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When the performance started, acting as the monkey king, Lu Man was kneeling on the floor.

Squinting her eyes lazily, she occasionally tilted her head and nibbled on her fur.

To make it more realistic, Lu Man stretched her philtrum on purpose, until it covered her teeth.

Lu Mans action left Zheng Yuanshi dumbstruck.

She didnt expect that Lu Man would surprisingly let go of her image without any care.

However, her acting was so charming and realistic!

While Zheng Yuanshi pretended to help Lu Man pick lice, Lu Man squinted her eyes in pleasure and comfort.

However, after not long, she suddenly shuddered violently, as if she was pinched and in pain, and ferociously turned her head back and tutted at Zheng Yuanshi.

Under Lu Mans lead, Zheng Yuan hurriedly acted like a quail, behaving cautiously.

Just then, the challenger played by Professor Yao was playing slowly inched closer towards Lu Man.

Lu Mans originally rather dazed and distant eyes started becoming focused and cold, and finally, in an instant, her gaze was sternly fixated on Professor Yao.

She instantly bared her teeth at Professor Yao, calling out in warning.

Professor Yao rushed forward and circled around Lu Man, trying to find an opportunity to attack.

On the other hand, Zheng Yuanshi who was playing the lick picking monkey hurriedly dashed away.

Lu Man was exuding a menacing aura, instantly turning a monkey king who would never tolerate anyone invading his space, and was continuously baring her teeth at Professor Yao.

“Great!” Professor Yao exclaimed in satisfaction and clapped.

Then, he pulled Lu Man to his side.

It was obvious that he was extremely satisfied with Lu Mans performance.

“I didnt expect that you would be so willing to let go of your image.

Your monkey king was very realistic, and you had a very good grasp of all the details,” Professor Yao praised.

He then turned around and asked the already dazed and surprised students, “Did you all see the changes in the expression in Lu Mans eyes”

Professor Yao started lecturing all the points one by one.

Finally, he praised once more, “Lu Man really wasnt like a newbie with absolutely no experience.

Her eyes clearly expressed all the emotions perfectly.

She can almost be said to be at par with experienced actors regarding her understanding of the character and her display of them.

The monkey king whom she enacted started with squinting his eyes and looking pleased as the lice were removed, but then he was unhappy with the little monkeys action and gave him a warning.

When he saw me and his gaze slowly changed, and finally, we both stared each other down, testing each other and showing off our fighting power.

And when he lost, the disappointment, unhappiness and a slight depression expressed by him was absolutely amazing!”

“Honestly, initially, even I thought that it was Lu Mans good luck to have been cast inGreedy Wolf Operation and as she didnt have many scenes, the insufficiencies in her acting wouldnt be obvious.

However, in reality, Lu Man is really talented, she treats every performance very seriously.

When you act, you have to bring yourself into the character, and not let the character drag you in.

You have to look like what you act.

If you only care about your beauty or your image, then why act You might as well just be a flower vase.

Since youve already chosen this career, you have to respect it and also respect your audience.

You have to have a go all out attitude when you perform.”

As everyone listened, they couldnt help but look towards Zhang Xiaoying.

All of them felt that Professor Yaos words werent to educate them, but rather target Zhang Xiaoying.

Just now, Zhang Xiaoyings acting was honestly really terrible.

Seeing Zhang Xiaoying being criticized, it helped them to get some of the anger off their chests.

Usually, just because she had acted in many shows and was rather popular, Zhang Xiaoying looked down on everyone.

Even during the performance class, Professor Yao always got Zhang Xiaoying to do a demonstration, making everyone feel that Zhang Xiaoying was above them all.

But now, as they watched Zhang Xiaoying get reprimanded, everyone was feeling really happy.

She deserved it!

Moreover, Lu Mans and Professor Yaos performance was honestly too breathtaking!

Zhang Xiaoying gritted her teeth in anger, and her facial expressions were all rather twisted.

Lu Man had actually managed to create such a sensation!

After class ended, Zheng Yuanshi asked Lu Man to head to the canteen with her.

However, Zhang Xiaoying suddenly held at Lu Man back and side-eyed Zheng Yuanshi and the others.

She said, “Lu Man, shall we have lunch together”


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