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“Who knew that Lu Man is actually attending Film Academy.” Lu Qi bit onto her lips furiously.

“Ive asked around, shes in the second semester of the first year of university right now.

This year, she will follow them and move on to Year Two.”

“She sure is shameless.

Isnt she afraid of people laughing at her for being classmates with a bunch of people younger than her!” Lu Qi scoffed.

“Oh right, hows the preparation for your movie coming along”

“Its coming along pretty well.

Im still working on figuring out the camera angles,” He Zhengbai said.

“Previously, it was always my family who invested in my films and let me shoot, but the amount they invested isnt a lot.

At most, I could only shoot some low-budget web dramas for practice.

Its really nothing much at all.

This time, theres an investor who wants me to film a television show and now I wont need to use any of my familys money.

I definitely have to film a television show that would surprise the audience and stand out amongst the crowd, making a grand debut as director.”

“Brother He, you will definitely succeed.

Youre so talented, you can definitely do it.

You will definitely become famous from directing this show,” Lu Qi encouraged.

“Yes, Ill definitely prove it to my family.

Even though my familys business is being managed by my older brother, my parents always felt that being a director isnt a legitimate job.

In the past, when they invested in my project, they also grumble about it.

They also kept harshly criticizing me saying that that they had invested so much money in me but I hadnt succeeded at all and so I might as well go back to the company and earn money.

But now I will definitely prove to them that becoming a director isnt worse or any less than working in a company!”

“Oh right, why are you here today Arent you about to start filming” He Zhengbai asked.

“Im afraid that there have been some changes.” Worry was written all over Lu Qis face.

“My mom demanded a pay hike from Ji Cheng behind my back.

Initially, Ji Cheng agreed, but even after such a long time, he has yet to contact me again.

Im scared that hes toying with me.

Brother He, you are very resourceful.

Please help me to ask around if Ji Chengs movie has started shooting.”

He Zhengbai was extremely happy as Lu Qi stroked his ego.

“I will help you to ask around right now.”

Hence, He Zhengbai quickly a phone call.

But when he hung up the phone, his face darkened.

At that moment, Lu Qis heart instantly had a bad premonition.

He Zhengbai said solemnly, “Your guess was right.

Ji Chengs film has started shooting a long time ago.”

“Then what about the female lead He found one too” Lu Qi asked nervously.

“He found her.” He Zhengbai nodded.

His face was so dark and serious that it was frightening.

“You definitely wont be able to guess it.

The person he found to replace you is actually Lu Man!”

“Thats too shameless!” Lu Qi immediately remembered that she had even rejected that television show and felt heart-wrenching pain in her heart.

Just as He Zhengbai was consoling Lu Qi, his own mobile phone rang too.

In the midst of Lu Qis fury, she saw He Zhengbais face changed from shocked and frozen to fury and anger.

“How could you just change the person out of the blue Do you know how long Ive been preparing for this show”

The other part sounded helpless too.

“Weve no other choice either, were forced and its beyond our control.”

“How is it beyond your control” He Zhengbai asked furiously.

If this was another newbie director, the other party would have already hung up long ago.

Who would still bother talking and dragging it out with him

However, because he was from the He Family, the other party said, “I dont know who it is specifically either.

The person who informed me is the big boss from our investors.

The big boss wouldnt explain so much to me either.

Originally, the big boss did like you quite a bit.

Someone who could make our big boss change his mind is probably someone who is even more impressive than him, but even I dont know anything about him.

I know that youve been preparing for a very long time so it must be very difficult to accept it and you feel really wronged too, but I honestly dont have any other choice.

Ive already tried fighting for you, but it didnt work.

How about this, in the future if we still have a chance, I will think about you first.”

Without waiting for He Zhengbai to speak, the other party hurriedly hung up the phone.


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