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On the other hand, Lu Man was extremely embarrassed, and upon seeing Han Zhuolis happy look, she could not help but secretly pinch Han Zhuolis waist to get him to hold himself back a bit and not overdo things.

Han Zhuoli did not avoid it and just let her pinch him.

But he did not expect that because of Lu Mans anxiety, her strength would be quite big, and she pinched till Han Zhuolis mouth could not help but twitch.

Looking at Lu Man in amusement, he decided that later on once he gets the chance to be alone with Lu Man, she would definitely have to suffer!

Xia Qingwei saw their secretive interactions and chased them away with a smile on her face.

“Go, go.

Youve already dropped me here, theres no need to worry about me anymore.”

Scared that Lu Man would not agree, Han Zhuoli hurriedly grabbed Lu Mans hand and told Xia Qingwei.

“Then well take leave first.”

“Go, go,” Xia Qingwei smiled and sent them off.

Han Zhuoli pulled Lu Man out of the door, and as they climbed down the stairs, Lu Man kept nagging at him.

“When you came back, you didnt even have the chance to rest, and you havent gotten over your jet lag, isnt it good to go back home early to rest”

If they wanted to meet, they could meet tomorrow too.

It was just that her heart ached for Han Zhuoli, who was probably too tired, even though she also really missed him.

“You go back first—”

Lu Man had yet to finish speaking when she was lifted up by Han Zhuoli, and his strong hands supporting Lu Mans back as his hot, moist lips accurately found Lu Mans lips in the dark stairway.

At that moment, how could Lu Man still remember what she was going to say just now, she was being kissed so fervently by him that she could not was about to lose her sanity.

“Let me go back myself, you anyway dont miss me, right” Han Zhuoli tightened his hold on Lu Mans waist, and his tone was one of feeling wronged and complaining.

Honestly, he missed her so much and thus rushed back and as soon as he got off the plane he instantly came to see her.

“…” Lu Mans hands tightly grabbed his shoulders.

“I miss you, but my heart aches for you because youve not rested at all.”

In the dark, she heard Han Zhuoli laugh lightly.

“I already slept on the plane.”

Because the journey was too long, Han Zhuoli had directly taken his private plane over, and so he had relaxed quite well.

As he said that, Han Zhuoli put her down.

When Lu Mans legs finally got placed on the staircase, she wobbled as her knees went weak, needing Han Zhuoli to quickly support and pull her back.

He lowered his voice and laughed.

“How can you be so like clumsy”

Lu Man secretly glared at him in the dark.

In response, Han Zhuoli pinched her waist.

“Dont think that I didnt see you glaring at me.”

Without waiting for Lu Man to say anything further, Han Zhuoli hoisted her up in his arms, carrying her like a little child as he had Lu Man sit on his arm.

This position made Lu Man extremely scared, especially worried that she would far backwards, and her two hands could only tightly wrap around Han Zhuolis neck.

In the end, her actions made Han Zhuolis face almost rest on her chest.

Thankfully right now, the stairway was extremely dark, and even if Lu Mans whole body was on fire and her face extremely red, at least Han Zhouli not being able to see her flustered state made her more relaxed.

But very soon, Lu Man felt that she had been happy too early.

Han Zhuoli carried her down the stairs, and after walking a few steps, suddenly his face turned to face her and he buried his whole face into her chest.

The stairway was extremely quiet, and the only audible sound was of two people breathing and Han Zhuolis footsteps.

Lu Man seemed to hear Han Zhuolis breathing when his face was buried in her chest.

Her face instantly turned red and she instinctively held her breath.

She was messed around with Han Zhuoli till her chest was hot, and a fire was burning in her chest that now seemed to be coursing through her whole body, and she felt her herself become dumbstruck.

Her hands tightly held onto Han Zhuolis shoulders as she trembled a lot and did not dare to breathe either.


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