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Chapter 3400: Start of the Film ShootingTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The fathers of other brides would instruct the groom to take care of their daughters and not make their daughters suffer.

I showered my daughter with love, and she should not suffer at your hands.

I never dared to let her suffer.

How dare you

Such words were never uttered by Shi Guanzhong.

He never needed to say those words.

Shi Xiaoya had never suffered since she got together with Han Zhuoling.

Not to mention that Han Zhuoling adored her so much and showered her with so much love after they had gotten married.

Han Zhuoling supported whatever Shi Xiaoya wanted to do.

Even if Shi Xiaoya had to be away from home few months due to work, Han Zhuoling supported her without any second thoughts.

When Shi Xiaoya had to be on set, Han Zhuoling would go with her and stay on set as well.

Even if he would be more exhausted, he still wanted to stay with Shi Xiaoya.

They absolutely werent experiencing the situation of feelings fading due to the couple being distant.

Even if they might have to be apart because of work, Shi Xiaoya never worried about Han Zhuoling doing anything wrong.

After Shi Xiaoya had gotten married, she still had a career and her life was the same as before she had gotten married.

The biggest difference was that there was another person in her life that showered her with love.

If Han Zhuoling hadnt aced this, who else could have done it better than him

In Shi Guanzhongs opinion, it would be wrong of him to still have complaints when Han Zhuoling loved her daughter that much.

Action spoke louder than words, after all.

A long time before the wedding, Han Zhuoling was already very convincing.

Therefore, Shi Guanzhong didnt hesitate at all.

He gave Han Zhuoling a pat on the shoulder and went back to take his seat with a big grin on his face.

In Han Zhuolings opinion, his marriage with Shi Xiaoya was only completed after the wedding.

The members of the Han Family felt really emotional as they watched Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya on the stage.

Who would have expected the workaholic and listless eldest son of the Han Family to find someone he loved

In the past, they thought that Han Zhuoling would end up living a mundane life like Xia Yixin.

There wouldnt be love.

He would just have a companion.

But what is the point of a marriage like that

If Han Zhuoling had never actually fallen in love before and had never experienced a real relationship…

Wouldnt his life be so sad

Whenever Lin Liye thought about this, she felt bad for her eldest son.

However, she didnt expect that her son would come to meet the love of his life.

And build a family with love.

As Lin Liye thought about this, she had no more worries.

Even if she died now, she would have no regrets.

Although Han Zhuoling was the eldest son and was the most mature and reliable…

She was worried about Han Zhuoling the most.

Lin Liye wasnt worried about Han Zhuofeng.

Han Zhuofeng was energetic and carefree.

He loved messing around, and he knew how to say the sweetest things.

Han Zhuofeng would never let himself suffer.

However, Han Zhuoling was different.

He was too cold to himself.

Han Zhuoling had finally met someone he liked and whom he desired to share a life with.

With Shi Xiaoya around, Han Zhuoling would never be lonely.

Lin Liye felt at ease because of this.

It was already time for the groom to kiss the bride on the stage.

Because they had gotten their marriage certificate early, Shi Xiaoya felt as though they were an old couple.

But now, it felt as though they were still head over heels in love, at the honeymoon phase.

When Han Zhuoling kissed her, Shi Xiaoya felt her heart race.

It felt as though today was her first day of marriage to Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling let her lips go.

However, he still lowered his head and touched her forehead with his forehead.

Shi Xiaoya held his face and whispered, “I will be beside you for the rest of your life.”

“Deal.” Han Zhuolings arms tightened around Shi Xiaoyas waist.

Han Zhuoling thought to himself.

It was true that Shi Xiaoya could keep him company for the rest of his life.

He was much older than her.

Women generally lived longer lives than men.

In the future, he would be the first one to pass away.

Shi Xiaoya could actually stay with him for the rest of his life.

However, because of how deep the love was, the one who left this world first would be considered the fortunate one.

This was because the person who would have to remain on earth would have to live the rest of their life in loneliness, thinking about the one they loved.

Even sons and daughters would not be able to replace the significant other.

You could say he was selfish, but he simply loved Shi Xiaoya so much that he didnt want her to marry someone else.

Even if he knew that it would be better if another person would take care of her when he died….

He still couldnt accept it.

He didnt want Shi Xiaoya to call someone else her husband or live with someone else.

Not to mention do even more intimate things with someone else.

Even if Shi Xiaoya would be old by then and would not be able to do anything…

But even sleeping on the same bed, having conflicts about minor things, or nagging each other…

These were all ways of showing love and happiness.

As Han Zhuoling thought about this, he felt angry and jealous.

He definitely didnt want Shi Xiaoya to do those with someone else.

And so, Han Zhuoling decided that he would live as long as he could.

He would live until Shi Xiaoya was seventy or eighty years old.

This way, Shi Xiaoya wouldnt have the energy to remarry.

Shi Xiaoya had no idea that Han Zhuoling was plotting this during such an emotional moment.

However, even if she knew, she wouldnt feel mad.

Instead, she would feel happy.

Because she had no intention of marrying someone else.

Even if Han Zhuoling were gone, Shi Xiaoya would hold on to the title of Mrs.

Han and never let it go.


Because Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling had already gotten their marriage certificate, their lives went back to normal after the wedding ended.

Because Han Zhuoli was on paternity leave, the two had no time for a honeymoon.

Half a month after the wedding ended, Shi Xiaoya joined Han Zhuofengs film crew.

Thankfully, the set was in B City.

The work that Han Zhuoling had taken over for Han Zhuoli was back on track and Han Zhuoling was no longer as busy as he had been when he first took over.

In addition, Han Zhuoling was very capable.

Therefore, even if the workload was heavy, Han Zhuoling was able to sort it out and keep a balanced schedule.

Of course, that was because Han Zhuoling was actively trying to increase his work efficiency.

Because Shi Xiaoya was on set, Han Zhuoling decided to be on set with Shi Xiaoya like how he had when Shi Xiaoya was helping with the production of the movie Left Right.

The day Shi Xiaoya went on set was the day they started filming.

On this day, the film crew and cast would have to go through a start of a film shooting ceremony to beg the gods that the filming would progress smoothly.

This was not Han Zhuofengs first time doing this.

He was very familiar with the procedures.

In addition, he didnt have to prepare anything for this ceremony.

The film crew members prepared everything.

Han Zhuofeng just needed to follow through with the steps of the ceremony.

Since Shi Xiaoya had already arrived, she participated the start of a film shooting ceremony with the other production crew members.

Han Zhuofeng stood in the center at the front.

With a few main cast members, he took the incense sticks and bowed three times.

Then, he placed the incense stick on the incense burner.

But then, a few of the incense sticks that were burning suddenly extinguished.

Han Zhuofeng noticed that one of the three incense sticks he had lit was extinguished.

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