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Lu Man smiled coldly.

“CEO Cao, isnt it just because you are keeping Bai Shuangshuang Youre spending money to promote her, and now because of her, youre pulling the other investors and shooting your gun from their shoulder, is that really good”

“You dont need to try to create trouble between us! Such a young girl, do you really think that this little bit of scheming could trick us” President Gao pointed at Lu Man and said.

“How could they not know Cao Houlins intention

But besides that, they were indeed very unsatisfied with Lu Man.

If it were not for her, why would there be so much trouble!

Before Lu Man joined the Greedy Wolf Operation cast, the production group was very calm and had no trouble, but ever since Lu Man joined, crisis fell upon them like dominoes, not stopping at all.

Bai Shuangshuang was no good either, but at least she had Cao Houlin backing her!

Who did Lu Man have

An ordinary person with no background, yet she had luck and was picked by Sun Yiwu because of martial arts skills.

Now that the movie had a problem, if they did not find her to take the blame, then who would they blame

“Lu Man, you must take full responsibility for this thing!” President Zhou said.

“Take responsibility Take what responsibility” President He and Zheng Tianming finally came.

The two of them heard President Zhou forcefully asking Lu Man, and their facial expression became darker.

They walked in with large steps, and instantly, President Cao and the rest instantly pulled back their forceful, domineering aura, and politely greeted, “President He.”

Just now, they were all acting domineering in front of Lu Man, but compared to Han Corporation, who were they

There was no need for Han Zhuoli to come over, just facing President He, they were already of a lower level.

“We didnt even reach, and you all already begun” President He laughed coldly.

“What, do you plan on ignoring the Han Corporation”

“Of course not.”

“We wont dare to.”

Everyone hurriedly said.

“Then why did you begin the discussion early It seems like you all have come to a conclusion already” President He said coldly.

“We didnt have a conclusion, were just discussing,” President Zhou instantly said.

“Ha.” President He pointed at the sofa.

“Let all sit down first, we can slowly discuss after we sit.”

These people really did not know how to judge people.

Lu Man had come for so long, but they actually did not let her sit down.

Everyone took a seat, and President He said, “I dont know what exactly you wanted us to come here for! Its just a waste of time! Its such a small thing, is it worth bothering us”

“No, President He, Bai Shuangshuangs parts got deleted for no reason, and this has already become a very big issue online, and now a lot of netizens are attacking Lu Man, and are requesting for Lu Mans parts to be deleted as well.

We cannot let the box office for the movie be affected by that.”

“Has the final ticket sales for the movie come out already” President He asked.

“Not yet,” Xu Fenglai said.

“Then how can you confirm that the tickets sales were affected” President He said coldly.

“This… Isnt this something thats expected” President Gao said, “Weve invested in so many movies before, weve got the experience of a long time.”

“A conclusion without results, what the f*ck is the use of just talking about the experience!” President He said rudely.

Everybody: “…”

This… why did he also curse!

“The Han Corporation is the biggest investor, we havent said anything yet, what are you all getting agitated To show off your power as an investor here” President He did not give them any face at all.

“Who are you showing off your power to!”

Everyone did not think that President He would really not bother with leaving them with any face at all.

Although extremely furious, they did not dare to say anything.

“Only Bai Shuangshuang has a backer” President He smiled coldly.

“Lu Man is also under Han Corporation, and you dare to point fingers at Han Corporations celebrities, who gave you the right!”

Upon hearing that, everyone was at a loss for words.

They finally remembered that Lu Man had always been working at the Han Corporation, if she wanted to advance in the entertainment industry, she would probably sign a contract with the Han Corporation.


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