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Counselor Chen found it very strange, why was Lu Man so calm

She had ruined Lu Mans chance of filming a movie!

How could she accept it so calmly

For some reason, seeing Lu Mans reaction, Counselor Chen did not feel calm and kept feeling that Lu Man had saved some tricks up her sleeve moves for later.

However she shook her head, Lu Man was just an ordinary student, what sort of tricks could she have

Lu Man then turned to face Professor Yao.

“Professor Yao, thank you for speaking up for me.

I apologize for causing your goodwill to go to waste.”

Because Professor Yao had tried to help speak for her, at least Counselor Chen agreed to grant her leave as long as she apologized and that would not have caused her much loss.

But Lu Man believed that she did not do anything wrong and was thus reluctant to apologize and claim that she was indeed in the wrong.

However, no matter what, she would always remember that Professor Yao helped her.

This left Professor Yao stunned for a bit who then shook her head while smiling bitterly.

Actually, she was not able to help Lu Man with anything at all.

Lu Man then quickly left the office and went directly to the principals office.

The principals secretary saw Lu Man, and asked politely, “Lu Man, are you here to look for the principal”

“Yes, I have something I have to trouble the principal with.

May I ask if hes here” Lu Man asked.

“Hes here,” Secretary Li said, and then went and knocked on the door three times before opening it.

“Principal Liu, Lu Man is here to look for you.”

When Principal Liu heard it, he hurriedly walked over.

“Lu Man is here Quickly come in, quickly come in.”

After Lu Man entered, the principal said, “Xiao Li, go and get two cups of tea.”

“Theres no need to trouble you, it wont take long,” Lu Man hurriedly said.

“Its no trouble,” Principal Liu said happily and had Secretary Li go to prepare the tea.

After Secretary Li left, Principal Liu asked, “With what do you need my help”

“Its like this, I already told Director Ji Cheng that Ill be acting in his new movie Red Tiger , and so I went to ask for leave from our counselor, Professor Chen.

But no matter what I told Professor Chen, she refuses to grant me leave and said that the school has a rule that Year One and Two students cannot take up film offers, so I could only come here to ask you for help.”

Principal Liu was stunned; the school did have this rule, but it was not unbendable.

If the show was actually good, the school would not hinder the students future.

“Its nothing,” Principal Liu instantly said, “Wait for a while, Ill have Professor Chen come up for a while.”

The principal then personally dialed up the counselors office phone number.

“Professor Chen, Im Principal Liu.”

The counselor subconsciously straightened up.

“Principal Liu, hello.”

“Please come to the principals office,” Principal Liu said.

The counselor instantly became nervous.

“Principal, is it that there is something wrong with my work”

“Haha, dont be nervous, its nothing big, we can talk about it when you here.” Principal Liu was an old fox, why would he tell her so easily.

But when Principal Liu said that, Counselor Chen became even more nervous.

Fretting all the way, she finally reached the principals office and saw Secretary Li who had just come out from the principals office.

Just now, Secretary Li had gone it to serve tea.

“Professor Chen, youre here, Principal Liu is waiting for you inside,” Secretary Li said.

The counselor asked in a low voice, “Secretary Li, do you know why Principal Liu is looking for me”

Secretary Li said apologetically, “Im really not sure myself, but seeing Principal Lius expression, he was not angry, it shouldnt be something big.”

Only then did the counselor let out a breath of relief, and knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Principal Lius voice sounded from inside.

The counselor opened the door and greeted as soon as she entered, “Principal Liu, you called — ”

Theme was left stuck in her throat as she was left stunned.


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