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“Hahahaha, youre so bad! But, I like it!”

“She not only completely ruined Bai Shuangshuang, but also managed to advertise Greedy Wolf Operation .

Although this cannot be categorized as fake drama to attract attention to the movie, she still managed to gain fame for the movie.

Such cunningness, I really admire!”

“Im totally awestruck.

Lu Man is directly telling you that she wants to increase the popularity of the movie, but I still find it so interesting and dont hate it at all, whats going on”

“Me too!”

“Till now, only Lu Man can achieve this.”

“Sun Yiwu was too fortunate to get Lu Man to act in Greedy Wolf Operation , along with an actress he also got top public relations officer with it.

With her intelligence and schemes, she could turn the tables in her favor; if people really wanted to hire her as a PR officer, her price must be probably quite high.”

“When you say that, Director Sun really earned! Just Lu Mans this series of actions helped promote Greedy Wolf Operation so much, and its free! Otherwise, if he privately hired Lu Man, he would have to pay for publicity.”

“With Lu Man here, the publicity team for the movie can quit.”

“Thinking about it, in the future isnt it that as long as Lu Man acts, they will also get free publicity, then whoever hires Lu Man would earn!”

“Exactly exactly! Just looking at Greedy Wolf Operation ‘ s state, currently which movie airing right now has such explosive publicity power”

“My heart aches for the other movies airing right now.”

Not long after, a netizen sent out the ticketing sales report from yesterday, and the web calculated ticket sales until now for today.

Yesterday, it was more than 200 million.

Moreover, todays sale had already exceeded 100 million!

And in the peak period at night, it would continue to increase!

When Bai Shuangshuang saw how the movie ticketing sales were so good but had nothing to do with her, she was so furious that she almost blacked out.

Meanwhile, more dirty scandals of hers kept coming up, and she finally knew that her career was going to be ruined totally.

Panic-stricken, Bai Shuangshuang hurried to the company to find President Cao.

“Brother Cao,” Bai Shuangshuang hurriedly and anxiously called, and when she saw President Cao, she started bawling her eyes out.

However, unlike the past, President Cao did not make any effort to comfort her and coldly pointed at the sofa.


Sensing his indifferent attitude instantly, Bai Shuangshuang thought about how cold President Cao was to her yesterday and did not even let her touch him, and thus Bai Shuangshuang felt disheartened.

“Brother Cao, you—”

“Shuangshuang, its better to call me President Cao.” President Cao refused to acknowledge their relationship.

“I know why you are here, its just that this thing has become too big, you can think of a way by yourself, I cant help you.”

“President Cao, stop joking, how can Lu Man be able to fight and win over you” Bai Shuangshuang smiled hastily and sang his praises.

“You have connections in the circle, contact these people, and totally ban Lu Man.

As long as she stops, you can let her off, its such a simple thing for you!”

Seeing President Caos stern, cold gaze, Bai Shuangshuang quickly said, “I know, its not good to owe people favors.

Dont worry, Im so obedient, whatever you want me to do, Ill do.

In the past wasnt it also the same When did I reject your request to have me accompany clients If you help me to settle this, in the future, even if the scale is even… even bigger, its not a problem.”

But who knew that President Cao would not be moved.

“This scandal, you can just hope for the best, I really cannot help you.”

“How could it be, President Cao, you—”

“Ill tell you the truth!” President Cao cut her off.

“Its no use even if you find me, Han Corporation has already said that they want to ban you from the entertainment industry.

Unless you are able to get through to the Han Corporation, I have no way either.

Shuangshuang, you know about Han Corporations status.

No matter how able I am, I cant compete with Han Corporation! So this is not about you agreeing to accompany a few clients, its that Im really helpless.”


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