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He Mengmeng and Hu Zhonghui were both infuriated.

Just because you have access to First Class lounge, you find yourself impressive And you can just mock others as you please

“She went too overboard!” He Mengmeng mumbled.

However, since they were with Lu Man, they were afraid of causing trouble for Lu Man.

Otherwise, based on both of their tempers, if they were out here by themselves, they would definitely go up to that person and confront them.

However, they saw Lu Man turn around without even a hint of anger on her face.

She calmly spoke to the person who seemed to be an assistant, “Sorry, this is indeed our first time taking first-class, and our first time entering a First Class lounge, so there are many things that we are rather unaware and unsure of.

As a bumpkin, we may seem like a joke to you, but please bear with us.

If you see that we are behaving inappropriately, please pretend that you didnt see it and leave some face for us.”

Lu Man spoke at a normal volume, neither did she intentionally raise her voice nor did she make it sound meek.

She just asked the other party to be more forgiving, but her attitude was filled with sarcasm.

Even though there werent many guests in the First Class lounge, they all looked over and created a little pressure for the other party too.

On the other hand, Hu Zhonghui and He Mengmeng could barely hold back their laughter.

They were really wrong.

With Lu Man around, they wouldnt have to swallow down any unfairness!

Keeping mum and suffering silently With Lu Mans temper, it was impossible!

Other people in the lounge were already looking at that assistant with much despise in their eyes.

An old lady grumbled unhappily, “This is also my first time here in this lounge.

My daughter is very filial and is taking me on a vacation.

As Im old, she was afraid that I would be uncomfortable when taking a long plane flight and so she especially bought a first-class ticket for me so that my weak, old legs have more room to stretch and move around.

Before this, I have never even been a plane before.

Do I still have to be ridiculed by others because of this, and looked down upon by others”

Someone else also couldnt look on silently anymore and sneered, “You just took first-class a couple more times and so does that give you the right to look down on others”

Seeing the hateful, disdain feel looked from others, blood drained from the assistants face and she glared furiously at Lu Man.

She had only mumbled a little.

Did this woman really have to go so far

“Enough!” The woman behind in sunglasses scolded lightly, “Hurry up and find a place to sit down, dont create trouble!”

The assistant instantly remembered her status and did not dare to say a single word anymore.

Together with that lady in sunglasses, they went to an inconspicuous corner and sat down.

Lu Man expressed her gratitude to the old lady and the man who had spoken up just now.

Bringing Hu Zhonghui and He Mengmeng along, she found them a place for them to sit down.

Soon, He Mengmeng and Hu Zhonghui went to get some food and drinks.

Upon returning, Hu Zhonghui whispered to Lu Man, “I think that that lady in sunglasses looks kind of familiar.

When I went to get some food I tried to catch a couple more looks.

She is Qiao Luna.”

“Qiao Luna” Lu Man found that name familiar.

Thinking about it, she recalled that Sister Li had mentioned her before; Sister Lis daughter was a fan of Qiao Luna.

“No wonder she had to wear sunglasses and didnt let her assistant continue arguing.

Otherwise, it would be a mess if people recognize her,” He Mengmeng mumbled.

Hu Zhonghui nodded in agreement.

“I dont know about her personality, but until now she has never had a scandal before, so her EQ is probably pretty good.

Its just that her assistant seems so-so.

If I was Qiao Luna, I would replace her as soon as I can.”

He Mengmeng instantly assured her.

“Lu Man, dont worry.

When you become famous, I definitely wont behave like that assistant.”

“You sure are thinking too far ahead.” Lu Man broke into a smile.


Red Tiger was mostly shot in Xihai, near the Gobi desert.

Even though Lu Man was the female lead, the main character of this film was still Ji Cheng.

He had more screen time, and thus Lu Man didnt have that many scenes.

As a typical movie where the male character was the main lead, Lu Man was just one of the decorations.

When their plane landed at the airport in Xihai, the plane landed, Lu Man and the others collected their luggage, and walked out of the exit when suddenly someone shouted, “Lu Man!”


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