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“Alright, thank you,” Lu Man thanked sincerely.

She really cherished Zheng Yuanshis kindness.

“Next we have a practical lesson for performance.

We have to go to the dance studio.” Zheng Yuan reminded everyone.

At the same time, another girl seated in the classroom was also surrounded by a group of people and was chatting with them.

Taking a glance at Lu Mans direction, Zhuang Tingting scoffed nonchalantly, “Didnt she just act in a movie She only played a small role, but look at all those people sucking up to her.”

“Thats right, she was just lucky to get a small role in the movie.

It may seem like she started off at a higher point, but in the future, it will be a different story altogether! So many people debut in a famous directors film, yet later on, they did not have any major breakthroughs at all.” Yu Jingxian pursed her lips, her dismay and disregard evident.

“Thats right, unlike Xiaoying who started acting since her teenage years.

Xiaoying was gorgeous since her childhood, she never had a lack of opportunities and always has had shows wanting to cast her.

Its useless for those people to flock to Lu Man!” Zhuang Tingting derided Lu Man, trying to suck up to Zhang Xiaoying.

“Xiaoying, I heard that youre going to star in some big-scale show and that you will be the female lead, and the show completely revolves around the female lead,” Yu Jingxian asked.

The corner of Zhang Xiaoyings mouth curled upwards smugly, extremely pleased with their flattery.

“Thats right, when I was in high school, I couldnt act in such shows and there was a restriction on the shows I could act in as people find it inappropriate for a minor girl saying romantic lines on the screen.

So those producers were waiting for me to enter college, and finally when I got accepted by Film Academy, instantly a lot of scripts piled up for me.

I had to go through quite a lot of scripts before I could finalize on this one.”

“I really envy you, you have so many opportunities and resources.

We are still learning the basics with the other first-year students while youre already filming show after show,” Yu Jingxian said, her face filled with envy and admiration.

Attempting to ingratiate herself, Zhuang Tingting tugged on Zhang Xiaoyings shirt sleeve.

“Xiaoying, are there any supporting characters in this show you just took on Can you recommend me an audition It doesnt matter if its not an important character, I just want to have some experience working in a crew.”

She had come here with a dream to be a celebrity and now she wanted to experience how it felt to act in a film.

In her mind, Zhang Xiaoying scoffed with disregard to herself, but still, put on a fake look of concern.

“Sure, Ill help find some for you.

Its alright to help you look for a role, but would you be able to take leave from school once I do Our school has a strict rule that you cant privately accept any roles before the second year of university.

Its fine for me because I have to film all year long and if I dont take on the shows, the investors wont be happy too.

They will have to contact the school, and the school will have to give me the go-ahead.

But what about you If you can take a leave, then Ill help you look for a role.”

Zhuang Tingting froze.

Her heart which was earlier warm and brimming with happiness instantly turned cold.

Putting on a smile that looked even worse than a crying face, she said, “Thats right, I dont have those connections and the background you have, the school definitely wont break the rules for me.”

After contemplating for a moment, Zhuang Tingting tugged onto Zhang Xiaoyings hand again.

“Then when Im in my third year could you help me by looking out for some good roles for me, is that alright”

“Well see when youre in your third year.” Zhang Xiaoying pulled her hand back coldly

“Lets go,” Yu Jingxian said, “We should head to the dance studio.”

Meanwhile, the other students in the classroom had already paired off our grouped off and started leaving.

Zhang Xiaoying got up and started to leave too.

On the other hand, Lu Man, Zheng Yuanshi and her circle of friends were together.

When they reached the studio, they sat cross-legged on the floor.

The practical performance teacher, Professor Yao, instantly recognized Lu Man and was rather surprised.

“You are Lu Man”

Instantly, Lu Man stood up and greeted courteously.

“Nice to meet you, Professor Yao.

Ive officially joined the school today.”


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