultimately wrapped his arms around her waist.

With a bit of force, he pulled her into his embrace.

“Finally, its just the two of us here.” Wei Wucai sighed, expressing how weary he felt.

It had been a truly difficult task holding out until it was just the two of them.

Yan Zhiqing smiled, even though she did feel rather shy.

As expected, it was still the best when it was just the two of them.

“When the filming is done, come home with me,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“My father passed away early, and my mother… Lets not talk about her.”

Wei Wucai nodded without any doubt.

He clearly had a thorough understanding of what happened with Yan Zhiqings parents.

Yan Zhiqing let out a sigh of relief.

At least, this meant she didnt need to explain it all again.

She truly did not want to recall what happened in the past.

The shame she felt toward her father…

And as for her mother… Just thinking of her brought up very complicated feelings.

And among them was hatred.

After what her mother had done, it was impossible for Yan Zhiqing not to hate her.

It was to the extent that she kept thinking it would be good if that person wasnt her mother.

Why was it that she and Yan Beicheng had that sort of mother

Why was it that her father, who was such a good person, married that sort of woman

In the past, she was so dependent on her mother and loved her so much.

Yet, her mother wanted to kill her because of someone else.

Aside from hatred, there was also pain.

Her own biological mother wanted to kill her because of someone else.

Was it even possible to not feel hurt

Those memories would haunt her for the rest of her life.

She would never forget it.

Although she couldnt forget them, she did her best to seal those memories in the deepest parts of her heart.

She would never recall those memories, and she would never speak of them.

She would do her best to spend every day of the present and the future happily and cram her mind full of happy memories now and in the future, leaving no room for those past memories to resurface.

“Right now in my family, the honorable elders are my grandparents.

Next are my brother and his wife,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“Youll easily pass through the challenge of getting approval from the two elders.

Grandfather and Grandmother both like you very much.

You were included when Grandfather mentioned the younger generation of the Wei Family with great future prospects.

My grandmother is obsessed with looks.

So, needless to say, youll get her approval effortlessly because of your face.”

“My grandmother has even said before,who knows which young lady will have the good fortune of becoming a couple with you. So, I know she would be extremely happy just from seeing your face every day.”

There was one more thing Yan Zhiqing didnt say.

Old Mrs.

Yan said that Yan Zhiqings face was deserving of being called “the most beautiful face of the golden age.”

She even did a careful count of the girls she had seen and concluded that she had never seen any woman as attractive as Yan Zhiqing.

Of course, her granddaughter Yan Zhiqings level of attractiveness was definitely not inferior to anyone.

It was just that Old Mrs.

Yan knew too well that Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai were at odds.

The two people could get into a fight whenever they met.

So Old Mrs.

Yan couldnt suggest Yan Zhiqing to Wei Wucai as a potential girlfriend.

If she did that, it would irritate Yan Zhiqing a lot.

Back then, Old Mrs.

Yan had never even imagined the possibility that Yan Zhiqing would be in a romantic relationship with Wei Wucai one day.

It was just that Yan Zhiqing couldnt tell Wei Wucai about these.

She had to let Old Mrs.

Yan maintain her image somewhat, right

Anyway, Yan Zhiqing was very certain that Wei Wucai wouldnt have any problems at all with these two elders.

“As for my brothers side, you dont need to worry about that either actually.

He only looks like hes dissatisfied, making it seem like itll be somewhat difficult to get his approval.

But the fact that he made that post on Weibo means he has already given his approval.

“Its just that ever since the incident, my relationship with my brother became great.

From a young age, we rarely spent time together.

But since we were on good terms after the incident, he wanted me to stay with him.”

“However, he was already married and had a child at that time.

How could I go stay there and disturb them” Yan Zhiqing said.

“My brother keeps feeling like has a responsibility to care for me.”

“My dad died very early on, so my brother has always felt especially guilty about not being able to fulfill his duty of taking good care of me as my older brother.

He also particularly wishes that Ill be able to live well, with everything going favorably for me.”

“So, even if its not you but someone else, my brother wouldnt be fully satisfied even if he felt that person was decent,” Yan Zhiqing said with a smile.

“I think that older brother of mine thinks no one can be compared to him.”

“Then what do you think” Wei Wucai asked right after.

“What” Yan Zhiqing blanked out for a moment before realizing what Wei Wucai was asking.

As such, he decided to pretend to be stupid.

This question was just digging her a grave.

Wei Wucai was making her compare him to Yan Beicheng and pick the superior one.

Wasnt this the same as a woman asking her husband who would he save if both she and his mother fell into the water at the same time

Yan Zhiqing truly never expected that Wei Wucai would create a female version of this difficult question.

This man was truly too dangerous.

Refusing to let Yan Zhiqing pretend she was just naive, Wei Wucai asked her the same question again with clear and plain phrasing, “Do you think Im better than your brother”

When Yan Zhiqing saw that she couldnt avoid the question, she let out two dry laughs, “Haha.

Well, its not that youre better.

Youre as good as my brother.”

It was fine as long as there was no distinction between who was better.

Wei Wucai laughed.

It hadnt been a waste to ask for a comparison.

“Anyway, my brother will definitely make things hard for you, but it just shows how important and precious I am to him.

He will probably tell you that he wont let you have me so easily,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“So, you mustnt get upset.

No matter what my brother says or does, you have to bear with it.”

Wei Wucai would naturally behave as such.

Moreover, to him, this wouldnt be considered as having to endure in silence.

This was because to him, Yan Zhiqing was indeed very precious.

He felt the same way as Yan Beicheng.

Wei Wucai had stolen Yan Beichengs most precious younger sister.

How could he not allow Yan Beicheng to make things difficult for him

So, Wei Wucai didnt see this as a problem at all.

It was just that Yan Zhiqing was clearly on Yan Beichengs side.

Wei Wucai now had a different complaint.

“Didnt you say that your brother and I are equally important to you Why do you want me to endure for his sake now” Wei Wucai said.

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