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At that moment, Han Zhuoli was furious while Han Zhuofeng was very quiet.

Seeing Han Zhuoli get angry and reprimand his son right in front of him, it was clear that Han Zhouli did not respect him at all!

However, Han Zhuolis expression did not change as he looked at Han Dongping, and he walked away without saying anything.

Han Zhuofeng instantly followed behind Han Zhuoli, his head hung low and sighing, not sparing even a glance at his Dad.

Furious with their disrespect, Han Dongping yelled, “Come back here!”

At that moment, Han Zhuofeng finally turned around and said in a rushed tone, “Ill come back soon.”

As soon as he finished saying that, he quickly rushed to follow Han Zhouli.

Han Zhuoli brought Han Zhuofeng to the backyard and looked at him with a dark face.

“Youre already big, now you dont respect me anymore, right!”

“Older brother!” Frantic, Han Zhuofeng tried to placate Han Zhoulis anger.

“Of course not! You know that I respect you the most.”

“Then you still dare to treat your sister-in-law with that attitude!”

“What sister-in-law! You two arent married right” Han Zhuofeng was anxious, muttering in a low voice, “Anyway, whether you can get married or not in the future is not confirmed yet.”

Han Zhuoli shouted coldly, “Take back your words!”

His voice was so stern and loud that it really scared Han Zhuofeng.

Scared, Han Zhuofeng quickly tried to pacify Han Zhouli.

“Older brother… You… Dont be angry…”

“You lacked manners and respect for Lu Man, and you still want me not to be furious” This was the first time Han Zhuoli had been so angry at Han Zhuofeng.

“Let me tell you, Lu Man is my face, my life.

You being disrespectful to her means that you are slapping my face.

You made her feel bad, thats equal to wanting my life.”

“How is she any good! Shes not worthy of you!” Han Zhuofeng could not hold back the anger in his heart.

“Dont think of me as too good, me and Lu Man, theres no such thing as worthy or not, its just about liking,” Han Zhuoli scolded him, and took a look at the 20-year-old boy standing in front of him, and took a deep breath.

“Theres no need for you to know how marvelous Lu Man is and neither is there a need for you to understand her.

Because even if you really want to compete with her, you cant compare to her, anyway.”

Seeing how Han Zhuofeng was still displeased, Han Zhouli explained, “Its not because shes my girlfriend, but its because shes stronger and better than you.”

Still unhappy, Han Zhuofeng had a scowl on his face.

“I saw how she messed around online, she is too scheming and cunning.

Whats good about such a scheming girl!”

To his astonishment, as soon as Han Zhuofeng said that, he was pulled up by his collar by Han Zhuoli who warned him in a low and fierce voice.

“Dont you dare say anything bad about her! Han Zhuofeng, even if youre stubborn, there has to be a limit to it! I just like how shes scheming, and how shell cause trouble for people.

Also, have her schemes ever impacted you Does she need your permission”

“Anyway, I dont need you to approve who I like,” Han Zhuoli said in a low voice, “Han Zhuofeng, dont you dare to say this kind of stuff again! In my life, I will only have Lu Man, shes my girlfriend now, and shell be my wife in the future, and also your sister-in-law, this will never change! If anyone wants to change that — ”

Han Zhuolis black eyes became sharp.

“Then they are my enemy!”

Even though Han Zhouli knew Han Zhuofengs words were said in anger and he wouldnt act on it, he wanted to make his stance very clear.

Honestly, Han Zhoufeng wasnt cursing them to break.

His thoughts were similar to an ordinary persons; while still in the dating phase, no one can be absolutely sure that they would marry their partner at the end of the day.

Even if it wasnt something that was said on purpose, Han Zhuoli did not wish to hear it.

He was scared that peoples thoughts might turn into reality someday.

Because he loved her with all his heart, he was sensitive about this matter, worried about losing her and hence refused to listen to anything bad.

Stunned by Han Zhoulis outburst, Han Zhuofeng held back for a while before he said, “Why do you…”

His mouth opened and closed for a long time before he finally managed to say with much difficulty, “You like her so much”


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