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Professor Liang contemplated, taking them for half a year was way better than taking for a whole year.

Right now, it was already the second semester for the Year One students, so the students knew what they should know already, and it would be better to counsel them.

“Alright,” Professor Liang agreed, and did not ask Professor Chen what was going on.

Principal Liu smiled and said, “Lu Man, Im approving your leave, its almost time for class, you can go back first.”

Lu Man stood up to thank him.

“Alright, thank you, Principal.”

“Theres no need to be polite, theres no need to be polite.

In the future, if you have something you need help with, just come and find me.” Principal Liu thought about it, he was still lacking something… right, she was still lacking the means to contact him!

Principal Liu hurriedly took out a visiting card from the box on the table.

“Last time, I forgot to give this to you, hold this well, this is my phone number.

If it happens when Im not in school and you need my help with, just directly give me a phone call.”

Professor Liang and Professor Chen looked at Lu Man in shock; Principal Liu was too polite to her already right!

An ordinary student wont be treated like this, right!

Professor Chen gritted her teeth and looked incredulously at Lu Man, so Lu Mans backer was Principal Liu

What relationship did these two have

If she had known earlier that Lu Mans backer was Principal Liu, she would not have blocked Lu Mans path.

Why did Lu Man not say anything!

Lu Man purposely trapped her!

On the other hand, Lu Man did not care about what Professor Chen was thinking, and had left the principals office to go back to class.

Meanwhile, Principal Liu told Professor Chen, “Professor Chen, follow Secretary Li out, shell help you settle the change in position procedure.”

Professor Chen asked in shock, “Its going to be changed right away”

She was still thinking that she could at least perform well, and try to gain back favor.

But who knew that Principal Liu would not even give her that chance.

“If I dont change your duty right now, should I wait till you finish bringing more harm to them even this semester” Principal Liu said coldly.

Secretary Li reminded Professor Chen, “Teacher Chen, lets go and settle it first.”

Professor Chen cried as she followed Secretary Li out of the office.

“Secretary Li, is there really no way out of this situation”

“This… Principal Liu is extremely angry, he wont listen,” Secretary Li tried convincing her.

Professor Chens eyes brightened, “Then doesnt that mean when Principal Liu is not angry, Ill have the chance”

Troubled, Secretary Li said, “Professor Chen, let me tell you this, Lu Mans background is very strong.”

Since the principal did not even actively say out Lu Mans background, Secretary Li naturally did not dare to make decisions herself.

Professor Chen twitched her lips, “I know, isnt it the principal”

Secretary Li lost her smile completely.

“Its not the principal, if its the principal, the principal would not need to be so polite to Lu Man.”

Secretary Li was too embarrassed to say how overly polite Principal Lius attitude was, he was practically currying favor with her.

“I know about Lu Man, Ive seen her portfolio, and there was a lot of trouble recently and it was very rampant online, isnt she Lu Qis older sister Even if the Lu Family has some money, it isnt that strong.”

If it was really strong, could Lu Qi have no shows to film right now

Secretary Li almost rolled her eyes, no wonder Principal Liu refused to use Professor Chen no matter what.

Secretary Li had never seen someone who was so dumb but still so arrogant.

Secretary Li was too lazy to remind her, “As for Lu Qiyuan, Principal Liu does not care about him at all.

Its just like you said, Lu Qi has no shows to film till now, so why would Principal Liu be scared of him Professor Chen, Im just reminding you once, Lu Mans background, no one can afford to provoke her, it has nothing to do with Lu Qiyuan.

You dont need to make assumptions and theres no need to look down on her.

Im telling you this, compared to Lu Man, Zhang Xiaoying is nothing!”

“You have offended Lu Man, although Lu Man did not say anything, Principal Liu will not let you get back to your old position.

As for this thing, no one can help you,” Secretary Li said, and refused to say anything more.


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