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It was the pay chart of A-list celebrities.

The pay for films could not compare to the television dramas; it was much higher for television dramas, and many female actresses who were paid more than 100 thousand yuan or even a few 100 thousand yuan per episode would at maximum get around 5 to 6 million, and most of them got only 1 million yuan for movies.

However, for the actors who did not film television dramas anymore and only acted in movies, their pay would be even a little higher.

Such as the famous Gao Zishan, her payment per movie was 17 million while Dong Qinrong and Joni were paid 15 million and 8 million respectively.

These three were the top paid female actresses; it was easy to know how less the other actresses get paid per movie.

And there were still some more popular A-lister female actresses.

Although there were also rankings among the A-list female actresses, A-list was still A-list, even if a person had the lowest ranking of all A-listers, they would still get paid much more than the B-listers and C-listers.

However, if they only got 1 million yuan, the female celebrities behind would get much less.

Naturally, Lu Man knew about that too.

“Lu Man, you helped me at the vital moment, I cant let you lose out.

The amount I told Lu Qi was 500,000 yuan, at first she accepted it, but in the end, today, she gave me a call and wanted 3 million yuan for the movie,” Ji Cheng said, “Honestly, I need to save every bit of money, even if its just a hundred yuan, I need to use it on the production.

I cannot compete with those movies with billion-dollar investments who spend it all on paying celebrities, leaving only a few million for rough production.

However, I absolutely cannot stand Lu Qis temper.

Since you offered to help in dire times, Ill give you 1 million yuan as payment for the film, based on the lowest pay for an A-lister.

Later on, when the movie is aired, based on the box office, Ill give you a percentage of the earnings.”

Lu Man had not even spoken yet when Sun Yiwu said, “If you wanted to give Lu Man only 1 million, I would be angry at you, but since you offered a percentage of the earnings too, its alright.”

Keeping the movie results aside, with just 1.5 billion box office investment by Han Zhouli, Lu Man had already earned a lot.

So naturally, Lu Man agreed right away.

“Actually, it doesnt matter how much I earn, its enough that I have the opportunity to gain my experience.”

Her current classmates didnt even have shows to film, while Lu Man was about to film a second movie already.

The public preferred movies over dramas and that was why so many actors wanted to act in movies.

Having managed to get a new movie offer, Zhang Xiaoying was already so full of herself; it could be seen how reputable acting in a movie was.

And so, Lu Man felt fortunate to have received an opportunity and she did not wish for anything more.

Moreover, it wasnt like she was not getting paid for the movie at all, a mere 100 thousand yuan of pay were enough for Xia Qingwei and her to live.

“Then that settles it!” Sun Yiwu declared.

“Oh but Ji Cheng, Lu Qi has caused you so much trouble, do you plan on leaving it just like that”

When Sun Yiwu first heard about it, he was already so furious, much less to say Ji Cheng who was troubled by Lu Qi.

Lu Qi was practically threatening him.

They had already discussed the pay beforehand, and she had agreed at that time, it wasnt like Ji Cheng was taking advantage of her, if she thought it was low, then she shouldnt have agreed!

Even if she regretted it and felt that it was too little, she had to say it earlier!

If she just had to do it at this vital point, isnt this threatening Ji Cheng

If he wanted the movie to film smoothly, then Ji Cheng would have had to agree to her demands, otherwise, without a female lead, he would be losing a lot of money!

The main thing was that Lu Qis reputation was already so horrible, and it was already not bad that she had got a film offer, yet she was too greedy!

“I cant get over it either!” When Ji Cheng wrote that, his hand trembled in rage.

“Fool! Lu Man is here, why dont you just ask her instead of keeping it to yourself,” Sun Yiwu insulted him.

“Lu Man, come up with an idea please.”

While dealing with Lu Qi, Lu Man definitely never held back at all


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