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After messing around with Lu Man for quite a long while, he kissed her fiercely before getting up to clean himself up.

Having finally devoured this girl, the thought of being separated from her as Lu Man was about to join the production group made him really depressed.

“Im leaving now, dont get down the bed, Ill have Auntie He send breakfast up,” Han Zhuoli walked to the bedside, and dipped in his head to give her a deep kiss on the lips.

Every time he saw her, he wanted to kiss her, no matter how many times he kissed her, it was never enough.

Right now, Lu Man was too embarrassed to see Auntie He.

Earlier, the condoms were bought by Auntie He, so Auntie He definitely knew what she and Han Zhuoli were doing.

Furthermore, now the bedroom clearly reeked of s*x.

“Open the window a bit, let out the smell.” Otherwise, it would be too awkward even for Auntie He.

“Im scared itll cause you to get cold,” Han Zhuoli said.

“Its nothing, just open it a bit, once the smell is gone, Ill close it.”

Thus, Han Zhuoli opened the window a little bit before leaving.

Meanwhile, Lu Man hurriedly picked up her sleepwear and wore it, and not long after, Auntie He came in with breakfast.

Almost embarrassed to death, Lu Man did not dare to look Auntie He in the eyes at all.

As if knowing Lu Man would be embarrassed, Auntie He did not tease Lu Man and acted like yesterday, very normal, as if not knowing what Lu Man did with Han Zhuoli at all.

“Lu Man, Im putting breakfast here, after you finish eating, just put it at the side, Ill collect it in an hour,” Auntie He said politely.

Lu Mans face was flushed red, she then looked up and said, “Alright, Ill have to trouble Auntie He.”

“Its no trouble, its no trouble.” Auntie He was extremely happy.

This lady was so polite and cute, upon seeing her, even she herself wanted to dote on her.

No wonder Sir likes her so much .

When Auntie He left, Lu Man hurriedly had her breakfast.

And after that, she lay down and slept for a while.

She was really tired, at night, she had been worried about Han Zhuolis illness and had not slept well and this morning, Han Zhuoli messed with her, completing exhausting her.

Therefore, as soon as she closed her eyes, she was deep asleep.

At noon, Lu Man finally woke up and tried moving around yet it was still painful as she felt sore all over.

However, she was now able to move her legs a little.

Unknown to Lu Man, today Han Zhuolis exceptionally good mood was clearly visible from his face.

When Han Zhouli reached the company, seeing Han Zhouli in a blissful mood Zheng Tianming found it surreal; Han Zhouli was as happy as an ordinary man who had won a lottery ticket.

Of course, winning a lottery was clearly negligible in front of Han Zhoulis wealth for him to be so excited, but Zheng Tianming really could not think of anything else to describe how over the moon Han Zhuoli was.

“CEO, is there some joyous occasion today” Zheng Tianming asked curiously.

“Theres a wonderful, joyous occasion.” Han Zhuoli was so jubilant his eyebrows were raised up.

“But I wont tell you about it.”

Zheng Tianming, “…”

But at least Han Zhuoli being ecstatic today helped save all the colleagues in the company.

The whole day, no matter what wrong thing they did, Han Zhuoli didnt angry at them, it was really unbelievable.

At night, Han Zhuoli drove the car back, and as soon as he entered the main door, he saw that Lu Man had actually got down the bed, and so he rushed over quickly.

“It doesnt hurt anymore”

“…” Lu Man helplessly said in a low voice, “Of course it does, but I cant lie in bed the whole day.”

Seeing Han Zhuoli actually wanted to reach out to test it, Lu Man hurriedly grabbed his hand.

“Its really not that painful anymore, its still a bit sore, but it doesnt really affect me.”

Butler Xiao Wang and Auntie He were around, what was he doing!

“Butler Xiao Wang and Auntie He have already left,” Han Zhuoli said with a sly smile on his face.

Lu Man turned her head back to look, the two people who were originally present with her to receive Han Zhuoli at the door had somehow disappeared so soon.


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