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Chapter 3352: Dont Treat Him Like a KidTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Eh I thought you were already done working, what are you busy with” Lin Liye said.

Han Zhuofeng scratched his head.

He had just entered the preparation stage.

He was still looking for the other cast members.

He had found a few screenwriters to discuss the script together.

While they were discussing the script, they listed out the necessary props.

And then, as they made changes to the script, they changed and deleted items in the list accordingly.

In addition, they had to look for a filming location.

They had to rent an indoor studio and set up green screens for special effects.

This entire preparation would take at least four to five months.

And so, they could take their time looking for suitable cast members.

In addition, you had to build a foundation and make sure you were attractive so that the actors and actresses would be willing to accept the role.

In addition, auditioning would be troublesome as well.

If they were nobodies, they wouldnt be able to help improve the box office revenue.

However, Han Zhuofeng didnt want to hire a popular celebrity.

There were many young famous celebrities, but those celebrities may behave in a pompous manner without the skills to back it up.

Despite lacking in skills, they may have a lot of requests and misbehave.

Of course, there had been good ones as well, but he wouldnt know them.

After all, he didnt have the money to test them slowly.

The pay was another issue.

Famous people would usually demand very high remuneration.

He wanted to save as much money on paying the cast members so that he could use most of the money on the film production.

He really couldnt afford to pay good actors or famous actresses who could boost the box office earnings.

As such, he spent a long time thinking about this and realized that he had no choice but to find a good actor whom most people knew and wouldnt ask for high pay.

This was a dilemma.

They had to be famous and good at acting.

And people might not have a very strong desire to watch a movie starring this person!

This meant that it would be difficult for them to watch this movie in the theatres.

In addition, Han Zhuofeng himself was just a beginner.

He was not famous and couldnt attract any audience.

Aside from doing other preparations for the film production, Han Zhuofeng was worried about the auditions even when he was asleep.

Even with Lu Man and Yan Zhiqing in the movie, there was still so much missing.

Because Han Zhuofeng didnt even have a firm foundation, he didnt even know what to say to the elders.

He couldnt say what he was doing and be proud of it.

Han Zhuofengs plan was to tell his family after the preparations were done, and they were about to start filming.

So, when Lin Liye asked about it, Han Zhuofeng shook his head and said, “Im going to play with the fireworks.”

He then left in a hurry.

Han Dongping said angrily, “This kid! Hes already so old, yet why is he still acting like a kid All he does is play!”

Han Zhuofeng had already rushed outside.

Han Zhuoling was the last one to leave, and he said to Han Dongping, “He is doing something serious.

It just started, so hes very stressed about it.

I think he just doesnt know how to tell you about it.

He will most likely tell you when things are already on track.”

“Dad, stop treating him like a kid.

Zhuofeng has grown up, and he works very hard,” Han Zhuoling said.

Han Dongping froze and stopped talking.

Han Zhuoling immediately led Shi Xiaoya outside.

Han Zhuofeng was in the courtyard and had taken out all the fireworks he had bought.

“Brother, help me light the fireworks.

Lets set a million fireworks off at the same time!” Han Zhuofeng exclaimed.

Han Zhuoling responded with a roast, “There are only five fireworks.

How can you say there are a million”

Han Zhuofeng laughed and said, “Moneys tight.

I wanted to save money.

But since it was the new year, the festive new year vibe is crucial, right Since Im the one who buys fireworks every year, I have to buy fireworks this year as well.

So, I thought about it and bought five.”

When Han Zhuoling heard this, he felt so bad for his little brother.

“You have grown up!” Han Zhuoli commented emotionally.

His little brother was previously someone who had no idea of this worlds hardships.

But now, he was even willing to live frugally for his job.

“Elder Brother, each of you will be in charge of lighting fireworks.

I will be in charge of lighting one.” Han Zhuofeng said.

Before the two elder brothers could say anything, Han Zhuofeng said, “I am the youngest, so I should be protected and loved.”

Han Zhuoling didnt know what to say.


Han Zhuofeng was speechless.


Alright then.

They wouldnt argue with this little brother of theirs.

And so, both of them held two lighters with one in each hand.

Han Zhuofeng took one in his hand.

When Han Zhuofeng counted to three, they lit the fireworks in their hands.

They then rushed to the door.

They all stared at the sky together.

Soon, they started seeing fireworks rushing up to the sky along with explosive, crackling noises.

The beautiful fireworks bloomed in the night sky.

They were looking up.

Many colors glowed in the night sky, brightening up their faces.

As the colors of the light changed, the light reflected on their faces changed as well.

Han Zhuoli looked down and saw a warm glow reflecting on Lu Mans face.

Lu Man suddenly covered her stomach and said, “I think they are patting my belly.”

“Does it hurt” Han Zhuoli quickly asked.

“No.” Lu Man shook her head and said with a smile, “I think they are happy.

Its like they want to clap their hands.

They must have heard the sounds of the fireworks, and theyre very eager to see it as well, but sadly, they cannot.”

Han Zhuoli burst into laughter.

“These two kiddos are quite the busybodies.”

When the fireworks stopped, the two babies became quiet again.

The five then went back to the dining room.

The elders were thinking about what Han Zhuoling had said.

Han Zhuoling said that Han Zhuofeng was still not done with the preliminary steps, which was why Han Zhuofeng felt embarrassed to tell the family members about it.

He wanted to tell the family members when everything was already on track.

It was fine if they didnt know.

However, they found out through Han Zhuoling that Han Zhuofeng was busy doing something, but they had no idea what he was doing.

This made them very curious.

Based on what Han Zhuoling had said, Han Zhuofeng was having a difficult time doing his work recently.

If they had known about it, they would have tried to help.

If the family didnt have that capability, and the child had no other choice but to continue to live with the burdens and stress…

Even if the family wanted to help, they wouldnt be able to do so.

They wouldnt be able to do anything.

However, the Han family was different.

They were capable.

Their son wasnt having fun and messing around.

He was actually doing something serious.

If they could help, why wouldnt they

Why would they make life so difficult for their child

That was completely unnecessary!

For example, if the family had a company and refused to let the kid join the company…

And they even forced him to work somewhere else…

Old Mrs.

Han and the others didnt think that it was good.

So, they waited for Han Zhuofeng and the other four to come back inside.

Grandma immediately asked Han Zhuofeng, “Zhuofeng, you didnt answer our question earlier.”

“What are you so busy with” Old Mrs.

Han asked.

Han Zhuofeng scratched his head, feeling reluctant to say anything.

Han Zhuoli immediately said, “Just tell us.

You can ask Grandpa, Grandrandma, my parents, Uncle, and Aunty to invest in your project.”

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.


“Whats going on Tell us.” Shen Nuo urged.

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