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Chapter 3396: Preparation FinalizedTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“You are filming in B City, right Can you just give me an early notice when we have to film my scenes I will just film and come back here.

I wont be staying on set.” Lu Man started discussing with Han Zhuofeng.

The two babies were still really too young.

They still had to be breastfed.

Lu Man intended to breastfeed the babies.

If she would stay on set, she would not be able to feed the two babies milk.

Moreover, her breast would engorge, and it would be really awkward.

Lu Man was not going to be the lead actress anyway.

She had to participate in this filming to support Han Zhuofeng.

In a situation like this, she could only do this to have a balanced schedule.

“Oh no.

I forgot about this.” Han Zhuofeng commented, feeling annoyed at himself.

He quickly said to Lu Man, “I am sorry.

That was careless of me.

I forgot about this.”

“You definitely cant stay on set.” Han Zhuofeng nodded and said, “We will just do as you said.

We wont film the scenes according to the order in the script.

I will try to space out the dates for your scenes so that you wontget too tired.”

“Alright.” Lu Man happily agreed.

Xie Jiling was in the room.

She minimized her presence while they were talking.

Han Zhuofeng had come in so quickly that Lu Man didnt even get the chance to introduce Xie Jiling.

Han Zhuofeng did not know Xie Jiling at all.

So, Lu Man quickly introduced, “I havent introduced you.

This is Xie Jiling.

She is like a sister of mine.

She is now studying at the University of B City.”

As for Xie Jilings identity as an exorcist, Lu Man did not mention that to Han Zhuofeng in the introduction.

She didnt know what Han Zhuofengs opinion was regarding these things.

She didnt know if Han Zhuofeng would believe in these things or if Han Zhuofeng would think that exorcism was just a scam.

If Han Zhuofeng didnt believe in it and Lu Man had introduced Xie Jiling as an exorcist, Han Zhuofeng would then think that Xie Jiling was a liar.

What if he would have a bad impression of Xie Jiling

As such, Lu Man didnt say anything.

Moreover, very few people would believe and accept this unless they had personally experienced it.


Hello,” Han Zhuofeng quickly said to Xie Jiling, “My name is Han Zhuofeng, and I am the third son of the Han Family.

I am older than you.”

Xie Jiling didnt expect Han Zhuofeng to behave this way.

“I can tell,” Xie Jiling said with a smile.

While Han Zhuofeng was talking to Lu Man, Xie Jiling had already guessed Han Zhuofengs identity through their conversation.

When Xie Jiling saw that Lu Mans family was here, she said, “I have to go back to school.

Sis, I will visit you when you are discharged.”

“Its lunchtime.

Why dont you stay and eat lunch together with me” Lu Man quickly said, “The confinement center provides postpartum meals and normal meals as well.

Since Zhuofeng and Xiaoya are here, lets eat lunch together.”

Xie Jiling was a very lively person.

She wouldnt feel embarrassed because she was in the midst of strangers.

“Yeah!” Shi Xiaoya said, “You cant leave because we are here!”

Shi Xiaoya had never met Xie Jiling before.

However, there was something weird about the vibe and the feeling that someone would give you when you meet them for the first time.

This was especially true for girls.

Despite not knowing them at all, they could instinctively dislike someone just by meeting them.

There were some others whose vibe matched yours, and your first impression of them was positive despite the fact that you were unfamiliar with them.

Shi Xiaoyas interaction with Xie Jiling was obviously the latter.

“Alright then.” Xie Jiling smiled and nodded.

Lu Man was staying in a suite at the confinement center.

There was a kitchen outside.

However, a nutritionist at the confinement center was especially planning Lu Mans meal.

The kitchen was normally used by Auntie He to make food for Han Zhuoli.

When Auntie He heard that Shi Xiaoya and the others were staying, she immediately went to prepare food in the kitchen.

She only prepared groceries for Han Zhuoli alone, so now, there werent enough groceries.

As such, Auntie He quickly ordered some vegetables from the restaurant in the confinement center.

Although Lu Man couldnt eat with them, she sat beside them and ate her postpartum meals.

“By the way, have you finalized the preparations for the film production” Lu Man asked.

“The money that my two elder brothers, grandparents, second aunt, and mom gave me really helped,” When Han Zhuofeng said with so much energy.

“Initially, I didnt have money to buy a high-quality setup.

But I was able to make the purchase, and we will be filming with this IMAX 3D equipment so that we dont have to convert it to a 3D model later on.

This can upgrade the CGI in our film to the highest quality.”

“After the Spring Festival, I contacted Brother Xiao Cai and studied the CGI and VFX in the original film with another designer.

We designed a few versions of the future technology.

Brother Xiao Cai then discussed with his team the possibility of making an exact copy of these future technology designs in the film.

And now, we have confirmed the production of at least eighty percent of the future technology designs and the VFX team is now making 3D models of those.”

“We contacted the film site, and we will be using the studio previously used by Director Wu.

Most of the scenes will be filmed indoors.

They are assembling the indoor settings and setting up the studio.

As for the scenes filmed outside, I plan to shoot the scene at the chosen location if possible.

If they are post-disaster scenes, which are impossible to film outside, we will do it with VFX and CGI.”

“Brother Xiao Cai told me that his company has technical skills on par with the technical skills of the four biggest VFX companies in the world.

Even if the scenes were filmed and made through special effects, they will look very believable.” However, it would cost more to do this than to film at the actual location.

The production teams that chose to film indoors to save money were using extremely cheap special effects.

Obviously, cheap special effects would be cheaper than filming the scene at the location itself.

After all, to film a scene at the chosen location, you would need to discuss it with the local authorities and compensate the local residents.

You would need to pay for the entire teams travel expenses.

As such, the cheap-looking special effects would be much cheaper than filming at the chosen location.

However, if the director wanted the result to look as real as possible like what Wei Wucai had made… If the director wanted the viewers to think that the film was shot at the chosen location…

That would cost much more.

However, Han Zhuofeng was not scared at all since he had the money.

He could save up money by cutting the cost of hiring actors.

He could hire skilled actors and actresses who wouldnt be too expensive.

He could hire one or two that would help boost the popularity of this movie.

This way, he would be able to save a lot of money.

The money saved could then be used for the production of good special effects.

“Many of our models were made at a ratio of 1 to 1.

When they make the special effects, the result will look more realistic,” Han Zhuofeng said, “To be honest, I did some calculations, and the fees for the cast members turned out to be not that expensive, especially considering that you and Zhiqing gave me a huge discount.

The majority of the budget was used on those things instead.”

“If the result turns out good, the money was well spent,” Lu Man said.

She didnt say anything else.

The VFX of a movie was very important.

However, the storytelling skill of a director was equally important.

There were too many movies with good special effects.

However, people were no longer satisfied with just watching the special effects in a movie.

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