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Chapter 3391: Sorry You Had to Witnessed Us Being Such JokesTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“However, Zhou Liangsheng, I sacrificed so much for you.

In the end, when I am sick, and my life needs to be sustained, you arent willing to pay even a cent” Li Zhixiao said in disbelief.

She didnt expect Zhou Liangsheng to be this selfish.

How did she even fall for this selfish, cowardly, and useless thing!

Because of what Li Zhixiao said, Zhou Liangsheng felt a little embarrassed.

He responded, “I didnt say that I wont save you.

We have to wait until after the physical examination, right”

In addition, since she wouldnt be able to live no matter how hard they tried to save her…

Why should they bother to waste the money to do so

He didnt understand why Li Zhixiao couldnt understand such a simple thing.

Song Lihua could no longer stand looking at Zhou Liangshengs face.

Of course, Li Zhixiao did not deserve the sympathy.

Just let this be a dogfight between them.

Song Lihua then stood up and said to Zheng Binzhou and Xie Jiling, “Lets go.

Lets not stay here and disturb their discussion about future things.”

“Yes.” Zheng Binzhou said it even more bluntly.

He came over and supported Song Lihua.

“Let them fight like dogs in a dogfight.”

Song Lihua smiled and rubbed her tummy as she said, “When we go back, and when I talk to the family about divorcing Zhou Liangsheng, you have to speak for me.”

“Of course,” Zheng Binzhou immediately said, “No matter what, we cant let you continue staying with that bastard.

Lets go back and tell the family the truth.

When the elders know about this, they wont let you continue living with him.”

“Alright.” Song Lihuas mood lightened up as she grinned.

If she hadnt seen this today, she wouldnt have thought that Zhou Liangsheng had betrayed her.

She might feel sad about it.

But now that Song Lihua saw Zhou Liangsheng and Li Zhixiao were fighting each other…

She felt fortunate that she found out about the type of person Zhou Liangsheng was so early.

She was already pregnant, but she had no regrets about witnessing this scene.

This was her child.

Her love for this kid had nothing to do with him.

She should leave Zhou Liangsheng as soon as possible to remove Zhou Liangiashengs influence on the kid as soon as possible.

If not, with a coward and selfish father like Zhou Liangsheng, it would be hard for the kid not to be influenced.

He could sacrifice his lover of many years and his own child for the sake of benefits.

In addition, he was going to sacrifice not just one but both of his kids who were his blood and flesh.

In the future, who knew what he could sacrifice

There was a chance that he might sacrifice her and her child for the sake of benefits in the future.

And currently, Zhou Liangshengs parents could still control him through the family business.

But even so, Zhou Liangsheng was still able to do things that defy human morals and human nature, such as taking his sons life.

If his parents were gone…

Zhou Liangsheng would have been able to make decisions by himself, and no one would be able to stop him by then.

By then, what else might he do

Just the thought of it sent chills down Song Lihuas spine.

She could only divorce him and leave him as soon as possible.

The pain and reluctance to leave because they were husband and wife didnt matter.

Song Lihua felt none of that.

She just wanted to divorce Zhou Liangsheng and cut ties with him.

In Song Lihuas opinion, she felt unsafe if she continued being his wife.

She wasnt afraid that the Zhou Family might try to fight for the custody of her son.

Because of what Zhou Liangsheng had done, the Zhou Family had no right to fight for anything.

No one would believe her if she told anyone about this.

However, Song Lihua didnt need anyone to believe her.

She just needed to tell people what Zhou Liangsheng had done.

Even if people wouldnt believe her, they would think that Zhou Liangsheng had gone crazy to believe in such superstition.

He placed a curse on his wife and son for the sake of his mistress.

Even if he didnt succeed, it showed that he was evil.

He was also stupid.

In this era of science, a young person who had received higher education actually tried to place a curse.

If this wasnt such a dumb move, what was

He was a madman who relied on spells to harm his own wife and son.

Wouldnt it be worrisome if he got custody of the baby

Even in a lawsuit, the judge wouldnt be on Zhou Liangshengs side.

In addition, Zhou Liangsheng was the party at fault since he cheated.

Moreover, Song Lihua did have the financial ability to raise the child.

If they were to fight for the babys custody, the judge would normally be more inclined to give the custody of the child to the mother.

And so, Song Lihua wasnt worried at all.

The entire group left the hospital.

When they were at the hospital entrance, Song Lihua thanked Xie Jiling.

“Xie Jiling, I am really thankful for you and the others who helped me.

Otherwise, it would have been difficult for Binzhou and me.”

Chen Xing and the others waved their hands, gesturing that this was nothing.

They felt quite embarrassed to witness somebody elses family affairs.

They were hoping that Zheng Binzhou wouldnt feel uncomfortable when they hang out with him in the future.

However, Zheng Binzhou didnt feel embarrassed at all.

He remained very carefree.

“My sister is right.

Its all thanks to you all here.

If it were just me, I wouldnt have been able to deal with them.

I had confidence and courage because you all supported me,” Zheng Binzhou said.

“By the way, Sis.

Dont forget to pay Jiling,” Zheng Binzhou said, “Jiling risked her life today.

You saw the way Master Lu acted when he received his backlash.

If he were stronger than Jiling, Jiling would have ended up like him.”

“Of course, I remember.

What, you think Im a swindler” Song Lihua laughed as she said.

“No,” Zheng Binzhou quickly explained, “Sis, Jiling is my classmate.

She is only charging you two million.

When she was exorcising for He Qingyang, she charged him five million.”

Xie Jiling thought about it and remained quiet.

She didnt tell them that the purifying talisman she had sold to He Qingyang was priced at five hundred thousand each.

The one she had just given to Song Lihua would just be a freebie.

“They are exorcists.

They have to take payment.

I cant explain clearly, but theres karma involved.

If they accept payment, they wont gain any karma.

If not, it will be troublesome.” Zheng Binzhou explained.

Song Lihua smacked Zheng Binzhou on the forehead and said, “Enough.

If you continue explaining, you will make it sound like I actually dont want to pay her!”

The embarrassed Song Lihua then said to Xie Jiling and the others, “Sorry you had to witness us making a fool of ourselves.”

Zheng Binzhou was now completely relaxed.

It was good that all this had been resolved.

Without any further delay, Song Lihuiha immediately asked Jiling for her account number.

Xie Jiling immediately provided her Alipay account number, which made the whole process quick and easy.

It made Song Lihiua realize that even exorcists could still keep up with the times.

After Song Lihua had transferred Xie Jiling two million, she suddenly remembered something and asked, “By the way, what is that paper talisman you gave me earlier”

“The purifying talisman can purify the turbid Qi within human bodies,” Xie Jiling explained, “When someone is under great stress and experiencing a drastic change of emotions or mind fog, that talisman can eliminate all negative emotions.”

“However, the purifying talismans effect doesnt last very long.

The energy in the talisman decreases with the usage,” Xie Jiling added.

“No wonder.

My tummy was hurting because I felt too agitated.”

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