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3476 As Handsome As Our Zhuofeng

“No.” Xie Jiling shook her head like a well-behaved kid.

“When you called me, I had just gotten out of class.

I dont have any more classes in the afternoon.”

“Thats good.

Thats good.” Old Mrs.

Han appeared to let out a sigh of relief.

She did a good job acting as if she were truly relieved.

“Then…” Xie Jiling wanted to ask if she could start checking the house.

But then, it seemed that Old Mrs.

Han wasnt in a rush at all as she asked, “By the way, since youre already nineteen, do you have a boyfriend”

Old Mrs.

Han asked in a tentative manner, “There are many excellent young men in the University of B City.”

“…” For some reason, Xie Jiling felt as though she was meeting the parent of her boyfriend.

Did this discussion require such details

“No…” Xie Jiling replied.

“Not yet Is anyone courting you You are very pretty and well-behaved.

Many guys definitely have a crush on you,” Old Mrs.

Han asked.

Old Mrs.

Han was clearly trying her best to clear the tracks for Han Zhuofeng.

“No.” Xie Jiling knew why no one dared to have a crush on her.

“No” responded Old Mrs.


Xie Jiling had no idea why Old Mrs.

Han seemed really happy to hear that answer.

Why would Old Mrs.

Han be happy that no one liked her

“They dont have a sense of taste!” Old Mrs.

Han immediately complained.

After hearing that no one was courting Xie Jiling and that she was single…

Old Mrs.

Han felt a sense of relief.

She was finally in the mood to judge those people for not having a sense of taste in women.

So what if they got into the University of B City and excelled academically

Unfortunately, they lacked the taste for women!

However, Old Mrs.

Han remembered a question.

“Do you have anyone you like”

For some reason, Han Zhuofengs dumb and cowardly face appeared in Xie Jilings mind again.

Xie Jiling immediately felt horrible.

She actually thought about Han Zhuofeng when she was right in front of Han Zhuofengs grandma.

Xie Jiling couldnt answer Old Mrs.

Hans question.

However, she didnt know how to lie, so she revealed an ashamed smile and started blushing.

Old Mrs.

Han was shocked.

“You have a crush on someone”

“I… I dont know…” Xie Jiling mumbled.

“Who” Old Mrs.

Han asked quickly.

She was worried that Xie Jiling would be taken by some other guy without her knowing it.

Xie Jiling was too embarrassed to tell Old Mrs.

Han that the person she might like was her grandson.

And now, Xie Jiling could no longer deny it.

It happened when she played the game of Truth or Dare.

It happened this time as well.

In both situations, she was asked if she had someone she liked.

And in both situations, the first person who appeared in her mind was Han Zhuofeng.

The first time might be an accident, but the second time showed otherwise.

Xie Jiling had no choice but to confront this issue.

She thought that it was weird as well.

Han Zhuofeng would ask her to protect him and hide beside her.

Was she too protective

How did she fall for him while she was the one protecting him

Xie Jiling still hadnt figured the specifics out, so she didnt dare to say it out loud.

But Old Mrs.

Han was clearly not going to let this go easily.

Xie Jiling shrunk as if she were a quail as she muttered, “I… Im not sure.

I need to think about it.”

Old Mrs.

Han was horrified!

“Whose kid is it Whats his name What does he look like Is he handsome How old is he Is he a student Did he graduate If he graduated, what is his field Are you sure of your feelings for him Or are you unsure if he likes you or not Or does he even like you at all”

Old Mrs.

Han started bombarding Xie Jiling with questions.

Xie Jiling couldnt respond to all those questions.

Her parents had never asked her for such details when she had been home.

Finally, Old Mrs.

Han revealed her true intention.

“Is he as good-looking as our Zhuofeng”

The expression on Xie Jilings face was indescribable.

How could she compare

She couldnt do this comparison.

Because they were the same person!

“You saw our Zhuofeng when you attended Xiaoyas wedding, right” Old Mrs.

Han continued attacking Xie Jiling with questions.

Since Xie Jiling was still uncertain of her feelings toward whoever that guy was…

There was still a chance that the guy had a bad taste in women and didnt actually like Xie Jiling.

Old Mrs.

Han thought that she should work harder to promote her grandson.

Xie Jiling nodded and said, “Actually, I met him after the wedding as well.

I went to check his filming site.”



Yes.” Old Mrs.

Han nodded repeatedly and said, “Look at our Zhuofeng.

He is young and ambitious.

He is good-looking as well, and he works very hard and strives to be successful.”

Xie Jiling nodded and agreed.

“And so, our Zhuofeng should be used as your standards in choosing a partner.

If that person is not as excellent as our Zhuofeng, you shouldnt take that person into consideration.

He must be as good-looking and as hardworking as our Zhuofeng,” Old Mrs.

Han added.

Xie Jiling nodded in a well-behaved manner.

That person did match the standard set using Han Zhuofeng as the example.

Because they were the same person…

The more Old Mrs.

Han looked at Xie Jiling, the more she found herself liking Xie Jiling.

This little girl was so well-behaved.

The more she liked her, the more the urge not to let her go surged inside her!

When Old Mrs.

Han stopped talking, Xie Jiling took the chance and quickly said, “Old Mrs.

Han, can I check the house now”


Sure,” Old Mrs.

Han said, “But since you are Zhuofengs friend.

Dont act like an outsider.

Just call me Grandma.”

Xie Jiling blinked.

She had told Old Mrs.

Han that she was Lu Man and Shi Xiaoyas friend.

She had never mentioned that she was Han Zhuofengs friend.

But for some reason, Old Mrs.

Han had completely forgotten about her two granddaughters-in-law.

She instantly became Han Zhuofengs good friend

Of course, she was indeed Han Zhuofengs friend.

However, Old Mrs.

Han shouldnt know about that.

Old Mrs.

Han had completely confused Xie Jilings naive mind.

At this moment, Butler Wang walked over after Old Mrs.

Han communicated with him using her eyes.

“Miss Xie, please come with me.

You can go anywhere.

If you are confused about anything or if you have any questions, you can ask me.” Butler Wang said as he followed behind Xie Jiling.

“Alright.” Xie Jiling nodded and started looking around.

Old Mrs.

Han then took this opportunity and gave Han Zhuofeng a call.

Han Zhuofeng was directing his movie.

He saw that it was a call from Old Mrs.

Han, but he couldnt answer the call at that moment.

As such, he declined the call.

When the scene was done, Han Zhuofeng didnt wait and immediately called Old Mrs.

Han back.

Old Mrs.

Han was holding onto her phone.

When Han Zhuofeng called her, Old Mrs.

Han instantly answered the phone.

“Grandma.” Han Zhuofeng greeted, “I was filming.

It wasnt convenient for me to answer the phone.”

“Are you done filming” Old Mrs.

Han asked.

“I just finished filming one scene.” Han Zhuofeng said, “Why did you call”

Old Mrs.

Han looked around and made sure that Xie Jiling was away.

Old Mrs.

Han then said to Han Zhuofeng, “I called Jiling over to check our house to see if there is anything abnormal here.”

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