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“Thats right.

And youre really good at engrossing people into the play.” Pan Xue chimed in.

“Zheng Yuanshi, today your performance was very good too, it was way better than Zhang Xiaoyings.

Professor Yao also praised you.”

“In the future, if there are any assignments of performance class, we should practice more with each other.”

Lu Man didnt mind and agreed readily, making them elated.

“You guys dont know, it is really amazing acting with Lu Man.

She enters the role really quickly and is very serious and respectful to the art, she will lead you along that you will unconsciously start following her pace too.

Once you are done acting, you will get such a rush of adrenaline!” Zheng Yuanshi said happily.


In a few days, Lu Man gradually assimilated into the school life, and was on pretty good terms with Zheng Yuan and the others.

Since Lu Man had rejected Zhang Xiaoying outright the last time, Zhang Xiaoying never once bothered talking to Lu Man at all, she wont even greet Lu Man or smile at her.

Today, in the class, Lu Man Zheng Yuanshi was precisely seated in front of Lu Man.

She turned around and spoke softly, “Lu Man, do you know, right now in our class, everyone is quietly buzzing amongst themselves that you and Zhang Xiaoying are rivals on an equal footing”

Lu Man: “…”

What the h*ck, Zheng Yuanshi must have watched too many movies.

Rivals on an equal footing

“Basically, right now the class is split into two groups.

One group thinks that Zhang Xiaoying is more impressive, while the others find you impressive,” Zheng Yuanshi said quietly.

Lu Man really had to change her impression of Zheng Yuanshi.

A class monitor surprisingly knew about every single gossip within the class so well.

Suddenly, Lu Mans expression turned strange.

“Then, are there more people supporting her, or more people supporting me”

“Um.” The corner of Zheng Yuans mouth twitched a little.

“There are 50 people in the class.

30 people are supporting her, while 5 people are supporting you.

Other than Pan Xue, Han Leilei and I, the other two people are on pretty good terms with us, so we stand on your side.

The rest are remaining neutral.”

Lu Man: “…”

How was this considered asrivals on an equal footing Clearly, one side was much stronger.

“However, those 14 people who are neutral are exceptionally impressed by how serious you were with your performance.”

Just then, Pan Xue ran over excitedly.

After she sat down, she cradled her face in her hands.

“Sigh, so handsome!”

Zheng Yuan was speechless.

She waved her hand in front of Pan Xues face.

“Whats going on with you”

“I just saw the new school hunk in our university,” Pan Xue said excitedly, even her eyes twinkling when she mentioned it.

Hearing the wordnew hunk, the corner of Lu Mans mouth twitched a little.

Thenew school hunk that Pan Xue mentioned had to be Han Zhuofeng.

Since he transferred schools, he instantly defeated the original school hunk and become the new school hunk.

“With such good, handsome, charming looks, why didnt he join our performance class Why did he have to learn direction instead” Pan Xue shook her head in regret.

“He clearly has such dashing personality and charming looks, but he just had to rely on his talent instead!”

Lu Man: “…”

“Zhang Xiaoying just left.” Han Leilei quietly pointed at Zhang Xiaoyings direction.

“Hehe,” Pan Xue snickered.

“That girl has always been chasing Han Zhuofeng.”

Lu Man found it strange and a little amusing.

“So what was Han Zhuofengs reaction”

“I dont know.

Anyway, Ive never heard that the two of them got together.” Zheng Yuanshi shook her head.

As Zhang Xiaoying hurriedly left the classroom, she happened to see Han Zhuofeng at the door surprisingly and asked bashfully, “Han Zhuofeng, are you here to look for me”

Seeing Zhang Xiaoying rushing towards Han Zhuofeng, he immediately took a big step backwards, afraid of her touching him.

“Who are you Just say what you have to say, dont get so close!”

Han Zhoufengs arrogant attitude left Zhang Xiaoying seething with anger.

This wasnt the first or second time she had met Han Zhuofeng.

She had even spoken to him before, how could he just say that he didnt know her

Besides, didnt he ever watch television

She was popular right now!

Taking a look around, Zhang Xiaoying saw that there was quite a crowd of students and classmates around her right now.

She instantly felt extremely embarrassed, and her face turned red, twisting with anger.


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