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3462 Being Shameless For Once

When he opened his eyes, he found himself wrapped in a warm blanket and Xie Jiling was in his arms.

Han Zhuofeng was really surprised.

He then remembered how he had shamelessly crawled onto her bed.

However, he also remembered that he hadnt brought his blanket over with him.

And so, he had been using the same blanket as Xie Jiling

Han Zhuofeng lowered his head and saw Xie Jiling sleeping soundly in his arms.

Xie Jiling slept with her back facing him.

Therefore, Xie Jiling couldnt have rolled into his embrace.

He must have snuck close to her while he was sleeping and hugged her.

Han Zhuofeng swallowed nervously.

Xie Jiling… doesnt know, right

Han Zhuofeng secretly supported himself.

He saw that Xie Jiling was sleeping soundly.

She was sleeping so well that her face looked red.

Han Zhuofeng then let out a sigh of relief.

It sure felt good to hold Xie Jiling.

She smelled good and felt soft.

It felt really comfortable.

No wonder he had slept so well even though he had only slept for three years.

Han Zhuofeng looked down and couldnt help but stared at Xie Jiling.

Xie Jiling looked like a good kid when she was sound asleep.

Her lips looked tender and soft, and they looked very kissable.

The moment Han Zhuofeng thought about that, he let Xie Jiling go.

How could he have such shameless thoughts!

How could he even think of kissing someone secretly!

Even if he were to kiss her, he should do it in an honest manner.

He should kiss her when she was awake.

As Han Zhuofeng thought about this, he quietly got out of bed.

He didnt dare to wash up here as he was worried about disturbing Xie Jiling.

He intended to go back to his room.

However, before he went back to his room, Han Zhuofeng couldnt help but moved to the side of the bed where Xie Jiling was sleeping.

Xie Jiling was sleeping at the edge of the bed.

Xie Jilings back had been facing Han Zhuofeng earlier, so Han Zhuofeng had only seen half of her face.

At this moment, he saw her entire face.

She was such a good kid when she was sleeping.

Han Zhuofeng really wanted to kiss her.

The first time he met her was at Lu Mans house.

At that time, Han Zhuofeng just thought she was a very straightforward little sister.

He didnt feel anything special toward her.

However, as he continued spending more time with her, his opinion of Xie Jiling being such a sweet girl grew stronger.

How could there be such a cute little girl

Han Zhuofeng scratched the tip of his nose.

He had a feeling that he would soon break the promise he made to himself.

He approached Xie Jiling nervously and held his breath.

He was worried that she might feel his breath on her face and be awoken by it.

He… he wanted to be shameless for once!

Han Zhuofeng decided to shamelessly peck Xie Jiling on the corner of her lips.

He immediately moved away.

He saw that Xie Jiling was still sound asleep.

Han Zhuofeng sighed and left.


Xie Jiling had no idea what happened in the morning.

She was too tired, hence why she was sleeping so soundly.

Han Zhuofeng and her had both been busy for half a night.

But Xie Jiling had exhausted a lot of her mental power.

Han Zhuofeng was just tired from staying up, but Xie Jiling had exhausted her mental power.

Therefore, she slept very soundly since she needed to replenish her mental power.

By the time she woke up, it was already noon.

Xie Jiling got out of bed and stretched.

After she organized her things, she checked her phone.

She then found out that He Yuliang and the others had gone to Ghost Town today.

He Yuliang and the others discovered that the ghost town was not scary at all.

The fog was gone, and the issue was resolved.

The staff members were no longer worried.

The atmosphere was relaxing.

They went inside Ghost Town and strolled around the place.

They then felt bored and came out.

Xie Jiling saw a few people talking in the group chat.

He Yuliang said, “Whats going on with Ghost Town”

Chen Xing said, “Yes.

I was going to ask Jiling to check out Ghost Town with us at night.

We dont have to do that anymore.”

Kuang Xiaorou said, “Lets visit the Danxia Scenic Area tomorrow.”

Ren Linna said, “Sure.

Just consider this a fun trip.”

Xie Jiling had organized all her things.

She ordered takeout and was waiting for it.

She didnt have anything else to do.

When she saw what they were saying in the group chat, she messaged and said, “The vengeful spirit in Ghost Town has been exorcised.

Its very safe there now.”

Feng Yaqing was shocked and asked, “When did that happen”

“Last night.” Xie Jiling said.

She didnt give any more details.

He Yuliang immediately said, “You didnt tell us you were staying last night We were supposed to follow you around and learn more things!”

The others said, “Yes, yes…”

Xie Jiling felt speechless.

Han Zhuofeng was such a coward.

But why were her classmates so brave

He Yuliang and the others felt a little disappointed that they missed out on witnessing something fun.

As such, they had no more choice but to treat this trip as a fun sightseeing trip.

Xie Jilings food was delivered.

Soon after she finished her food, the staff members of Ghost Town as well as Zhang Dingsong and Chen Dinglin both came to see her.

She didnt have a big living room, so they chatted in the living room of the villa.

Xie Jiling didnt know why the staff member of the ghost town was visiting her.

Chen Dinglin smiled and explained, “Initially, Ghost Town hired us to solve their issue.

However, my elder martial brother and I didnt help with anything.

We only watched the show.”

“This meant that we did not actually complete the task assigned to us.

And so, we cant take the commission money.

My elder brother and I thought that it would be more suitable for you and Mr.

Xie to accept this commission money.”

“Exorcists care about karma.

Since we werent the ones who caused this, we cant be the ones to accept the result.

This commission money should be yours.” Chen Dinglin said.

Xie Jiling nodded.

She had accepted Han Zhuofengs commission and came with him to see if Ta Town was a dangerous place.

She had come here for this reason, and the result was that she did detect danger.

When she exorcised the ghost, she initiated a cause, and the result was the commission money that Chen Dinglin and Zhang Dingsong had earned being given to her and Xie Jiwen.

And so, Xie Jiling didnt say no.

She accepted the commission money in a gracious manner.

She gave half to Xie Jiwen.

The staff members didnt expect this issue to be resolved and that they would never have to worry about the Ghost Town being a dangerous place anymore.

The staff members of Ghost Town let out a sigh of relief.

After all, they had to check around Ghost Town before closing time every day, and they had always been worried that they might not make it out in time.

And now, they wouldnt have to worry about that in the future.

The staff members of Ghost Town felt relaxed as they made their way out.

However, Zhang Dingsong and Chen Dinglin didnt leave.

Zhang Dingsong said to Xie Jiling, “Lady Xie, do you think its convenient for us to get your contact information We will have more questions to ask you.

And if we encounter any vengeful spirits we cant exorcise, can we ask you for help”

Xie Jiling thought to herself.

‘These people are truly Luo Dingzhens martial brothers.

They said the same thing as Luo Dingzhen.

Luo Dingzhen had said those words to her before.

Xie Jiling, being a very generous person, wasnt someone who would keep secrets.

And so, she agreed without any hesitation.

They added each other on WeChat.

Then, Zhang Dingsong and Chen Dinglin left with joy.


During the remaining time here, Han Zhuofengs shooting went smoothly.

When the vacation ended, Xie Jiling and her classmates went back to B City.

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