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“Ban me” Earlier, Bai Shuangshuang was only anxious as she kept feeling like there was a way out, but now she was so scared she began to tremble.

“When did this happen Im just fighting with Lu Man a bit, and these things are common in the entertainment circle, why is it that in the past I didnt see the Han Corporation jumping out”

“Lu Man is signed by Han Corporation, and it seems like Han Corporation is placing emphasis on her and wants to help her became famous, but you came in their way and caused a scandal for Lu Man at this time, and since Han Corporation is so protective of her, they definitely would not be happy.

Furthermore, you also offended Sun Yiwu, I just got the news that Sun Yiwu has already told his other director friends to refrain from casting you and even he wants to ban you from the movie industry.

Anyway, as long as Sun Yiwu still has power in the movie industry, you can never think of acting in a movie.

As for the Han Corporation — ”

President Cao sighed.

“If they want to ban you from all areas, its really no use finding me.”

“Why Ive already apologized to Lu Man, on the other hand, its Lu Man who refuses to let me go, why would they do this to me!” Bai Shuangshuang was so anxious that she couldnt stop crying.

But crying at this time was already too late.

“Enough,” President Cao could not be bothered to deal with Bai Shuangshuang anymore.

“Now no one can help you unless you get the Han Corporation to change their mind.”

But looking at the Han Corporations actions, they were definitely not going to change their minds.

However, Bai Shuangshuang misunderstood and now treated Han Corporation as her only resort to save herself.


While Bai Shuangshuang was in big trouble, Lu Man was picking up phone calls till her hands were tired.

All the calls were from investors; all these investors had movies and dramas that were scheduled to air soon, some were going to start filming while some had already finished filming and were about to air, all of them wanted to Lu Man to do publicity for them.

It could not be helped, right now, Lu Man was practically an undefeatable existence in the public relations industry.

Honestly, Greedy Wolf Operation was filmed well, but it was really not of the standard to surpass all the other movies airing currently, as for Sun Yiwus standard all along, everyone knew very well.

But this time, what was shocking was that Lu Man managed to make it such that all the other movies airing currently were totally being suppressed.

Hence, all the other movies production groups were having emergency meetings, finding people doing public relations, even if they could not overtake Greedy Wolf Operation , they definitely could let the movie be a complete flop.

The movie doing the worst was a comedy movie had an actor who had won the Best Actor Award, and usually had his movies crossing six billion ticket sales, paired along with a newly popular actress who was famous for her good acting skills, also as long as it was a movie she starred in, it would do very well.

Furthermore, it was close to the end of the year, didnt everyone want to see some relaxed and loud movies

Earlier, the production groups were rubbing their palms, expecting that once the movie aired, it would rule the box office.

Even though the script was not bad, and the acting was good, and the actors popularity was also enough, unfortunately, they had to compete with Lu Man, and as soon as the movie aired, it flopped.

The production company really wanted to cry for Lu Man to see now. Leaving public relations even though you are good at it and acting in a movie was fine, just properly be an actress, why was it that you were now also doing the publicity for the movie

They all wanted to call Lu Man Grandaunt 1 !

Currently, that comedy movies production company was having a meeting with the publicity team.

“Have you all thought of a method already”

Everyone in the publicity group was quailing before them.

Furious and frustrated, the production group hit the table.

“Lu Man is not even professionally doing this, yet she oppressed all of you to such an extent that you cant find a way to compete against here, arent you embarrassed”

“This… we really cannot come up with a good method now.

Unless we have our celebrities stir up some gossip.

But Gu Fei is already married and has a daughter, and is also famous for having a clean image with no scandals, so Gu Fei will definitely not agree.

Moreover, even if we do that, we cant get the same effect as Lu Man.”


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