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Chapter 3429: No TitleTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

None of the passengers recognized her.

However, Ren Linna did.

Still, she didnt expose Yan Zhiqing on the spot.

After she found her seat, she sent a WeChat message to Xie Jiling, “Jiling, is Yan Zhiqing sitting on the other side of the aisle”

Ren Linna had asked this in the group.

Everyone else in the group saw her message.

And they immediately went berserk.

It was especially true for He Yuliang and Chen Xing since they loved Yan Zhiqing a lot.

In their words, Yan Zhiqing was their goddess.

She behaved elegantly and appeared really charming when engaging in conversations.

Her temperament was outstanding, and she was beautiful.

Most importantly, Yan Zhiqing was also the kind of person who could go home and inherit her family business if she didnt manage to make it in the entertainment industry.

The Yan Family was really big!

Compared to the others in the entertainment industry, only Han Zhuofengs family could compete with Yan Zhiqings family.

Those two families were considered the richest inheritors in the entertainment industry.

If Han Zhuofeng couldnt be a director anymore, he could go back home and inherit the family business.

When Xie Jiling heard the notification sound, she opened her Wechat.

She saw Ren Linnas question and said, “It is her.”

He Yuliang was already going crazy.

“Ahhhh! Jiling, can you ask Director Han if we can visit the studio Dont worry.

We wont take any pictures of the studio.

We wont leak any pictures.

We just want a picture with Yan Zhiqing!”

Soon, Xie Jiling replied, “Are you stupid We will be staying in the same hotel as the film crew and cast.

There wont be any outsiders at the hotel.

You can just ask for photos.

Do you need to go to the studio for those photos”

Chen Xing smacked himself on the forehead and said, “Aiyo! I was so excited I lost my mind.


We dont have to disturb them at the studio.

But they will have to go back to the hotel late at night after filming.

Do you think its okay for us to ask for pictures, then”

“Do you want pictures” Xie Jiling asked.

Chen Xing said, “Yes!”

Xie Jiling thought about this issue as well.

She turned around and asked Han Zhuofeng, “Will you start filming right away when you arrive at Ta Town”


Although we have sent someone over there to do the framing for the scenes and set up the filming site, I still need to check the location first and make sure that everything is prepared.

We will film after the preparations are done and confirmed,” Han Zhuofeng responded.

“And so, when we arrive at Ta Town, I will use half a day to check the filming location and ask the cast members to get some rest in the meantime.

If we start filming today, we will be pressed for time,” Han Zhuofeng said, “I have prepared everything today, and I will officially start tomorrow.”

When Xie Jiling heard this, she looked up and said to Yan Zhiqing sitting on the other side of the aisle, “Sister Zhiqing, my classmates are your fans.

If youre free today, can they take a picture with you”


No problem,” Yan Zhiqing said without any hesitation, “Its rare for us to have a day off, and I dont have anything else to do, so I might as well do something.”

Xie Jiling hurriedly thank her and told her classmates about it.

“The filming will start tomorrow.

They will be resting this afternoon.

You can ask Sis Zhiqing for pictures in the afternoon, but dont take too long.

Just take a few pictures.

Its rare for her to get a break.”

Chen Xing immediately promised.

“Dont worry.

We definitely wont disturb her for too long.

We will quickly take the pictures and leave.”

Han Zhuofeng reminded.

“Its fine for your students to take pictures with Zhiqing, but you shouldnt do it.”

“Why” Xie Jiling immediately turned around and asked.

Xie Jiling never wanted to take pictures anyway.

She already knew Yan Zhiqing.

They were all friends and often took selfies.

They took a lot of pictures at Shi Xiaoyas wedding.

Xie Jiling didnt have to join the fun now.

However, Xie Jiling was curious as to why Han Zhuofeng said that.

And when she decided to listen to Han Zhuofengs explanation, the latter said, “I will be checking the filming location.

You have to come with me! What if I encounter something And you also have to check if the area is safe.”

Xie Jiling was speechless.


Han Zhuofeng had invited her here to do this anyway.

Xie Jiling couldnt help but glance over at Han Zhuofeng.

In her opinion, Han Zhuofeng was really becoming a little bit too extreme.

How could he be scared of something potentially existing there whenever he was traveling to a new place

The plane was preparing for take off.

Xie Jiling changed her phone to airplane mode.

She yawned and said, “Then I will take a nap.”

“Alright,” Han Zhuofeng responded while organizing Xie JIlings blanket.

Xie Jiling fell asleep really quickly.

Her sleep quality was really good.

While they were still flying, Han Zhuofeng had nothing to do so he started to do some scriptwriting on the plane on his phone.

He had previously written an outline.

He was now using the time on the plane to add some details.

But suddenly, he felt something heavy on his left shoulder.

Han Zhuofeng turned and saw that Xie Jiling was sound asleep.

At this moment, she looked so relaxed as she leaned on his shoulder.

Han Zhuofeng started laughing, but he didnt move.

Xie Jiling was sleeping soundly.

He was worried that if he moved, Xie Jiling would wake up.

Han Zhuofeng turned around and saw that Yan Zhiqing was asleep as well.

Han Zhuofeng then looked down at Xie Jiling again.

He was really curious.

When he first saw Xie Jiling, he thought that she was a young, polite, and pretty girl who looked a little fluffy.

He had never expected that she could exorcise spirits with such efficiency.

When she was exorcising, Xie Jiling looked really cold and determined.

He would forget how old she actually was and would just think that she was very reliable.

But now, she looked like a fluffy little girl again.

He then remembered that she was almost done with her first year of college.

She was still really young.

However, it was truly good to be young…

The appearance of a female celebrity would usually be considered the best while they were at their prime.

Female celebrities were chosen by everyone in the country.

People might still pick on their appearance and point out their flaws when they were on cameras.

However, if those female celebrities were seen in real life, no one would think that their beauty could shock the heavens.

The difference between their usual TV appearance and their average appearance was crazy.

However, in terms of appearance, Xie Jiling wasnt considered inferior.

Her skin looked hydrated.

To maintain their good appearances, female celebrities would invest a lot of money.

They would work hard to maintain their appearance through skincare products, not to mention minor cosmetic procedures as well as other cosmetic procedures.

Considering all those, it was natural for them to have really good skin.

The ones with average looks were different from them.

As of now, there were many methods that could be used.

However, a celebrities skin would really look like a boiled egg without shell.

However, Xie Jiling had no makeup.

This was her natural face.

Even so, her skin still looked so delicate.

Even without any makeup, her skin showed no flaws.

Her cheeks were faintly red.

She looked healthy and beautiful.

Han Zhuofeng subsconsciously stared at Xie Jiling for a little too long.

Xie Jiling was sleeping anyway, so he wasnt scared.

However, while he was staring at her, Han Zhuofeng suddenly felt a pair of eyes staring at himself.

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