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Lu Man was holding onto her breath really hard.

Her lips parted as she breathed heavily, trying to catch her breath, but Han Zhouli seized the opportunity and closed in once again, not letting go any inch of her lips.

Gradually, Lu Man lost all her strength.

Her hands held onto his shoulders limply.

Thankfully, Han Zhuoli was still holding onto her.

When he released his lips, even Han Zhuolis breath was a little rushed and heavy.

Those beautiful thin lips were now a little fuller and plumper, and the sweet fruity fragrance of her lip gloss clinging onto his lips, making his lips looked so soft and so tender.

Lu Man also didnt know whether she was possessed or something but she felt an unknown force take over her as she pressed forward and licked his lips a little, delicately tasting his lips, tasting the minty taste of his lips intermingling with the fruity fragrance of her lip gloss that lingered on his lips.

Han Zhuolis gaze violently darkened.

In his eyes, a small spark of fire started flaring.

Hold back, hold back .

Recalling that Xia Qingwei was still at home, Han Zhouli really couldnt just enter her home and take her daughter right in the middle of the night.

But he still couldnt help but moan excitedly, and kissed her repeatedly, kissing her fervently.

Until Lu Man became like a puddle of water softly flowing in his arms.

Then, Han Zhuoli carried her to sit on her bad.

In his arms, he carried a soft and fragrant small person and couldnt help pinching her, and rubbing his hands all over her, and his heart filled with an indescribable satisfaction.

Then, he kept pecking softly and delicately at her ear lobe and her neck.

After quite a while, Lu Man finally regained some strength and hurriedly jumped up from his lap.

“Ive bought two sets of pajamas as a spare, just in case youll need them when you stay here,” Lu Man said, her voice was strangely fast and rushed.

Even with her back was facing him, Han Zhuoli still knew that this little girl must be feeling flustered, embarrassed and shy.

That was why she didnt dare to look at him, trying to busy herself instead to hide her embarrassment.

Even the speed of her voice was faster because of her nerves.

Right now, adoration overflowed from Han Zhuolis eyes.

He stood up, and without speaking a word, got behind Lu Man.

Lu Man was just about to stand up, yet unexpectedly, all of a sudden, Han Zhuoli hugged her from behind.

And coincidentally, the protruding zip of pants fit perfectly right there on her hips.

Lu Man: “…”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

Han Zhuoli was baffled and dumbfounded too.

He didnt expect to be… to be this straightforward.

Originally, he was just thinking of hugging her from behind to tease her.

Who knew that they would be stuck in such a compromising, sensual position.

Han Zhouli felt his soul leave his body.

Lu Man: “…”

This gangster! 1

Lu Mans face blushed furiously.

She felt an electric current course through her body, and she hurriedly held onto the closet to calm her nerves.

As if being possessed, Han Zhuoli grabbed onto her waist as pulled her back into his embrace, closing the distance between them.

Lu Man was so shocked that she hurriedly stood up straight and stuffed the pajamas into his hands, afraid of looking at Han Zhuoli.

Who knew that just as she lowered her gaze to avoid looking at him in the eyes, her gaze would land on little Han instead.


Lu Man felt like being struck by lightning.

“Have a good rest!” Lu Man said hastily and left hurriedly.

Han Zhuoli suppressed his impulse of wanting to make her stay.

He didnt want Lu Man to think that he was just a horny, vile man who would force her to stay no matter what the occasion was.

Lu Man quietly entered Xia Qingweis bedroom.

Just as she laid down, she heard Xia Qingwei ask in a sleepy voice, “Xiao Han is here again”

The warmth on Lu Man hadnt left one bit.

Lu Man still could feel his lingering touch.

It was just like his palm was still on her body.

Hearing Xia Qingweis question, she didnt forget to help put in a good word for Han Zhuoli and told Xia Qingwei all about what happened with Bai Shuangshuang.

“Thats why she gave his car to Xiao Chen to clean it and he took Zheng Tianmings car to come to meet me.”


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