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Chapter 3455 It Couldnt Win

Xie Jiling wasnt just threatening.

The smack made the vengeful spirit feel as if its soul was becoming unstable.

Its soul almost scattered away.

The vengeful spirit knew that Xie Jiling was very powerful.

It couldnt stand firm in front of these two people.

“Stop hitting! Stop hitting! I will tell…” The vengeful spirit held its head, trying to stop Xie Jiling from smacking downward with her compass.

Suddenly, Han Zhuofeng no longer felt afraid.

Are vengeful spirits such cowards

“There is a crack in the space, so you came from another place” Xie Jiwen asked.

“Yes.” The vengeful spirit answered honestly, “I was living at the Yunlin Mountain in Tai Ling County.

However, that place, being in the middle of nowhere, has no humans.”

“Its… too slow to cultivate by myself.

And I feel hungry,” the vengeful spirit said.

Han Zhuofeng was shocked.

Vengeful spirits could feed by killing people

Obviously, the vengeful spirit had two tricks up its sleeve.

Knowing what Han Zhuofeng was thinking, Xie Jiling said, “Some exist purely for revenge.

They take revenge on people who killed them, or they take revenge on people who share commonalities with the people who had murdered them.”

“For example, a vengeful spirit that died in a car accident might take revenge on people who are speeding on that road, or it might take revenge on people who happened to drive by at its time of death.”

“Some vengeful spirits were killed by bad people.

They might take revenge on bad people with similar characteristics.

For example, those bad people might look or dress alike.”

“But they are purely taking revenge on their cause of death.

If the vengeful spirit killed someone, then the person that experienced an unjust death would either feel unfair and become a vengeful spirit, or they might be discovered by the soul reapers in time and be taken to the underworld.” Xie Jiling explained.

Han Zhuofeng easily understood Xie Jilings explanation.

“But there are vengeful spirits who would cultivate their vengeful aura.” Xie Jiling said, “The vengeful spirits that cultivate must know the cultivation methods.

However, progress would be really slow if they purely rely on such methods.”

“There is a shortcut, which is to absorb the soul of a human.

Compared to the soul of a dead person, a living soul would be more useful for cultivation.” Xie Jiling said.

“A living soul” Han Zhuofeng could guess what it meant, but he wasnt sure.

“A high-level vengeful spirit can strip a persons soul from their body.

Of course, such a high-level vengeful spirit must be at the level of the demon king.” Xie Jiling said.

If just about any vengeful spirit could do that, the world would have long become chaotic.

“Vengeful spirits at a lower level are able to scare people into a state of fake death, causing the soul to hover on the body.

When a person is in this state of fake death, which is similar to a vegetative state, their soul leaves their body, and this soul is a living soul.

The soul will have no memories of the time when it was alive and will not be able to find its body by memory.”

“But its body is still alive.

Normally, if the soul doesnt return to the body within seven days, the person actually dies.

Therefore, the living soul has seven days to save its own life.” Xie Jiling said.

“If you think about it, a living soul has more liveliness than a dead soul.

Therefore, it is more effective to use living soul in cultivation.” Xie Jiling said.

Han Zhuofeng nodded and finally understood.

“The Yunlin Mountain is a deserted location with no humans.

This vengeful spirit is unable to find any souls to help with its cultivation.

Naturally, it needed to leave the mountain areas and find other ways to do this.” Xie Jiling said, “However, Yunlin Mountain is in such a remote location that there are no humans present anywhere nearby.

Even the nearest village or county was very far away.”

“It was too afraid to travel too far away.”

Han Zhuofeng knew about it…

Because Xie Jiling had explained it to him.

Vengeful spirits had territories.

With this, Xie Jiling glared at the depressed vengeful spirit that was bound.

“Speaking of cultivation, vengeful spirits normally transform into vengeful spirits because their death was unjust and they hoped for revenge.”

“They can only harm people.

They have no idea that they can cultivate by harming others.” Xie Jiling was then reminded of the vengeful spirit that had followed He Yuliang to school.

That vengeful spirit had been instructed by people and had learned to hide its presence.

“You are not a ghost cultivator.

If you werent taught, you wouldnt know the cultivation methods.” Xie Jiling said, “In addition, ghost cultivators exist for the right reasons.

They have proper cultivation methods, and they will not cultivate by hurting people.”

Of course, similar to how there were bad people in human society…

There were ghost cultivators too eager for success.

Thus, they went astray in the path of cultivation and harmed people.

However, their aura was still different from vengeful spirits.

By the end of the day, vengeful spirits would remain vengeful spirits.

They would never become ghost cultivators.

“Not to mention that the corpse soldiers were made with actual corpses.

This is not a skill you should have.” Xie Jiling said coldly, “Who taught you that”

She was not in a rush to ask about the crack in space.

Because this matter was obviously more urgent.

In addition, even if this vengeful spirit had said nothing, Xie Jiling had deduced it herself.

There must be a crack in the space somewhere in Yunlin Mountain, and that crack was connected to this one.

This place was a tourist area, and it would be much quicker to cultivate here than in the Yunlin Mountain areas.

This was why two missing cases happened during these past few years.

It must have been because the cracks between the two spaces were unstable and wouldnt appear all the time.

If not, there would have been more than two people missing.

She could ask about the cracks in space after she had asked all the important questions.

The vengeful spirit was obviously unaware that Xie Jiling knew about these things.

It had no intention of not answering the questions.

It couldnt win against these two people anyway.

It couldnt win against even one of them, not to mention both of them.

It had said so much that it thought it should just answer everything.

However, because of what Xie Jiling said, the vengeful spirit was surprised and forgot to respond.

When it didnt answer right away, Xie Jiwen and Xie Jiling thought that it was hesitating.

Xie Jiwen then said, “Jiling, smack it one more time.

At this point in time, it is still unwilling to behave.”

Xie Jiling didnt hesitate at all.

The moment Xie Jiwen said that, Xie Jiling held her compass and smacked downward.

The vengeful spirit barely had enough time to beg Xie Jiling not to hit.

The vengeful spirit immediately felt dizzy.

The smack caused its soul to scatter a little bit more.

“Stop hitting! Stop hitting!” The vengeful spirit called out quickly.

Who had it provoked

It had been cultivating in Yunlin Mountain and barely experienced the ways of the world.

Previously, with the use of the cracks in the space, it traveled to Ghost City twice and met people.

After that, the cracks were sealed, and it could no longer travel here.

It waited for a long time, and the cracks between the space happened again.

It had just learned to control corpse soldiers and thought it could walk into Ghost Town and dominate the area.

But then, the moment it came out, it bumped into these two maleficent beings.

It couldnt win!

Was the human world really that dangerous now

The person who had taught it the cultivation method clearly said that it wouldnt even have to fear exorcists if it cultivated to a certain level.

Ordinary exorcists would be no match for it.

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