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However, Wang Juhuai wasnt as shameless as her.

He awkwardly nodded.

“I understand.”

After sending Han Zhuoli off, Wang Juhuais face darkened.

“I didnt tell you that Han Zhuoli was coming over today.

How did you know about it”

“Uncle, why didnt you tell me that Han Zhuoli was coming over” Wang Qianyun still had the cheek to complain.

“You asked why Do you really think anything can come out of you shamelessly and relentlessly sucking up to Han Zhuoli Stop embarrassing me,” Wang Juhuai said, completely fed up of her behavior.

His and Han Xijins friendship was very pure and not for benefits.

He didnt want that because of Wang Qianyun, they would fall out and couldnt even stay as friends anymore.

Today, Han Zhuoli was already very unhappy.

In the past, Han Xijin, too, didnt really like Wang Qianyun and her family.

However, Wang Jugu was his younger brother and Wang Qianyun was his niece.

What could he do about that

Eventually, he could only hide the news whenever Han Xijin and Han Zhuoli came to visit.

Yet, who knew that his younger brothers family was stubborn and shameless to this extent!

They even thought of ways to find out news about him.

“Wei Zhong!” Wang Juhuai shouted loudly in anger.

Right then, a middle-aged housekeeper walked over.


“Find out for me who leaked out information from my home, and fire that person! Also, warn them all seriously to remember exactly who is their employer.

Whoever still dares to inform others about what happens in this household, they will have to get out of here!” Wang Juhuai said furiously.

“Yes.” Wei Zhong turned around and went to investigate.

After that, Wang Juhuai said to Wang Qianyun, “Even if you find a different way to find out when Han Zhuoli will visit next, if you come without my invitation, dont blame me for locking you outside and embarrassing you!”

With Han Zhuoli not around, Wang Qianyun couldnt care less and recklessly changed her expression.

“Uncle, why wont you help me Im not even asking you to do anything for me.

All Im asking is to let me come too when Han Zhuoli visits and help me create some opportunities.

You dont even have to do anything.

You just need to stay silent at the side and not interfere or stop me.

Cant you even do something like this”

“I cant!” Wang Juhuai replied coldly.

“Why not” Wang Qianyun said unhappily.

“Because Im not that shameless!” Wang Juhuai said sarcastically.

Wang Qianyun face flushed red.

Wang Juhuai was scolding her for being shameless, wasnt he!

“Help you Have I not helped you at all before Back then, your parents kept bringing you along, stubbornly and shamelessly visiting me.

Do you think that the Hans cant tell what all of you were up to Its only because they still treat me as a friend and didnt want to embarrass me or make me feel uncomfortable.

On the other hand, because you are my family, I thought perhaps I should just let you have a chance.

Despite knowing that theyre unhappy about it, I still shamelessly gave you a chance.

Yet in the end Han Zhuoli still doesnt like you!”

Wang Juhuais anger turned into mocking laughter.

“If he liked you, he would have gotten together with you long ago.

Do you think that Han Zhuoli is someone who is wishy-washy and drags things out Or do you think that this is some movie or novel, that he has some bitter untold secret emotionally thats holding him back Stop fooling around, he just doesnt like you! He would rather stay single for thirty years than like you.”

“Shut up!” Wang Qianyun roared, “Maybe Han Zhuoli really doesnt like me, but he doesnt like anyone else either.

As long as he doesnt like someone else, Ill stand a chance!”

“Haha,” Wang Juhuai snickered at her.

“Just now, Han Zhuoli has already said it loud and clear, do you still think that you stand any chance You should at least have a limit to how much you are lying to yourself! If he even had any little interest in you, he wouldnt directly voice out how sick of you he has been just now.”

“Yes, extremely sick of your disgusting behavior, did you know that Hes sick of you!” Wang Juhuai roared, “Wang Qianyun, stop raising your voice and shouting at me here! Dont forget who gave you everything that you have right now! I can tolerate your family using me to achieve some of your motives, but I cant tolerate them all infinitely! Why do you think you got into Maxus Dont think that I dont know that you used my name and Maxus thought that hiring you meant that they have successfully tied me down, and so they let you into their company.

In the end, look at you.

After so long, you have forgotten the truth following you from the start.

You really think that you are so impressive”


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