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Chapter 3334: The True Intentions RevealedTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Actually, my initial plan was to rest for a few days, but he said that since we made a promise, you might feel disappointed if we didnt visit immediately.”

“Why is that kid so thoughtful” Old Mrs.

Yan was extremely happy.

Old Mrs.

Yan was initially saying this out of consideration for the kids exhaustion levels.

However, knowing that the kids were being thoughtful, she felt rather happy.

“When are you two coming tomorrow” Old Mrs.

Yan asked.

“I guess in the afternoon.

Let me sleep longer in the morning.

Hehe,” Yan Zhiqing smiled and said.


It works.

We can prepare for your visit in the morning,” Old Mrs.

Yan said.

Preparing for their visit meant that they valued Wei Wucai and were very satisfied with him.

Yan Zhiqing hung up the phone and talked to Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai nodded and said, “I will buy some gifts in the morning.”

“What does Grandpa like” Wei Wucai asked.

“Grandpa loves fishing and gardening.Oh,he likes taking photos as well.” Yan Zhiqing said, “However, he doesnt do it with a single lens reflex camera.

He just takes pictures with his phone wherever he goes.

He even changes the filter settings.”

“And then, he would post the edited photos to his social media.

He would always be really happy whenever people compliment how well his photos were taken,” Yan Zhiqing added.

Wei Wucai nodded and remembered it.

“What about Grandma” Wei Wucai asked.

“Grandma loves watching videos of people making food and eating food.

Shes following many food bloggers and mukbang content creators,” Yan Zhiqing said, “She has this favorite food vlogger named Fei Xiaomo.”

“Fei Xiaomo is a blogger that makes good food.

She has never shown her face before.

She doesnt talk and only has subtitles.” Yan Zhiqing said, “I have seen her videos as well.

Her style is very simple and clean, and it gives off a very comfortable vibe.”

“Thats a little difficult.

If Grandma wanted to see her, she would have been able to find her,” Wei Wucai said.

It would be very easy for Old Mrs.

Yan to find someone.

“What can I buy for her if thats what she likes” Wei Wucai felt a little troubled.

Grandma obviously didnt like to do the work herself.

She just loved watching people do it and feel good about it.

As for food, the maid at the house could satisfy her tastebuds.

Grandmas hobby was too simple and cute.

Yan Zhiqing couldnt help but laugh as she said, “Actually, thats okay.

Fei Xiaomo came out with a recipe book and any purchase came with a gift, and it was the snowflake crisp that she made herself.

Because she personally made the snowflake crisp, they couldnt print a lot of the recipe books.

Therefore, those recipe books are considered limited editions.”

“Grandma is very interested in that recipe book, but she is really more interested in the snowflake crisp that Fei Xiaomo made.

Grandma wants to get a taste of it.

She wanted to know what it tastes like and if its as good as it looked in the video.”

“How do you know if she actually made the snowflake crisp herself” Wei Wucai felt slightly doubtful.

“She probably does this business by relying on the fans trusting her.

She is also a person who keeps her promise.” Yan Zhiqing said, “However, I do believe that she actually made it.

This is because reservations are necessary for you to get a recipe book.

If you successfully made a reservation for the purchase of the recipe book, you will be sent a survey.”

“The survey will ask you about your taste and the flavors you like.

And then, Fei Xiaomo will make snowflake crisps that suit the tastebuds of the buyer.

This means that everyone would receive different snowflake crisps depending on their preferences in flavor,” Yan Zhiqing said.

Wei Wucai nodded and said, “Thats quite unique.

It doesnt seem fake then.”

Yan Zhiqing smiled and nodded.

“Because she is a very sincere person, Grandma likes her even more because of that.

Grandma is a big fan of hers.”

“However, Grandma tried to reserve, but she didnt get a place, which is really sad,” Yan Zhiqing said, “I have asked around to see if anyone was reselling.

Because the quantity is limited, there are some sellers who got it.

Most of them are fans.

Because the flavor of the snowflake crisps is specially created for the buyer, there arent many resellers.”

“And I still cant buy any at the moment,” Yan Zhiqing said.

This meant that if Wei Wucai could get his hands on the item, he could easily win her grandma over.

Although there wasnt much time and this task was slightly difficult…

Wei Wucai still nodded and said, “I got it.”

The driver drove the camper van and sent Fang Qiaohan home before sending Yan Zhiqing home.

“I am going back.

Call me when you get home.” Yan Zhiqing said.

She then instructed the driver to send Wei Wucai home.

But then, Wei Wucai followed her and got out of the car.

“Since I am here, arent you going to be a good host and invite me to your house” Wei Wucai asked Yan Zhiqing.

“…” Yan Zhiqing immediately explained, “I thought you were tired, so I wanted you to go back home and rest as early as possible.

You can come to visit my home anytime.”

Wei Wucai was very satisfied with her explanation.

He then said, “I am not tired now.”

Yan Zhiqing mumbled to herself.

“Im tired.”

If he came to visit, she would have to be a good host.

In addition, Yan Zhiqing thought of something else.

What if… he wanted to do that thing.

what should she do

It wasnt that she wouldnt be willing, and she didnt think that it would be too hasty as well.

After all, the two had been together for three months now.

When they were on set, they had to wake up early every day and were exhausted every day.

Wei Wucai would ask her to sleep early every night, so she barely spent proper time with him.

He wouldnt do anything to her as he felt bad for her.

But now, they were both done with work and had enough time.

Those worries were long gone, right

Yan Zhiqing thought about it.

Suddenly, Wei Wucai flicked her forehead.

Lifting her head, she rubbed her forehead and glared at Wei Wucai with a disgruntled look.

Actually, Wei Wucai didnt even use any strength, so it didnt hurt.

“Why did you suddenly flick my forehead” Yan Zhiqing asked as she rubbed her forehead.

“What nonsense were you thinking You are already so tired.

Do you really think I am a pervert” In a righteous manner, Wei Wucai expressed his contempt for Yan Zhiqings dirty thoughts.

“I just wanted to check out your place,” Wei Wucai said.

But then, he revealed his true intention as he said, “Of course, if you can let me stay here, that would be the best thing ever.”

“But dont you worry! I wont do anything at night.

I will just hold you while you sleep,” Wei Wucai said, “Just like what we have done on set.”

When they were on the set, they would occasionally sleep together.

Of course, it was purely sleeping with the blankets covered.

This was because Yan Zhiqing was always filming.

Although the two were on set, they rarely had time to spend together.

Obviously, they had to cherish every moment they were together.

However, Yan Zhiqing was exhausted.

On the other hand, Wei Wucai had lots of stamina.

Therefore, after a long while, it started to feel like torture.

Since then, the two had no choice but to sleep in separate places.

For Wei Wucai, embracing Yan Zhiqing while she was sleeping felt like torture.

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