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When the workers saw their reaction, they laughed and said, “When there arent any visitors in Ghost Town, it does feel really scary.

Otherwise, it wouldnt have become famous.”

“The reason why this place opens at 9 am is that thats the time when we get enough sunlight.

We have tried it before.

When you are under the sun, it feels warm.

When you walk here, the warmth of the sun will wash away some of the discomfort and fear.”

The staff said, “It is really weird.

I think you all must have seen it.

Ta Towns sky brightens up really early.

Although the standard time is Beijings time, there is a time difference.

It is 8 am now, but it is about 10o clock where you are from, and the sunlight should be very abundant.”

“In addition, Ta Town is a really dry place.

It is very windy with a lot of sand.

It is never foggy.” The staff worker added, “But Ghost Town is really foggy in the morning and at night.

Its like it has its own time system.

In the morning, when the sunlight is shining brightly, this place is still foggy.

Its just not as foggy as it was at six to seven oclock, but you can still see the mist.”

“The mist will completely disappear at 9 am.” the worker said.

Han Zhuofeng nodded and said, “When we came in the afternoon yesterday, there was no fog.”

“Yes.” The staff member nodded and said, “Because Ghost Town is really unique, there are so many rumors, and thats how this place attracted so many tourists.”

While they were walking, the staff worker explained, “Because of this unique weather, even though Ghost Town is part of Ta Town, it is different from its surrounding areas.

Therefore, the tourists who visit Ghost Town are usually amazed and would never regret visiting this place.”

“We require everyone to leave by 5 pm because the sky darkens earlier in Ta Town.

However, theres another reason.

It becomes foggier after 5 pm as well.”

“Ghost Town doesnt become completely dark at 5 pm.

Its just an evening sky.

However, once it becomes foggy, even if it is still bright, you would not be able to see anything.”

“Its not that bad at 5 pm.

The fog becomes thicker at 6 pm, and you would lose sight of anything two meters away from you.”

“Imagine it yourselves.

At that time, besides the fog and the numerous strange-looking rocks, you wouldnt be able to see anything else.

Dont you think its very scary” the worker asked.

This sent shivers down the spine of the production crew members.

Yan Zhiqing decided that she had to get out by 5 pm.

It was too terrifying!

The worker smiled and said, “Its completely dark after 6 pm.”

“Imagine this.

At that time, even if it isnt foggy, you would be surrounded by black rocks that blend in with the darkness.

Thats really scary, too.

When its nighttime, its really easy to get lost here because these strange black rocks would be all over the place.

You wouldnt know which direction to go to get out of here.”

“This place is a natural maze.

To describe this in an even more peculiar way, this is like an eight-diagram formation.

However, we are not experts.

We dont know if this really counts as an eight-diagram formation.

I was just using that as a metaphor,” the worker laughed and said.

“Think about it.

Its troublesome when you cant see well because of the dark.

In addition, theres a thick fog at night.

This means that not only will you not be able to see things two meters away, but you also cannot see your hands when you stretch your hands out, ” said the worker.

“I am not being paranoid.

Its not that bad now because the fog is thin.

But when its dark, you wont be able to see that well.

With the fog, itll be too dark that you cant even see your hand in front of you.

I am not exaggerating.”

“Therefore, although our opening and closing time doesnt match up with your filming time, you will still have to leave by 5 pm.

Even if there isnt that horrifying rumor, its really easy for accidents to happen in this kind of environment.”

Everyone hurriedly nodded..

They didnt doubt the worker at all.

The staff worker said everything.

Soon, they arrived at the filming site.

“This is the deepest part of Ghost Town.

Very few tourists would walk to this place.

I hope everything goes well with the filming,” the staff worker said with a smile.

Han Zhuofeng thanked the staff member.

The members of the production crew then set up all the equipment for filming.

Wei Wucai went to do things with the VFX team.

At this moment, Shi Xiaoya was doing Yan Zhiqings makeup.

Han Zhuofeng went to check the camera for the framing of the scene.

Xie Jiling went and checked the area around the filming location.

She looked around and said to Han Zhuofeng when she came back, “While there arent any tourists, I am going to look around in Ghost Town.

I will come back when there are more tourists.”

“Alright.” Han Zhuofeng nodded and said, “Be careful.”

Xie Jiling must have thought about something as she suddenly chuckled, nodded her head, and walked away.

Considering Xie Jilings skills and considering that it was during the day, Han Zhuofeng wasnt worried about Xie Jiling at all.

Xie Jiling must have decided to look around to check if there were really something in this ghost town.

If there were too many people, the compass could be easily affected.

Xie Jiling left the production crew and took out her compass.

She paid close attention to the compass while walking.

Finally, when she walked to a place that was foggier, the needle of the compass shook.

It shook for a second and immediately became normal.

Xie Jiling frowned.

The fog here was thicker than in other places, but it was just a little thicker.

There might not be anything here.

It could be that the magnetic field here was stronger, causing this area to be foggier and causing the compass to react.

Xie Jiling thought about it and took out a talisman from her bag.

She then took out a small shovel from her bag.

It was the kind of shovel that kids would use to play with sand.

She squatted down and started shoveling the soil.

With the toy shovel, she managed to dig a small hole.

She buried the talisman and filled the hole with dirt before leveling the ground.

With this as the starting point, she stood up and moved a few steps.

She then chose a location and buried a talisman.

If the abnormal electromagnetic waves were caused by the strange rocks, that would have been fine.

However, there existed another possibility.

The possibility that the abnormal electromagnetic waves were caused by vengeful spirits.

Vengeful spirits were frequently seen in places with thick fog.

Xie Jiling had to make this area the place with the strongest electromagnetic field.

With the talisman, she created a simple spirit-attracting formation in the area.

The vengeful auras of the vengeful spirits, the spiritual energy in the world, the energy of an exorcist, and the power of a mantra, etc.

All of these are a kind of spiritual energy.

As such, the vengeful auras of vengeful spirits could be drawn to this simple spirit attracting area formation.

This way, the spiritual energy from other much foggier places would gather here.

If a vengeful spirit existed, the vengeful spirit could then be drawn over to this area.

Xie Jiling waited patiently.

The needle on the compass trembled again.

As expected, the spiritual energy increased slightly.

She didnt even notice.

Thankfully, the compass was responsive enough.

She had fifteen minutes left until the visitors entered Ghost Town.

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