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3470 When Did You Guys Become So Brave

However, Xie Jiling soon laughed.

Because she had thought of the solution.

Xie Jiling said, “I refuse to answer.”

Yu Yuexin and Li Yisi had a moment of realization.


If Xie Jiling couldnt figure out which was the wrong answer…

She could just refuse to answer.

If she chose the truth and refused to give an answer…

No matter what, the system would decide that she failed the game of truth.

As expected, the moment after Xie Jiling said that…

A system notification appeared.

[The game ended.

Number 4 had failed the game of truth.

The system has decided that number 4 shall die within the next 24 hours]

Number four was Xie Jiling.

“This notification… Are you… actually going to die” Although the three people who joined the game for the first time had heard Xie Jiling mention this…

But they had never experienced it.

Upon seeing this notification, they felt creeped out.

“You dont have to worry.

It will only come for me,” Xie Jiling said calmly, “I am curious to see what this thing is.”

“If the system notifies you that you would die if you didnt share this game with someone after you leave this game, just ignore it first.

Let me know first if you get that notification,” Xie Jiling said.

“How do we find you” someone asked.

Xie Jiling sent her WeChat number and said, “Add me on WeChat.

Keep this in mind.

If you receive the notification to share this with someone, dont do it.”

Xie Jiling didnt know when they might receive a notification after leaving the game.

She was worried that the three would receive the system notification before she exorcised this thing.

She was worried that they would panic and share this game with someone else.

“Alright.” The three agreed.

After they left the game, Xie Jiling received a friend request from all three of them.

Xie Jiling accepted their friend requests.

Then, she heard Li Yisi ask, “What… are you going to do next”

“Wait.” Xie Jiling said, “We were lucky that the system had only disqualified me.

You and the others are fine.”

“So, I am going to wait and see what exactly is coming for my life,” Xie Jiling said.

“Before that happens, you all will be fine.

We can at least relax before then.” Xie Jiling said in a carefree manner.

Even so, the two couldnt relax.

This temporarily gave them some time to take a break.

At least they wouldnt have to be prompted by the system notification.

But as long as Xie Jiling didnt resolve this issue, they would never feel completely at ease.

When Xie Jiling stood up, Yu Yuexin immediately asked, “Where are you going”

“Im going back to campus.” Xie Jiling said, “I just have to wait for whatever will appear.

Of course, Im going back to wait.”

Seeing this, Yu Yuexin and Li Yisi realized that Xie Jiling really wasnt worried.

She didnt seem scared at all.

She was very calm.

Seeing Xie Jilings current demeanor, the two felt more at ease.

“Im coming with you!” Yu Yuexin hastily followed.

She only felt safe if she left with Xie Jiling.

Li Yisi would be fine.

But as she watched Xie Jiling walk away, she no longer felt safe.


Im coming with you, too” Li Yisi said.

Yu Yuexin then said, “Arent you going back to the campus dorm”

Li Yisi shook her head and said, “I want to follow Xie Jiling.”

“We dont have a place for you to crash even if you came with us,” Xie Jiling said.

They all lived in a dorm.

They could bring Li Yisi along, but they wouldnt have an extra bed for her.

If they were certain that it would happen by today…

However, the system had said that it would be within 24 hours, which meant that it could happen tomorrow too.

Since they werent sure of the exact time, they couldnt let Li Yisi suffer, right

Yu Yuexin thought about it.

Although she was from the same school as Xie Jiling, she wasnt in the same dormitory building as Xie Jiling.

Every major has a different dormitory building.

Even if she went back with Xie Jiling, she couldnt crowd Xie Jilings dorm room, right

Yu Yuexin then said, “Why dont we stay in a hotel The system said that it would happen within the next 24 hours, but it didnt specify the exact time.

If we really wait in the dorm room, theres no knowing how long we will have to wait.

We might as well just wait in a hotel room.”

“Fine by me.” Xie Jiling nodded.

“Lets all go to a hotel.

We will stay in the hotel today.

If nothing happens after tonight, I will ask for a day off tomorrow.”

Yu Yuexin and Li Yisi sincerely expressed their gratitude.

So, the three went and booked a room at a hotel.

They didnt go to a really good hotel.

They just went to a chain express hotel and asked for a normal twin room.

Yu Yuexin and Li Yisi were not in the mood to rest.

They were worried that if they closed their eyes, they would somehow die in their sleep.

They wouldnt even get a chance to ask for help.

After checking into the room, Xie Jiling had nothing to do so she checked her WeChat.

She saw that Ren Linna and the other two were being really curious in their dorm group chat about the situation with Yu Yuexin.

Even if Xie Jiling wasnt around, Ren Linna and the others were able to have a good chat.

And when Xie Jiling appeared, Ren Linna and the other two rushed to ask Xie Jiling what had happened.

Xie Jiling thought about it.

She then asked Yu Yuexin and Li Yisi, “My roommates want to know about the whole story.

Can I tell them”

It wasnt something that couldnt be told.

Yu Yuexin and Li Yisi were so nervous that they couldnt think of anything else.

It would be nice to talk about it and have more people worry about it and brainstorm solutions.

After getting permission from Yu Yuexin and Li Yisi, Xie Jiling briefly updated Ren Linna and the others on what had happened.

She just briefly explained it, but Ren Linna and the others still felt goosebumps.

“And you all are waiting now” Ren Linna asked.


We will wait no later than this time tomorrow,” Xie Jiling said.

“Can we visit you” Kuang Xiaorou immediately asked.

“…” Xie Jiling became silent for a moment.

She then asked, “When did you all become so brave”

“Were still cowards.

But if youre there, we wont be scared.” Feng Yaqing said, “If youre there, we can learn more things.

We have the protection talisman anyway, so we arent scared.”

“By the way, this is the perfect timing.

You all havent eaten, right We can bring some food over,” Ren Linna said.

Xie Jiling thought about it and found it fine.

She then asked Yu Yuexin and the others.

They were fine with it.

It just so happened that they were also hungry.

They were too nervous earlier and couldnt bother to eat.

When Ren Linna heard that they could visit Xie Jiling, they immediately packed up their things and left the school.

They even asked Xie Jiling what they wanted to eat.

Yu Yuexin and Li Yisi were not in the mood to eat, so they said whatever.

As for Xie Jiling, she wasnt stressed like Yu Yuexin and Li Yisi.

She asked for the three-juice stew pot, yellow stewed chicken, and spicy mix near the school.

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