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3480 His Fault

When Han Linzhe saw this, he decided that he absolutely couldnt admit defeat.

He immediately stretched his chubby hand out and did a few grabbing motions, attempting to make his presence stronger in front of his grandma.

Old Mrs.

Han love both her grandson and granddaughter.

How could Old Mrs.

Han bear to ignore Han Linzhe

She quickly stretched her other hand out and held Han Linzhes hand while the other hand held Han Linxuns hand.

Old Mr.

Han had gone fishing with people in the afternoon, and he hadnt come back yet.

At this moment, he came back in a leisurely manner.

He was carrying the bag containing his fishing equipment with one hand and a bucket with the other hand.

In the bucket, there were two fish slightly shorter than the arm of a human.

This was his todays harvest.

When Old Mr.

Han stepped in the door, he didnt expect to see the kids.

“Eh Were the kids supposed to come today Did I forget” Old Mr.

Han asked Old Mrs.

Han, thinking that his memory had gotten worse.

Old Mrs.

Han then said, “The kids suddenly decided to come by.

Go and change first.

Youre very sweaty.”

Old Mr.

Han then gave the bag of fishing equipment and the fish to Butler Wang.

Old Mrs.

Han then went back to the bedroom with Old Mr.

Han and took this opportunity to tell Old Mr.

Han about Xie Jiling.

“Zhuofeng really likes Jiling.

When he heard about her visit, he came home in a hurry,” Old Mrs.

Han started laughing.

She couldnt help it.

She was too happy.

Old Mr.

Han was very happy as well.

“Well done, Zhuofeng! Hes much better than his two older brothers!”

“Indeed!” Old Mrs.

Han nodded in agreement.

“He might seem very energetic and heartless, as if he doesnt know how to pursue love, but I didnt expect him to be so capable.”

“Considering this, I have to try my best to help him.

This kid is very capable!” Old Mrs.

Han praised.

Old Mr.

Han advised, “Slow down.

Dont scare the little girl away.”

Old Mrs.

Han cleared her throat and said, “Dont worry.

I know not to cross the line.”

After Old Mr.

Han was done tidying himself up, the two went back to the living room.

Shi Xiaoya, Yan Zhiqing, and Xie Jiling were all more familiar with each other, and they had already started chatting.

The two intentionally left out the seat beside Xie Jiling for Han Zhuofeng.

Han Zhuofeng gestured with his eyes, asking Yan Zhiqing and Shi Xiaoya to help him get some answers.

Yan Zhiqing then asked in a straightforward manner, “Jiling, do you have anyone you like”

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.


He wanted answers, but did she have to be this straightforward

No matter how simple-minded Xie Jiling was, she would surely know that something was wrong.

Why were so many people asking her whether she liked someone or not

However, Xie Jiling herself felt more awkward than when she was answering Old Mrs.

Hans questions.

If Yan Zhiqing and Shi Xiaoya were the only ones here, Xie Jiling would have told them.

But Han Zhuofeng, the person on her mind, was currently present.

Xie Jiling felt too embarrassed to say anything.

Even if she didnt tell who she liked, she felt too embarrassed to just say it out loud.

Xie Jiling was a very straightforward person.

She didnt know how to lie, and she didnt know how to beat around the bush.

She had no choice but to say, “Sis Xiaoya and Sis Zhiqing, can we find another time and talk about it with just the three of us”

Shi Xiaoya said in a surprised and thrilled tone, “Besties gathering”


Xie Jiling thought about it and nodded.


Besties gathering.”

Han Zhuofeng was worried.

He felt horrible.

He couldnt go to a besties gathering.

Han Zhuofeng then desperately gestured toward Shi Xiaoya with his eyes.

He decided not to count on Yan Zhiqing.

Yan Zhiqings emotional intelligence was not much better either.

How could he have forgotten

If Yan Zhiqing had high emotional intelligence, she wouldnt have thought that Wei Wucai was gay.

He had trusted the wrong person.

Thankfully, Shi Xiaoya was still reliable.

Shi Xiaoya gave Xie Jiling a piece of beef jerky, and Xie Jiling liked the taste of it.

While Xie Jiling was eating happily, Shi Xiaoya asked, “Jiling, I have known you for a long time, but I havent asked you this before.

What type of boys do you like”

Han Zhuofeng nodded at the side.

He even gestured at Yan Zhiqing with his eyes, trying to convey…


My sister-in-law was more reliable.

Yan Zhiqing pouted.

If Han Zhuofeng thought she was unreliable, then he shouldnt have asked her for help.

Stupid thing.

I will beat you up!

Xie Jiling couldnt help but glance over at Han Zhuofeng at the side.

However, Shi Xiaoya noticed this secretive movement of hers.

Then, she heard Xie Jiling say, “Just… someone who doesnt mind that I am an exorcist and doesnt care if theres a chance that something scary might appear beside him.”

“Most importantly, he has to trust me,” Xie Jiling said.

“Actually, its okay to say that he doesnt trust me or if he doesnt like my job.

But if he shows those two characteristics, I wont take him into consideration at all.”

“The thing that scares me the most is that he might say he doesnt mind it in the beginning but then tells me that he does mind it after we have started dating for a while,” Xie Jiling said in a sad tone.

“If there arent deep feelings, it might not hurt as much.

But if the feelings have grown strong and he backs out suddenly, that would hurt a lot.”

Xie Jiling would never seek death because of matters concerning relationships.

She would never think that the sky would fall if she lost a relationship.

She would never think that she would die without someone.

She wasnt like that.

But she would still feel sad.

She hated the feeling of sadness.

Xie Jiling was never petty, and she would never hold a grudge.

She would never be mad at anyone.

Because, in her opinion, these things would affect her mood.

Things that affected her mood were bad.

“If that happens a couple of times, I might stop believing in any men.”

Without a second thought, Han Zhuofeng said abruptly, “Breaking their promise.

They are treating the promise they made as farts.

Hes scum! That would be his fault! Why would you be scared of getting into a relationship You shouldnt punish yourself because of mistakes made by other people!”

Xie Jiling was taken aback by this.

“You… calm down.”

Why would he be so agitated when she was just talking about her life

Han Zhuofeng lowered his tone and said, “I just think that men like that are scumbags.

Its not your fault.

Its his fault.”

“If he cant do it, why would he make that promise If he cant even keep his promise.

This means his love for you wasnt real.

He broke his promise later on because he never had faith in himself since the beginning.”

“He probably wasnt sure how long he can last when he made that promise, so he came up with all sorts of reasons, but those reasons are just excuses.

He already planned everything beforehand and had prepared those reasons when he fails to persevere.”

“Even so, I cant decide if he was being genuine when he promised me,” Xie Jiling whispered.

Han Zhuofeng froze.

He was being genuine.

But would Xie Jiling believe him

He suddenly regretted saying these things.

Would Xie Jiling also think that he wasnt being serious when it was time for him to make a promise to her

Would Xie Jiling expect them to break up

Would Xie Jiling not trust his promise

Shi Xiaoya hesitated and asked slowly, “Jiling, did… someone hurt you in the past”

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