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Seeing Han Zhuofeng, everyone looked over.

Han Zhuofeng was the most popular person in their school; it was publicly acknowledged that he was the best looking in the Drama Academy and his family background was mysterious.

No one knew what family background Han Zhuofeng had, but they knew that his family was definitely very rich.

Han Zhuofeng had never purposely shown off or boasted in front of others.

From a young age, he was brought up like a prince, and so his actions unknowingly reflected his noble upbringing.

Thus, Han Zhuofeng was very popular in the school, and a lot of girls were chasing him.

However, it was just that he liked no one in particular.

At this moment, the students saw Han Zhuoli standing next to Han Zhuofeng.

Han Zhoulis aura was even better, stronger and charismatic.

When Han Zhuofeng was compared to Han Zhuoli, he clearly lacked the powerful aura he normally had and became an ordinary person.

Quite a few people found Han Zhuoli to be familiar, but since they had just seen him in the press, they couldnt identify him when they saw him in person.

It was just that Han Zhuoli was really too outstanding, and as soon as he entered the school, everyones attention was only on him.

The students could not help but be curious, who was the person walking beside Han Zhuofeng, a high-profile person, and even attracting their attention.

He ought to be someone high profile too.

But before they could get a clear view and identify him, the three of them had already disappeared into the office building.

They first went to the office for the performing department as Lu Man needed to report to the school, and collect the textbooks.

“Teacher Li, hello, Im Lu Man, I came to report.”

“I know you,” Teacher Li did not have a good expression, and took out a form and gave it to her.

“Fill it up, then go to our instructor to collect the books.”

Han Zhuoli frowned, who is this woman being so rude!

Lu Man did not know what problem Teacher Li had, already having problems with her before even getting to know her well.

She shook her head at Han Zhuoli, trying to pacify his anger.

She took up the pen and was about to fill the form when she heard Teacher Li speak, “I dont care what relation you used to transfer here, but since youre already in this school, then study well, and be a good student, dont bring stir up trouble or dirty the schools name.”

The principal had already informed the head of the department that there would be a transfer student into the performing arts major and that the student was Lu Man who had starred in Greedy Wolf Operation .

At that time, Han Zhuoli had not told the principal about his relation with Lu Man at all, and the principal did not dare to guess, nor did he ask Han Zhuoli.

And thus, he did not bother telling his subordinates about it.

The head of the department was displeased with Lu Man transferring in without any achievements or scholarship.

Other people had to work hard to secure admission in the Drama Academy, they needed to have good humanities grades and pass the test for the course they wanted.

But just because Lu Man participated in the Greedy Wolf Operation , and had used her connections, she did not need to go through the test, and directly transferred in.

Such a special treatment was disapproved by the head of the department.

The entertainment circle was messy, and as an outsider, Lu Man suddenly participated in the Greedy Wolf Operation , and claimed that she did not have any backer.

The head of the department found it hard to believe.

Who knows what dirty dealings she had done to be able to get into the Drama Academy.

“Dont think that just because you starred in Greedy Wolf Operation , you are better than people in school, dont bring those messy things from the entertainment circle into the school!” Teacher Li said, not trying to be courteous or polite at all.

These days, all the budding starlets who became famous were young, attractive and good looking and they all chose to join the National Film Academy.

On the other hand, the National Drama Academy was much more low-key, and rarely had any young people who became famous while they were still young.

Lu Man signed her name, and at the last stroke, she suddenly used a bit of force force on the tip of the pen and stopped for a while before she put the pen down.


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