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With each breath, her chest heaved up, then…

She did not even dare to imagine it!

Only after taking a deep breath did Han Zhuoli turn his head back to look at Lu Man again.

Lu Mans chest was already burning hot, and when he walked out of the doorway and they came outside, Lu Man hurriedly said, “Quickly put me down.”

Although it was already night-time, it was hard to say that no one would pass by.

If someone came, how embarrassing would it be to be seen like that!

“Then can you stand properly now” Han Zhuoli raised his head, and asked in a low voice.

This was the first time she was looking at him while lowering head from such a high position.

Even from the angle of a raised head, Han Zhuolis handsome face was still so good looking, and did not show any flaws at all, it was really a flawless handsome face without any bad angle.

People say that when moonlight shines on a person he looks extremely good-looking, and at this moment, seeing Han Zhuoli under the moonlight left Lu Mans dumbstruck.

Han Zhuoli saw Lu Man was staring at him dumbstruck, and he did not remind her either, enjoying how she mesmerized and captivated she was with his looks.

Seeing how the little girl liked him so much, he was reassured.

There was quite a big age difference between them and he had no way of making up for that, and thus he could only rely on his handsome, charming looks.

Han Zhuoli did not find it heavy carrying her and was carrying her very steadily.

The edges of his mouth curved into a slight smile, and under the moonlight, his dark eyes shone like stars.

If it was someone else who kept getting stared at by one person, they would long have become embarrassed.

But Han Zhuoli was not an ordinary person, while Lu Man kept staring at him, and he too happened to be looking at Lu Man, no matter how much he looked, it was not enough.

In the end, he could not control himself, and closed his lips on hers again, kissing Lu Man till she returned to her senses, and then her brain had a loud explosion and she finally realized that she had kept staring at him all this while!

This was practically… like a lovestruck girl!

Lu Man was very frustrated, it was too embarrassing!

It was all this mans fault, everyone admired a charming, handsome prince under the moonlight, this man was one!

At this moment, although Han Zhuoli knew that it was time to stop and he did not continue gloating, but could not help but kiss her lips proudly.

“I can stand properly now, put me down,” Lu Man hurriedly said, she did not want to be embarrassed anymore.

Finally, Han Zhuoli let her go, and her legs stepped on the ground steadily.

Under the moonlight, Lu Mans flushed red face was highlighted and as the blush reached the tips of her ears she quickly walked forwards with her head lowered.

Just as she passed by Han Zhuoli, her hand was grabbed by him.

“Wait for me!”

Lu Mans palm heated up, but she did not pull her hand away.

The two of them walked towards Han Zhuolis car and chivalrously Han Zhuoli then opened the door for Lu Man and guided her in.

“If I dont spend some time with you properly, then even if I go back, I wont be able to rest well.” That sentence cut off Lu Mans thoughts of having him go back home and rest alone.

When Lu Man sat into the car, only then did she realize the door Han Zhuoli opened for her was the backseat!

This man, he did not have any good intentions!

Lu Man looked down on herself in her heart, normally she was quite smart, but why was it that whenever she faced Han Zhuoli, she would become dumb!

Meanwhile, Han Zhuoli had already seated himself inside and had closed the car door to stop the cold wind blowing outside to flow into the car.

Originally, when there was just Lu Man in the backseat, there was still a lot of space in the car, but as soon as Han Zhuoli came in, it instantly turned extremely crowded.

Han Zhuolis movements were well-practiced as he pulled Lu Man into his embrace, “Ill ask you again, have you missed me”

His lips were so close to hers such that when he spoke, they seemed to rub against her lips and face, and his minty breath blew on her cheek, making Lu Man feel ablaze on fire all over again with her heart beating rapidly.

“Have you missed me” Han Zhuoli asked once again.

“I missed you.” Lu Mans eyelashes fluttered, and she was too embarrassed to look at him.

She could feel his lips brushing past her cheeks and lips, sometimes giving her a small peck on the lips and the next moment pecking on her cheeks, and now her face also had his scent.


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