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Chapter 3382: He is Your Blood and FleshTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“High… high-level talisman” In addition, she had drawn it on the spot.

He had seen it with his own eyes.

The paper talisman was spreading waves of energy that belonged to a high-level talisman.

The waves of energy were so strong that he could sense them even without holding the talisman in his hands.

He didnt expect that Xie Jiling wasnt bluffing at all earlier.

She was actually an exorcist!

In fact, she was a high-level exorcist!

This type of exorcist was the top existence in the world of exorcists.

Even with tens of millions of dollars, you would not be able to hire them!

He knew that there were high-level exorcists in the Xie Family.

He simply didnt know the exact number.

He knew that the leader of the Xuan Yi Sect was a high-level exorcist.

The leaders of some other sects were high-level exorcists as well.

However, those sect leaders were old.

They were not like the little girl in front of him, who was… so young!

Lu Penghai stared at Xie Jiling in shock.

If he hadnt seen it with his own eyes, he wouldnt have believed that Xie Jiling could draw a high-level talisman.

He didnt expect Song Lihua to actually meet such a powerful exorcist!

While Lu Penghai was staring in shock, Xie Jiling placed the talisman on Song Lihuas hand.

“What do I need to do” Song Lihua stared at Xie Jiling in confusion.

“You dont have to do anything.

Just hold onto it with your fingers.” Xie Jiling said.

Xie Jiling smiled.

She looked confident and calm.

And so, Song Lihua felt calm as well.

Lu Penghai dashed forward to snatch the talisman.

“What are you doing!” Zheng Binzhou reacted really quickly and immediately stopped Lu Penghai.

Lu Penghais face turned red as he said, “I suspect that theres something wrong with this talisman!”

Chen Xing sneered and said, “You just shouted that the talisman Jiling had drawn was a high-level talisman.

And now, you are saying that theres something wrong with the talisman”

Chen Xing and He Yuliang, stood on the left and right, as they blocked Lu Penghai.

Zheng Binzhou stood in the front to block Lu Penghai.

Lu Penghai couldnt touch Song Lihua and Xie Jiling at all.

Zheng Binzhou sneered and said, “You are so anxious and nervous.

Are you feeling guilty Why are you feeling guilty Are you scared that Jiling might save my sister”

“Tell me.

What motive do you have!” He Yuliang roared.

At this moment, Song Lihua squeezed the talisman.

When she squeezed the talisman, the talisman started heating up.

Song Lihua felt a distinct burning sensation.

The red colors on the paper talisman started flickering with light.

Song Lihua watched in amazement.

Suddenly, she heard a “poof” sound.

Song Lihua looked over in shock and saw that Lu Penghai had vomited blood.

Zheng Binzhou, Chen Xing, He Yuliang were in the front, blocking Lu Penghai.

With their own eyes, they saw Lu Penghai spit blood.

Lu Penghai even spat some blood onto Zheng Binzhou.

They were shocked.

They all raised their hands up at the same time.

“We didnt do anything! We didnt touch you!” Zheng Binzhou said.


We didnt do anything!” Chen Xing said.

“It was you who spat blood all of a sudden.

Dont blame it on us,” He Yuliang quickly said.

While Lu Penghai spitted blood out, the red symbols on the paper talisman in Song Lihuas hand stopped glowing.

The heat on the paper talisman disappeared.

There were still words and symbols on the paper, but they were no longer glowing.

Even though Xie Jiling didnt explain it, Song Lihua could feel that the energy in this paper talisman had been exhausted.

“This is…” Song Lihua stared at Xie Jiling nervously.

Did it fail

“Dont worry.

Its a success.” Xie Jiling smiled at her and said, “Starting today, you will be able to sleep well.

You will not be tormented by nightmares anymore.”

“Are you saying… that the curse has been broken” Song Lihua asked with uncertainty.

“Did… the curse break just like that I didnt feel anything.” Song Lihua said.

“You dont have to feel anything,” Xie Jiling said, “When you have time, you can try sleeping.”

However, Song Lihua would most likely not be able to get a good sleep in the meantime.

Xie Jiling then said, “Elder Sister, do you remember the duel between exorcists that I told you about”

“I remember.” Ren Linna interrupted before Song Lihua even answered.

“You said.

In a duel between the spell-casting exorcist and the spell-breaking exorcist, if the spell-casting exorcist loses, they will be inflicted with irreparable injuries,” Ren Linna said.

When she said that, everyone became quiet.

Even Ren Linna herself couldnt help but turn to look at Lu Penghai.

“When the paper talisman stopped glowing, Master Lu spat out a mouthful of blood.” Xie Jiling said.

Xie Jiling looked at Lu Penghai coldly as she asked, “Are you still able to draw any talismans”

Lu Penghai gnashed his teeth.

He could sense that the Qi he had accumulated for decades as an exorcist was all gone.

He had been relying on the energy of Qi to draw a talisman.

And now, without the support of Qi, how could he still draw any talisman

It would be impossible for him to use even a Taoist artifact, not to mention draw a paper talisman.

In fact, it would be impossible for him to restart his cultivation journey.

Lu Penghai knew the consequences of the curses reversal.

However, he still took the risk and did it.

Because he couldnt refuse the temptation.

The payment was enough for him to rest for the next few years.

There were risks involved in exorcising.

There were risks involved in placing a curse on someone.

Since both were risky, why not choose the one where he would benefit the most

In addition, Lu Penghai was very confident in the level of talisman he could draw.

He knew that as an exorcist, who could draw medium-level talismans, he was already considered very powerful in the world of exorcists.

He would rarely encounter anyone on par with him.

Lu Penghai wasnt worried that Song Lihua, someone with a small social circle, would be able to locate a high-level exorcist.

Were high-level exorcists as common as cabbages in the field

Unexpectedly, it seemed as though they had really become as common as cabbages in the field.

Her little cousins classmate was a high-level exorcist!

What a coincidence!

This high-level exorcist wasnt exorcising spirits and earning money.

Instead, she was studying in college and living a down-to-earth life.

Could she really be this bored

In the world of exorcists, high-level exorcists were like rare characters and even more uncommon than endangered!

Why was he so unlucky to meet one today

He had been about to make a huge profit and rest for the next few years.

Instead, he had to start his early retirement today.

Lu Penghais face looked ashen.

Everyone then understood everything.

Zheng Binzhou looked at Lu Penghai and then Zhou Liangsheng with a face of disbelief.

“Lu Penghai was the one who placed the curse, but you happened to get him here.” Zheng Binzhou looked really angry as he asked, “Zhou Liangsheng, what have you done”

“Zhou Liangsheng” Song Lihua stared at Zhou Liangsheng in disbelief.

Her entire body felt cold.

“Did you ask Lu Penghai to curse me”

“Why did you curse me I am your wife! I am pregnant with your child!” Song Lihua stared at Zhou Liangsheng in disbelief.

“Even if you want to hurt me, why would you hurt your own child He is your blood and flesh!”

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