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The two sat on the bed together.

Yan Zhiqing leaned on Wei Wucai in a very comfortable manner.

She held a bolster in her arms.

They both looked at Wei Wucais phone together as they searched for household items for couples.

And they discussed the style together.

“This cup is so cute.


Look at the words on the cup.

How important am I No matter how heavy you are, I want you!” Yan Zhiqing couldnt stop laughing.

“You can even get personalized cups with your names.

Lets get this cup and put our toothbrushes inside.

It will be the first thing we see when we go to the bathroom to wash up every morning.”

“Sounds good.” Wei Wucai nodded and said, “Then should we be called Mr.

Wei and Miss Yan”

“Ehh…” Yan Zhiqing thought about it and responded, “We seem like strangers.”

“True.” Wei Wucai thought the names werent good as well.

“The names will be Wei Xiao Cai and Yan Xiao Qing.” Yan Zhiqing said.

Wei Wucai lowered his head and stared at her with a smile.

“If you told the customer service these names, dont you think they will easily guess who we are”

“Whats there to be afraid of!” Yan Zhiqing wasnt scared at all.

“We have publicly announced our relationship.

If they were to tell the public about this, it will help us publicize how much we love each other.”

“If we display too much affection, the netizens wont like it.

However, if others were to expose us for showing affection for each other, it wont be repulsive.”

Since Yan Zhiqing didnt care, Wei Wucai had no complaints as well.

So, he told the customer service these two names.

As expected, the customer service representative didnt respond for a long time.

Then, a question was asked, “Erm… Dearest customer, are you perhaps Yan Zhiqing”

Wei Wucai felt disgusted to see the word “dearest.” He replied, “I am Wei Wucai and Zhiqing is beside me.”

The customer service representative responded, “Is it really you guys Oh my! You are not lying to me, right”

“…” Wei Wucai then said, “You can believe whatever you want.”

“Dearest customer, please confirm your delivery address.” The customer service representative sent another message.

As Wei Wucai knew that their identities might be revealed through this order, he couldnt possibly write Yan Zhiqings house address.

So, he wrote the address of a parcel pick-up station.

It seemed like the customer service representative wanted to confirm more details about their identities.

However, Wei Wucai ignored her.

He continued to choose other things with Yan Zhiqing.

Yan Zhiqing then found a pair of mugs she liked.

The mugs were of a nordic chic design.

One was black and one was white.

The handle of the mug was of light wood color.

It looked really simple and clean.

Since Wei Wucai would be staying here for a long time…

They would have to buy a lot of things.

Small towels and bath towels…

“We need a couple of plate sets as well.” Wei Wucai reminded.

“Okay.” Yan Zhiqing felt a little tired.

She was in a blur as she picked the rest with Wei Wucai.

Yan Zhiqing leaned on Wei Wucai and was about to close her eyes.


Im too tired.

I have to sleep,” Yan Zhiqing said, yawning as she covered her mouth.

“Lets sleep together.” Wei Wucai wasnt sleepy.

But because of Yan Zhiqing, he felt a little sleepy.

Wei Wucai then placed the pillow down and slept while holding Yan Zhiqing.

However, Wei Wucai didnt sleep for a long time.

When he woke up, it was already dark.

Yan Zhiqing was still sound asleep.

Considering how tired she was, she might not be able to even wake up for dinner.

Wei Wucai gave her a kiss and carefully pulled his arm away from under her neck.

He then stealthily left the house.

Yan Zhiqings door had a fingerprint lock system installed.

During the afternoon when they were tidying the house, Wei Wucai very thoughtfully reminded Yan Zhiqing to add his fingerprint to the fingerprint lock.

As a result, Wei Wucai could now move freely in and out of Yan Zhiqings house.

This time, Wei Wucai had gone out to prepare gifts for Yan Zhiqings grandparents.

As expected, when he came back, Yan Zhiqing was still sleeping.

Wei Wucai changed back to his home clothes.

It was like he had never left before.

He held her again and fell asleep.

Yan Zhiqing slept until noon.

If Wei Wucai hadnt woken her up, Yan Zhiqing would have been able to continue sleeping.

“Wake up.

We promised that we would go to the family home in the afternoon,” Wei Wucai said as he dragged her up.

Yan Zhiqing felt lazy.

She wasnt willing to use any strength.

And so, even though Wei Wucai had pulled her up, she was still leaning on Wei Wucai.

She was even lazily moving backward.

Wei Wucai felt so helpless.

Seeing Yan Zhiqing this way, Wei Wucai had no choice but to let her go.

He watched as Yan Zhiqing immediately fell back to the bed and continued sleeping.

Wei Wucai went to the kitchen.

He opened the fridge and it was just as he had expected, there were morning face masks in the fridge.

Initially, Wei Wucai didnt know about these things.

When he was on the set, Yan Zhiqing would often have to wake up early and would not have enough energy.

When she was on the way to the filming location, she would use these morning face masks.

Yan Zhiqing gave him one to try before.

It felt cold and minty.

It was extremely refreshing.

Wei Wucai then took a piece out, went back to the bedroom, and applied the face mask on Yan Zhiqings face.

Yan Zhiqing, who had been falling back to sleep, was shocked.

The sudden chill minty feeling surprised her.

It instantly woke her up.

Yan Zhiqing opened her eyes and saw Wei Wucai in front of her.

She immediately knew that he was the culprit.

The corner of Yan Zhiqings mouth curved up as she said, “You are quite capable nowadays.

You even know how to use morning facemasks.”

However, Yan Zhiqing didnt take the facemask off.

Since it was on her face, she might as well let it stay there for another five minutes.

Yan Zhiqing even adjusted the face mask so that it would better fit her face.

“I am sorry.

If it was during other times, I would have allowed you to sleep,” Wei Wucai said.

“What time is it” Yan Zhiqing asked as she held her phone up to check.

She saw that it was already 11:30 am.

She immediately stopped talking.

She got out of bed and started to get ready.

“Although it is noon, lets eat breakfast.

You just woke up, so I guess you arent hungry.” Wei Wucai said.

Yan Zhiqing was trying to brush her teeth quickly.

She asked in surprise, “Did you prepare breakfast already”

“You have a lot of food in your fridge.

I dont really know how to cook, so I just made a simple sandwich,” Wei Wucai said.

A sandwich was simple.

You cut the veggies and put them together with some condiments.

He then tried to fry two eggs.

Wei Wucai knew how to do these basic things.

Yan Zhiqing quickly washed up and went to the dining room with Wei Wucai to finish up her brunch.

She often had no make-up when she was with Wei Wucai.

Since she was going back to the family home to see her grandparents, it was even more unnecessary to do her makeup.

Normally, whenever she was participating in events and whenever she was filming, her face would be caked with makeup.

Yan Zhiqing had always thought that make-up was annoying.

She really preferred this clean and refreshing feeling.

As a result, when they were done eating, they didnt waste any more time.

They immediately made their way out.

When they arrived at the family home, Yan Zhiqing saw Wei Wucai bring out something from the car boot.

She asked in surprise, “When did you buy that”

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