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Wasnt it because Lu Man was scared that the Old Madam would not like her, she did not dare to overstep her boundaries

But since the Old Madam herself mentioned it, Lu Mans reacted very quickly.


The Old Madam was so happy that she smiled till her eyes narrowed into crescents.

“Thats more like it.”

“Grandma, Auntie, what do you both want to eat in the afternoon” Lu Man asked.

Knowing Lu Mans current situation, Shen Nuo was embarrassed to let Lu Man treat them.

Although it was not that she would need to spend a lot of money on lunch, as long as it involved Lu Man spending money, for some reason, she felt her heart ache, what was going on

She did not know if the Old Madam was on the same wavelength as her, but anyway, she heard Old Madam Han say, “The food outside is only so-so, its better to eat some home-cooked food.

At that time, in South Yunnan, didnt you say that if theres a chance, you would personally cook for us Why not do it today”

“Today” Lu Man was shocked.

The Old Madam continued with her fiery temperament and dragged on Lu Man with her left hand and Shen Nuo with her right hand as she walked towards the car park of the shopping mall.

“Yes, lets just go to your house, and you can cook.”

Lu Man was fine with it, but Xia Qingwei was still at home.

Upon giving it some thought, she felt that Xia Qingwei was always alone at home, and now that the Old Madam and Shen Nuo would be coming, Xia Qingwei could chat with them, so it was quite good.

Therefore, Lu Man readily sat in the Old Madam and Shen Nuos car, and the driver drove them to her house.

Because Xia Qingwei was always at home, usually it would be Xia Qingwei who would go to the market to buy vegetables and the ingredients.

Thus the inventory at home was always ready and never lacked anything.

The car stopped below Lu Mans house, and Lu Man brought the two to go up together.

The place where Xia Qingwei and Lu Man lived was an old building and did not have an elevator.

Fortunately, when Xia Qingwei had bought the house, she did consider that and the level she bought wasnt too high; it was on the fourth floor, but the Old Madam was already panting a bit.

To have Xia Qingwei mentally prepared, on the way there, Lu Man had given Xia Qingwei a call, saying that she would be bringing along two elders for lunch at their home.

When Xia Qingwei hung up, she still found it strange, how did Lu Man get to know two elders

Upon hearing the doorbell ring, Xia Qingwei quickly went to open the door and saw that behind Lu Man stood the Old Madam and Shen Nuo.

Especially the Old Madam, she could also be her elder.

Xia Qingwei was stunned for a while, then hurriedly smiled and said, “Quickly come in.”

Lu Man had the Old Madam and Shen Nuo go in first, and she was the last to enter.

After changing her shoes, she told Xia Qingwei, “When I was filming in South Yunnan, I met Grandma and Auntie, I did not think that today, when I went to buy clothes, I would meet them.

In South Yunnan, I praised my cooking skills before, and today when I met Grandma, I decided to just invite them home, Ill cook today.”

By this time, Xia Qingwei had already prepared a bowl of fruit, and asked the Old Madam and Shen Nuo to take a seat.

“How should I address the two of you”

Unlike Lu Man who was so cunning, Xia Qingwei was asking casually.

“My surname is Zhou,” The Old Madam said, “This is my daughter-in-law, her surname is Shen.”

Xia Qingwei did not think about the Han Family at all.

Smiling, she called the Old Madam as “Auntie Zhou”.

When the Old Madam heard it, she was elated; she had not heard people call her that in a very long time.

Those who knew her, even if they were around the same age as Shen Nuo, would all have to call her as Old Madam Han.

Now that she was hearing Xia Qingwei call her “Auntie Zhou”, she felt that it was very sincere.

Although Shen Nuo looked young, the truth was that she was older than Xia Qingwei by five years, and thus Xia Qingwei called her “Older Sister Shen”.

Lu Man let the three of them chat in the hall, and she was at ease as she went to the kitchen to prepare lunch.

Actually, the Old Madam had suggested going to Lu Mans house for lunch because she wanted to come to meet Xia Qingwei.


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