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“Hmph, I trust in the famous directors judgment, if shes no good, they wouldnt have chosen her, right” The Old Madam said as she pointed at the comments on her phone, “Look at this, these comments are too horrible.”

“Look at these comments, the last few comments are all around the same, someone must have hired an internet water army,” Shen Nuo spoke investigated it closely for a while.

“Thats too angering! Who is it, so hateful!” By the time Old Madam finished speaking, she had already guessed who it was.

Even Shen Nuo had managed to guess; along with the Old Madam, their gaze rested on Bai Shuangshuangs name.

“Is it that only she knows how to find paid commentors, even I also know how to do it!” The Old Madam said, and quickly took out her phone.

“If she badmouths Lu Man, Ill badmouth her till she dies!”

“Mom, dont do it first,” Shen Nuo hurriedly stopped the Old Madam.

“What is it” The Old Madam asked her, “Arent you going to protect your daughter-in-law!”

Shen Nuo looked at the Old Madam, her lips almost curved up in a smile.

“When did you acknowledge Lu Man Shes become my daughter-in-law so fast”

Old Madam Han: “…”

She had a daughter-in-law who would constantly pick up on her mistakes, how troubling!

Suddenly, she thought about it, Lu Man seemed also to be same like Shen Nuo, constantly tricking her and taking advantage of her mistakes!

Once Lu Man teams up with Shen Nuo, how would she manage to live

Old Madam Han was suddenly very troubled.

However, this time, Shen Nuo did not take the advantage to bully Old Madam and instead said, “Mom, dont forget that Lu Man is in public relations, shes a professional.

If she wants to find paid commentors, she can find them herself.

But since she did not find any, she probably has her own reasons.”

“But what if she doesnt know about these comments,” Old Madam Han frowned and said.

“Then why dont we ask Zhuoli” Shen Nuo suggested.

Old Madam Han hesitated for a while and pursing her lips.

“Im not worried about Lu Man.”

“Yes, yes, Im the one whos worried,” Shen Nuo said, “Ill ask Zhuoli.”

“If youre worried, you should have said it earlier!” The Old Madams expression clearly saidyou are so stubborn.

“Even though you are worried, you still pretend to not like her, how dishonest!”

Shen Nuo: “…”

Haha, she regretted giving the Old Madam a way out.

Hence, Shen Nuo sat at the side and did not make a move at all.

Having waited for a long time, when the Old Madam saw that Shen Nuo had no plans of making a phone call, she asked anxiously, “Why arent you calling him”

Shen Nuo laughed.

“Actually, for some reason, Im not very anxious.”

Regarding Lu Man, she was really not worried about her.

Lu Man had a brain, how could Lu Man let herself easily suffer losses.

This time, Lu Man was calm and not doing anything, she was definitely waiting to do something big; the one who should be really worried should be the other party.

Old Madam: “…”

This daughter-in-law was really worrying, she did not know how to be filial to her mother-in-law at all.

After that, Shen Nuo even turned around, looking like she was holding back a smile.

“If you are anxious, you should just tell me.”

Old Madam: “…”

This horrible child!

After pondering for a quite a while, the Old Madam gritted her teeth and said, “Quickly give Zhuoli a call!”

Shen Nuo curved her lips into a smile, before giving Han Zhuoli a call.

“Mom” Han Zhuoli was shocked upon receiving Shen Nuos call.

It was rare for Shen Nuo to call him when he was working.

“We saw the Greedy Wolf Operation promotion online, why does it seem that theres a water army to badmouth Lu Man” Shen Nuo asked bluntly.

Han Zhuoli was neither shocked nor angry and instead, smiled before asking, “Mom, youre so worried for Lu Man Before this, you were pretending to not care, right”

Shen Nuo: “…”

The tables had turned real quick!

Just now, she was attacking the Old Madam and now she was being attacked by Han Zhuoli instead.

“I was just curious, why did Lu Man not have any reaction She doesnt seem like the kind of person with a temperament where she would just stay silent upon being bullied.” Otherwise, how could she become the wife of the next family head


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