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Chapter 3404: Scared Me to DeathTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Wei Wucai very nicely saved money for Han Zhuofeng by sharing a room with Yan Zhiqing.

The two were both on set.

Even if Yan Zhiqing was scared, Wei Wucai was there by herself, so it was fine.

Unlike Han Zhuofeng, Wei Wucai knew of Xie Jilings capabilities.

This happened today.

After he had finished work and had gone back to the room with Yan Zhiqing at night, Wei Wucai sent Xie Jiling a text while Yan Zhiqing was taking a shower.

“I knew about this.

Sister Lu Man told me about it during the day.

I am not in B City right now, so I will head back tomorrow night,” Xie Jiling said.

As one of the leaders at the Mount Lan Compound, Wei Wucai was more aware of what Xie Jiling was capable of doing than Lu Man.

He was worried and told Xie Jiling about this.

Xie Jiling thought that there was no way she could get out of this.

When Yan Zhiqing came out of the shower, Wei Wucai went to take a shower.

Although Yan Zhiqing never took this matter seriously, Wei Wucai still took a quick five-minute shower and immediately came out to keep Yan Zhiqing company.

He then told Yan Zhiqing about this and told Yan Zhiqing who Xie Jiling was.

As an outstanding young woman of this era who had been scientifically educated, Yan Zhiqing…

Yan Zhiqing felt her worldview being challenged when she heard all these stories.

Yan Zhiqing sat on the bed and stuttered, “Will… will there really be ghosts”

Wei Wucai nodded, “The Mount Lan Compound is like a transfer station for the members of the Xie Family leaving home.

The members of the Xie Family received training since young, and they followed their elders around to exorcise spirits.

But honestly speaking, besides exorcism, the young members of the Xie Family know nothing of this world.”

This was because they were usually staying in the house of the Xie Family.

The servants in the house provided them with all their needs.

They didnt have to bother with those trivial matters.

They were able to focus on exorcising.

“So whenever they leave home, they do not know much of the outside world.

Therefore, their first stop would usually be the Mount Lan Compound.

While Xie Jiling was at the Mount Lan Compound, the Mount Lan Compound was helping Xie Jiling accept some commissions.”

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“Because she doesnt know much about how the world works, a member of the Mount Lan Compound would accompany her whenever she has to solve an issue.” Wei Wucai said, “I went with her once and saw her exorcize a spirit with my own eyes.

She even has a good relationship with the soul reapers of the underworld.”

When Yan Zhiqing heard this, she thought she was listening to some stories.

It felt really strange.

If it werent because of Wei Wucai saying that he had seen it with his own eyes, Yan Zhiqing would have never believed this.

Of course, she felt the same as Han Zhuofeng.

Unless she had seen it with her own eyes, she doesnt actually know what it feels like.

She just trusted Wei Wucai.

Since Wei Wucai said that, she believed it.

“Therefore, I told Xie Jiling what happened today, but I didnt expect Lu Man to have already told Xie Jiling what had happened.

Xie Jiling is apparently certain that theres something here.” Wei Wucai said.

“This…” Yan Zhiqing was so scared that she grabbed Wei Wucais clothes.

“They wont come looking for us, right”

“I dont know.” Wei Wucai smiled and said, “Dont be nervous.

I am here.

My yang aura is very strong.”

“But thats a ghost.

No matter how powerful you are, you cant hit it.” Yan Zhiqing was so scared that her face turned pale.

“What if it came in here”

Wei Wucai said, “We will figure it out if it comes.

We are only making guesses.

Dont be nervous.

Xie Jiling will get here tomorrow.

I will ask her for a few more protection talismans to wear.”

“I didnt think this would ever happen to us, so I never asked her for those things.” Wei Wucai said, “I didnt expect that we would actually encounter one.”

Wei Wucai thought that it would be best to be more careful.

In Guo Yujie and Fang Qiaohans room, Shi Xiaoya sent Han Zhuoling a text and told Han Zhuoling that she was in Guo Yujies room.

She told him the room number.

She would go back to the room when Han Zhuoling arrives.

Shi Xiaoya was determined not to be left alone.

With three girls in the room, it wasnt boring.

Time passed by quickly as they gossiped about things.

Shi Xiaoya usually did makeup for celebrities, so she had seen and heard a lot of stories.

Fang Qiaohan had been around Yan Zhiqing and had personally witnessed a lot of drama.

In addition, there were a lot of dramas happening between people in her management company, so she had heard a lot of stories as well.

She basically exchanged information with Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya thought that her night was going fabulous.

In addition, because there were so many stories, their conversation didnt end even when Han Zhuoling arrived and was ringing the doorbell.

However, it was fine.

There was still a lot of time on set.

They could chat about it a little bit every day, and it wouldnt be boring.

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Shi Xiaoya opened the door and finally felt a sense of relief when she saw Han Zhuoling at the door.

Although the three girls kept each other company, Shi Xiaoya still felt worried.

She only felt safe when Han Zhuoling arrived.

She bid Guo Yujie and Fang Qiaohan good night and went back to the room with Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling.

Because Han Zhuoling was busy working during the day.

To keep her company at night, Han Zhuoling worked even faster during the day.

So, Shi Xiaoya didnt dare to disturb him during the day.

And now that Han Zhuoling was back, Shi Xiaoya told Han Zhuoling what had happened during the film shooting ceremony.

“I was scared to death.” Shi Xiaoya felt chills on the back of her neck as she talked about this.

Hearing this, Han Zhuoling quickly rubbed the back of her neck.

Actually, Shi Xiaoya was just scaring herself.

The back of her neck didnt feel cold at all.

However, Han Zhuoling still covered the back of her neck with his palm.

Feeling the warmth coming from his palm and knowing that the back of her neck was protected by Han Zhuoling, and being in Han Zhuolings arms, Shi Xiaoya felt as though she had nothing to fear and nothing could hurt her.

Shi Xiaoya leaned into Han Zhuolings chest and asked, “Are you able to manage your work recently Do you need to work overtime”

When Han Zhuoling heard this, he smiled.

He knew that this girl was scared.

But at the same time, she was scared of causing a delay in his workflow.

If she said she was scared and wanted him to come to keep her company everyday…

Even if he were busy, he would still put the work aside and keep her company.

However, Shi Xiaoya didnt want to make his life difficult.

So, she asked him about his work first.

Han Zhuoling gently rubbed the back of her neck, transferring heat energy from his palm to her neck and massaging the back of her neck.

Shi Xiaoya had been doing other peoples makeup and constantly needed to maintain the posture of bending down and keeping her head down for a long time.

In addition, she constantly needed to lift her hand.

As such, her neck felt sore, and her shoulder was hurting as well.

This was why Han Zhuoling would give Shi Xiaoya a massage whenever she was in his arms.

“Its going fine.

Im slowly adjusting to the amount of workload.

Im done with the work Zhuoli gave me.

It doesnt take me long to finish work, and its usually done during the day.

I was busy back then because Zhuoli suddenly handed over his work to me.

I wasnt very familiar with what he was doing.

But now, Im already familiar with his work, so things are going back to normal.”

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