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Chapter 3389: You Dont Deserve ItTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The soul reapers might be the low-ranking soldier in the underworld, but their existence was considered superior to exorcists.

After all, the existence of the soul reapers didnt fall into the category of both human and ghost.

If they were to endure a little longer, they could be promoted to an official in the future.

If exorcists could befriend soul reapers, it would be much easier for them to do a lot of things.

However, it definitely wouldnt be that simple.

If not, Lu Penghai would have already seen soul reapers long ago.

Who would have thought that the little girl before his eyes not only had a good relationship with the soul reaper…

Based on what the soul reaper was saying, even the Lord of Death was familiar with this little girl!

What was going on!

“Hand it over to me,” the soul reaper said.

Xie Jiling nodded and was about to call the infant spirit over.

Suddenly, Li Zhixiao called out loud, “Wait!”

Song Lihua had been seriously frightened.

But as a mother, she found out that Li Zhixiao had harmed her own child.

When Song Lihua thought about her own baby, she felt so much pity for this infant spirit.

How heartless must Li Zhixiao be not to spare even the soul of her own child!

Obviously, the infant spirit had not been in control when he appeared in her dream.

It had been controlled by someone else.

And now, Song Lihua didnt hate him at all.

Instead, she felt a lot of pity for him.

Song Lihua couldnt help but say to Li Zhixiao, “Jiling has talked to them and managed to ask them to give your child another chance.

You have already caused him harm.

Are you going to ruin this rare opportunity he has gotten How can there be a mother like you!”

The infant spirit held onto Xie Jiling tightly as it felt nervous.

Li Zhixiao said sadly, “I just wanted to hold him.”

“I… I havent gotten the chance to hold him.

I dont know if I will have the chance to do that anymore in the future.

In the future… In the future, he will not be my child anymore…” Li Zhixiao sobbed as she said, “Can I… Can I get one last chance to hold him”

When he reincarnated and became someone elses child, he wouldnt remember her.

“Its a blessing for him to forget you,” Xie Jiling said coldly, “And now, you are saying that you cant bear for him to leave.

If so, why did you choose to kill him when his body was already fully developed, and there was life in him Why did you trap his soul after you chose to kill him”

“You were able to abandon him back then, so dont act like you cant let him go now,” Xie Jiling said in a hateful tone.

Li Zhixiao could not argue against what Xie Jiling said.

Li Zhixiao asked pitifully, “I didnt want to do it! I am his mother! Do you really think that I wouldnt want him to live a good life Just let me… hug him one last time.

I wont have any chance anymore after this.”

Her child didnt even have the chance to call her mother.

Xie Jiling ignored her.

She looked down at the infant spirit in her arms and asked, “What do you think”

The infant spirit looked at Xie Jiling before he turned the back of his head toward Li Zhixiao.

God forgive him for not being able to see Li Zhixiao as his mother.

He had only been in her belly for a few months.

He had just developed senses when he was killed, and his soul was confined.

He simply had not developed any feelings for Li Zhixiao.

He was already showing appreciation for the past months of nurture by not hating her.

Xie Jiling immediately understood what he was trying to say through his movements.

She didnt even look at Li Zhixiao as she handed over the infant spirit to the soul reaper.

“Remember to tell the Lord of Death properly.

If you dont explain properly, I will tell him myself.”

Whenever Xie Jiling ask them to do something, she would say this one instruction.

The soul reapers were already used to it.

However, they still felt gloomy whenever they heard this from her.

They immediately responded, “We will tell the Lord of Death very clearly.”

S, the two soul reapers held the infant spirit and left.

The black hole closed behind them like it had never appeared before.

Zhou Liangsheng stared at all these things with a blank expression.

He felt like he was in a dream.

Li Zhixiao started bawling her eyes out on the hospital bed.

“Why! Why wont you let me hold him! He is my child! What right do you have to intervene!”

“Because you dont deserve it!” Song Lihua despised, “If you didnt want to get the abortion, who could force you to do it To put it bluntly, both of you did it for money! You were willing to sacrifice your childs life for money!”

“Both of you are bastards!” Song Lihua cursed.

Zhou Liangsheng had killed one child and was going to kill another child.

And Li Zhixiao was willing to sacrifice her own child for benefit.

These two were bastards who do not deserve to be called humans!

“You are right.

When both of them reincarnate, they will not be humans anymore,” said Xie Jiling.

“What did you say” Li Zhixiao was surprised.

When it was something that was related to her own self, she immediately forgot about her child.

To put it bluntly, she was just selfish.

Xie Jiling thought it was fortunate that the soul reapers had already taken the infant spirit away.

If the infant spirit had to stay and watch the expression on Li Zhixiaos face, it would just cause him more sorrow.

Xie Jiling sneered and said to Li Zhixiao, “I dont know if an accident will happen to Zhou Liangsheng and if he will die at a young age.

These are things recorded in the book of life and death, and I cannot predict these things.

Lets just say that he will live for a long time and his time for reincarnation is in the far future.

Its too early to worry about that now.”

“However, you are different.” Xie Jiling said to Li Zhixiao, “You should start thinking about how you plan to endure the punishment you will have to deal with when you join the underworld.”

“What do you mean!” Li Zhixiao panicked as she stared at Xie Jiling.

“You failed to curse someone and experienced backlash,” Xie Jiling said, “In order to place the curse, Lu Penghai would need something from both you and Sister Lihua, such as your hair or blood.

If the curse fails, you will receive backlash through the things that belong to you.”

“If not, why do you think you suddenly got admitted into this hospital” Xie Jiling stared at the machine at the side, “Why did you suddenly become weak Even the doctors cant find out why, right You have done all kinds of tests with all kinds of instruments, right But they still couldnt figure out why, right”

Xie Jiling turned toward Lu Penghai and said, “Did you not tell her about the backlash if the curse fails”

“I did!” Lu Penghai quickly said.

He felt wronged.

“I told her everything, but she was the one who said that it was impossible for Song Lihua to know that she had been cursed.

Even if she knew, it would be impossible for her to find an actual exorcist to solve her problem.”

After all, exorcists were rare existences.

They werent people that you could easily locate.

That was what Lu Penghai thought, and he thought he was for sure winning.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have done such a dangerous thing for money.

“Then, you did this to yourself.” Xie Jiling said to Li Zhixiao.

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