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Chapter 3426: Your Jealous Faces Are HorrendousTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Its a coincidence that Im leaving on the 10th as well,” Xie Jiling said, “If you all really want to go, we can go together.”

Xie Jiling wasnt worried that something might happen.

They would just treat this as a holiday.

Even if something happened, she was be there, so it would be fine.

If nothing bad happened, it would simply be a fun trip.

No one expected this conversation to go so smoothly.

They felt really happy.

Ren Linna was so happy she held Xie Jilings arm.

“Which flight is the production crew going to buy When its confirmed, can we buy the tickets for the same flight We will see celebrities on the plane, right!”

“I think I can ask them to help.

I can ask them to book our plane tickets and hotel, right” Xie Jiling thought it would be fine, “But I still have to ask first.

If its okay, then I will ask them to book the same flight and same hotel for us.

If they cant do it, then we will just book it by ourselves.”

Whether it was traveling with Han Zhuofeng and his production crew or traveling with Ren Linna and the others, Xie Jiling thought that both were good.

She didnt care.

While they were taking a break, Ren Linna urged Xie Jiling to ask.

The helpless Xie Jiling sent Han Zhuofeng a WeChat message.

Ever since Han Zhuofeng had witnessed what Xie Jiling was capable of doing, he immediately added her as friend on Wechat.

It made him feel as though he had an exorcists with him at all times.

which gave him a sense of security.

Xie Jiling then asked Han Zhuofeng, “My classmates coincidentally wants to visit Ta Town and the Ghost Town as well.

There are a total of eight people.

Do you think you can book our hotel and plane tickets”

Xie Jiling thought about it and added, “I wasnt the one who suggested this.

It was a coincidence.

They were going to check out that place during the Dragon Boat Festival Holiday and they wanted me to go with them because they were scared that they might actually encounter something.

Since Im going with you all, I wanted to ask.”

“However, there are a lot of people in your production crew.

There will be celebrities as well.

If its not convenient for you, its alright.”

After sending these messages, Xie Jiling stopped talking.

She just waited for Han Zhuofeng to reply.

Han Zhuofeng was filming.

His phone was on silent and he didnt have time to reply her.

Xie Jiling only got a reply from Han Zhuofeng at 9o clock at night.

“No problem.

I will let you know after the bookings are purchased,” Han Zhuofeng said.

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“Thank you.” Xie Jiling said, “Send me the bill and I will ask them to pay.”

If she didnt remind him, he probably wouldnt remember to ask for the money considering his personality.

“Alright.” Han Zhuofeng laughed.

At this moment, Xie Jiling was already lying on the bed.

Ren Linna and the other two were lying on their beds as well.

This was a quadruple dormitory and all the beds were on the upper bunk.

There was a writing desk and a small cupboard under each bed.

This was a very common university dorm room arrangement.

Everynight, after they turned off the light, they would talk to each other in the dark.

At this moment, Xie Jiling said to Ren Linna and the others, “Han Zhuofeng agreed.

He booked the same flight and same hotel for us.”

When Ren Linna and the other two heard this, they were so happy.

They immediately told the others.

After they decided to go on this trip, they created a group chat for the convenience of contacting each other.

And now, Ren Linna told everyone else this in the group chat.

Aside from the people in Xie Jilings dorm, another girl named Zhang Tonglin would join them.

The remaining ones were four guys.

However, regardless of whether they were a guy or girl, even if they werent starchasers, they would still be really happy to see a friend they rarely meet.

Honestly, this was just something new to them.

When they got the message from Ren Linna, they all started cheering.

The few of them rubbed their palms and waited for the trip to Ta Town, hoping that the day would come soon.

However, even before the time to leave to Ta Town arrived…

The gossips came first.

It was just as what Ren Linna and the other three had reminded Xie Jiling.

Many people saw Xie Jiling walk alongside Han Zhuofeng.

At that time, Xie Jiling was even holding onto Han Zhuofengs arm.

They were curious about their relationship.

Naturally, there were jealous people.

The university had an enlarged class.

You would take this class based on your electives.

Every classmate might choose a different elective.

As such, an enlarged class would usually have students from other classes and even students of other majors.

Xie Jiling and Feng Yaqing chose the same elective.

And so, the two came to the classroom together.

They chose the seats near the end at the edge and sat there.

This elective was quite boring.

it was the type of class that was mandatory, yet unnecessary.

Therefore, Xie Jiling and Feng Yaqing chose to sit at a very obscure corner.

They were still listening.

But as top students, for classes that werent actually important, they could listen without focusing.

They could chat with people or read the news.

Even so, they could still catch the important points of the lecture.

Today, the two had just sat down for a short moment when they heard a discussion between the two girls sitting in the same row but three seats away and another two girls sitting in front.

“Is that Xie Jiling”

“Thats the shaman I would have never known.

She looks pretty, but why does she have to play tricks and lie to people”

“You have no idea.

Its not just the people in the class.

Even people in their year believed her.

There are many people who bought her talismans.

I dont even know if the talisman works, but it cost 3000 per piece.”

“It obviously wont work.

The things that she talked about doesnt exist.

Since they dont exist, the talisman obviously wont work.”

“Thats true.

People who got accepted to University of B City arent stupid.

Why did they believe the nonsense she said”

“I guess she said the things they like” The girl sneered coldly and said with contempt.

“She must have her own tricks up her sleeves.

Otherwise, how did she fool Han Zhuofeng into treating her so well You have no idea.

I saw Han Zhuofeng accompanying her to eat river snail rice noodles at that restaurant.”

“Wow, shes pretty good.

She actually took Han Zhuofeng to eat river snail rice noodles.

Was she copying the tricks shown in those dramas Like those cinderellas trying to win the tall, wealthy and handsome guys attention with street food.”


You are different from any other women I have met!” One of the girls deepened her voice and tried to mimic the tall, rich, and handsome guy in the drama.

“Is this how they act”

“Hahahahaha!” Her attempt at imitating immediately caused an uproar of laughter.

“Do you guys think Han Zhuofeng knows that she acts like a shaman and is going around lying to people”

Initially, they were talking quietly, so the people around couldnt hear them clearly.

They simply looked like they were talking about Xie Jiling.

But as they continued their conversation, it started going out of control.

They started speaking louder and louder.

As a result, Feng Yaqing and Xie Jiling, who were sitting at the edge, heard everything they said clearly.

Feng Yaqing had already predicted that there would be many people gossiping about Xie Jiling.

However, she didnt expect to meet one so quickly.

Feng Yaqing humphed coldly and stood up.

The four were taken aback by Feng Yaqings sudden movement.

They subsconsciously stopped talking at the same time and stared at Feng Yaqing uncomfortably.

But immediately, they showed disdainful expression and looked at Feng Yaqing like she was crazy.

Feng Yaqing sneered and said, “Your jealous faces are horrendous.”

“What did you say!” One of the girls angrily said.

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