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Chapter 3388: Refreshed His PerceptionTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“But… but since my childs soul didnt take that childs body, he didnt kill that child, then… he shouldnt have any sins.

He wont be punished when he leaves for the underworld, right His next life will be good, right”

“Initially, he had the purest soul, for he died before he was born.

He could have naturally received the most excellent treatment.” Xie Jiling said, “But now, he was turned into an infant spirit by you and Lu Penghai, and he lost the qualifications to receive such treatment.”

“Li Zhixiao, you killed your child with your own hands.” Xie Jiling stared at Li Zhixiao and said, “You first killed him.

Then, you caused him to lose the compensation he could have gotten.”

Li Zhixiao started crying.

She didnt expect… she really didnt expect…

“I just… just wanted to be his mother.

I wanted him to live again.

I just wanted to see him…” Li Zhixiao sobbed while saying.

“Then why arent you letting it out now!” Xie Jiling said with a strict tone.

Li Zhixiao removed the jade tablet from her neck.

“Its… inside…” Li Zhixiao handed over the jade tablet to Xie Jiling.

Xie Jiling wrote something on the jade tablet with her finger.

Suddenly, a shadow started crawling outside of the jade tablet.

Everyone then saw a baby crawling on the ground.

“That… that is the one in my dream!” Song Lihua screamed.

Maybe it was because there were a lot of people present, Song Lihua didnt feel scared at all even though the baby looked exactly the same as the baby in her nightmare.

It might have been because she heard what Xie Jiling said.

And now, she felt pity for this child.

When the baby died, its facial features were not even fully grown yet.

But now, it looked exactly the same as a newborn baby.

Xie Jiling stared at Li Zhixiao coldly and asked, “Did you feed it blood”

Li Zhixiao finally confessed everything she knew.

“Master Lu said that we needed to strengthen him so that he will have the energy to defeat that childs soul, kick the other child away, and take over his body.

So, I needed to nurture it with my blood.”

“He must have done great evil in his previous life to have a mother like you,” Xie Jiling said coldly.

“Wh… why” Li Zhixiao asked nervously, “Does..

that matter”

Xie Jiling was too lazy to even explain it.

They then saw that the infant spirit seemed to be in pain.

Obviously, it didnt want to be trapped in that jade tablet.

It wanted to be free.

It did not want to be locked up inside.

Xie Jiling stared at Li Zhixhiiao coldly and said, “Now, can you see the painful expression on its face”

The baby couldnt talk.

As an infant spirit, he didnt even know how to cry like ordinary babies.

However, it could crawl on the ground.

It crawled on the ground and looked up at Li Zhixiao.

Tears of suffering flowed out of his eyes.

He seemed to be asking why his mom had trapped him.

Why wouldnt his mom let him go free

Li Zhixiao looked at the infant spirit with regret.

“Im sorry… I am sorry… I didnt know… Im sorry…”

She destroyed her child.

She killed him.

She destroyed his future.

And now, she was looking at him suffer.

Even though he couldnt talk, she knew that he didnt want to be trapped.

He should have left a long time ago.

Xie Jiling sighed and said to the infant spirit, “You are a pitiful child.

Those were not your intentions.

You were being controlled.”

The infant spirit crawled to Xie Jilings feet.

Xie Jiling squatted down.

The infant spirit looked up and nudged her palm with his head.

It was as though she had a smell that he liked.

Xie Jiling didnt motion any incantation.

She purified him with the bead bracelet.

Thankfully, the infant spirit hadnt been nurtured for too long.

It didnt need too much energy to purify.

A golden beam of light landed on the head of the infant spirit, filling its tiny body.

The infant spirits painful expression disappeared.

With its eyes closed, it showed such a peaceful expression.

It appeared to be very comfortable.

When the golden light disappeared, the skin on the infant spirits entire body became fair and delicate, as though the infant spirit had transformed into an actual baby.

Everyone then noticed the difference.

When the infant first appeared, it looked like an ordinary baby.

However, now that they had seen the difference, they realize that although the infant spirit previously looked the same as any other ordinary infant…

Its face had previously been greyish.

And after it had been purified by the golden light, the color of its skin became normal.

It appeared as though it had become human again.

Xie Jiling then pointed at the air, and a black hole then appeared.

Two soul reapers came out from the black hole.

Chen Xing and the others had seen two of them before.

These werent the previous two.

They werent the ones at the He Family as well.

Chen Xing and the others thought that if they could follow Xie Jiling around, they might have a chance of building a good relationship with the workers in the underworld before they died and left for the underworld!

“Lady Xie.” The two soul reapers saw Xie Jiling first.

They were familiar with her and greeted her amicably.

The soul reapers were chosen to work in the underworld because they had forgotten everything from their previous lives.

They had been living like this for a few hundred years.

They shared no emotional bond with their descendants on earth.

To ensure that they could be unbiased when working, the memories of their previous lives had been erased.

They didnt even have a name.

They only had nicknames.

“Brothers.” Xie Jiling greeted with a smile.

Chen Xing and the others were watching from the side.

They had seen it before.

However, they still gasped in surprise when they witnessed it again.

Xie Jiling had a very good relationship with the officials of the underworld.

Xie Jiling held the infant spirit up like she was holding an ordinary baby.

The infant spirit looked really weak at this moment as it snuggled in Xie Jilings arms.

It clutched onto Xie Jilings clothes and looked really nervous.

Xie Jiling sighed.

The infant spirit was as big as a baby.

However, it wasnt an actual baby.

Li Zhixiao had nurtured it with blood; its mind had been opened.

“Since what you have done wasnt your intentions, I will help you ask the officials for mercy,” said Xie Jiling.

The infant spirit grabbed her clothes tightly and showed a grateful expression.

Xie Jiling then told the two soul reapers about the infant spirit.

“Help me…” Before Xie Jiling could finish her sentence.

One of the two soul reapers said, “We got it.

We will tell the Lord of Death about this and ask him to process this case with discretion.”

Lu Penghai was already amazed.

This truly… refreshed his perception of the world.

He wasnt someone who would lie and scam someone.

He was an actual exorcist.

Whether it was during the time he was learning from his teacher in the beginning or during the time when he left and started doing it by himself…

The task was completed when the ghost was exorcized.

He had never seen soul reapers before!

Much less interact with them…

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