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“Thats right,” Lu Man sighed.

Outsiders often thought that Han Zhuoli was impressive and talented, but who would know that actually, everyone had their own difficulties.

After breakfast, Lu Man headed out to buy clothes for Han Zhuoli.

She also bought two sets of sleepwear to keep at her home, just in case of an emergency.

After she was done with her purchases, on the way back, Lu Man received a WeChat text from Tang Zi.

“Man Man, you are already trending in the top searches online, and your popularity just keeps soaring high, it might be possible that you would even be the top trending searched actress.”

“Ah” Lu Man was dumbfounded.

She didnt do anything recently.

She opened up her Weibo and took a look at the top trending searches.

Surprisingly, the trending search term was “Lu Mans skirt”.

Opening that link, she realized that netizens were all asking about the brand of Lu Mans skirt.

“Hope to find the same brand that Lu Man is wearing.”

“My shopping agent 1 has been searching for it too but she cant find it either.”

“Theres already a similar looking one on Taobao 2 .”

“Ahhh ahhh ahhh! Exactly what brand is it! I really really want it!”

Lu Man: “…”

They all probably all couldnt find it as her skirt was altered by herself.

Lu Man thought for a moment and then took the skirt out.

After clicking a photo of it, she uploaded it on Weibo.

“I made some modifications to this skirt by myself.

Yesterday, before the premiere, something cropped up while I was putting on my makeup and getting ready.

My skirt was ruined by someone and I didnt have the time to head out and buy a new one, so I just made some amendments to it.”

In the photo, Lu Man blurred out the brand of the skirt.

She didnt want others to misunderstand that she was advertising for that brand.

One photograph was of the original skirt with the tear before she made any alterations, followed by another photograph of the altered skirt with ribbons.

The tear mark on the skirt was very obvious and clear.

“Who was it, they are too shameless!”

“666 3 .

Youre talented!”

“Lu Man, I just wanted to ask, is there anything you cant do”

“At first, I thought that Lu Man was a public relations elite, but in the end, after winning the most impressive award in the public relations industry she ran off to acting.

I thought that Lu Man was going to focus on breaking through the acting world, but who knew that she designed a new skirt too.

Lu Man, I just wanted to ask you, is there anything in the world that you dont know how to do”

“Youre really so multi-talented, you can do everything! But I dont feel jealous at all, only admiration!”

“Lu Man how could you be so amazing, please teach us too!”

“I want to be as amazing as you too.”

“Dont try to change the topic.

Let me highlight whats important.

Someone deliberately ruined Lu Mans skirt.”

“I dont know if I should thank that person or hate that person instead.

I hate her for intentionally ruining Lu Mans skirt, but also because of her, I another talent of Lu Man was revealed.”

“Is no one going to guess who was it that ruined Lu Mans skirt”

“Focus on the main point.

The skirt was destroyed on the day of the premiere of Greedy Wolf Operation .

The production crew would definitely have arranged a hotel for the actors to stay in and let them head to the premiere together.

Those staying in the hotel are people from the production team or cast.

That means that back then, the biggest suspect is most probably someone from the Greedy Wolf Operation crew.

Other people didnt really have any conflict of interest with Lu Man.

From the articles released by the media, on that day, other than Sun Yiwu, the people who appeared during the premiere included Zhang Shuidong, Yu Yanshu, Lu Man and Bai Shuangshuang.

Zhang Shuidong has always had a good reputation.

He is famous in the entertainment industry for being a righteous and hardworking man.

Yu Yanshu is even more out of the question.

He has many good friends in the industry and Ive never heard of anyone speaking badly of Yu Yanshu.

When any negative news got released and it was unclear who it might have been referring to, no one ever pushed it onto Yu Yanshu.

Moreover, there isnt a lot of competition between male and female actors.

So, that only leaves one person, which is Bai Shuangshuang.

Shes the most suspicious!”

“This comment is sick.

Over here there should be the background music from Detective Conan.”

“This comment is right.

Earlier on, Ive heard that Bai Shuangshuang and Lu Man arent on good terms, and its mainly because Bai Shuangshuang was one-sidedly antagonizing Lu Man.

Bai Shuangshuangs reputation has always been so-so.

She has acted in so many shows for so many years yet she never became popular, and the negative news regarding her is never-ending.

It really might be her who did this.”


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