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In the end, the ill-fated couple He Zhengbai and Lu Qi lost their jobs together.

“Its really unlucky, I just got beaten up by Lu Man, and now I even lost my job!” He Zhengbai cursed angrily, “You were right, shes a bringer of misfortune!”

He had not even asked for the reason, and directly put the blame on Lu Man.

Although this time, it was really because of Lu Man.

Now, the two of them did not have the mood to go on a date anymore, and Lu Qi stomped her way home angrily.

Even upon seeing Lu Qi so furious, Xia Qingyang still asked suspiciously, “Why did you come back so fast, what did you go out to do”

“You still dare to ask! Its all because of you, you insisted on demanding a pay hike for the film, and all my effort to make a come back are now totally ruined!” Lu Qi was seething in rage.

“Its really gone Are you sure” Xia Qingyang still refused to admit her fault.

“Im sure, I went out to find out about this only!”

“Impossible!” Xia Qingyang stood up anxiously, “In such a short time, he cant find anyone at all.”

“He cant find anyone He already found Lu Man.

Lu Man, this sl*t, she definitely knew I was going to take this movie, and so purposely snatched it away!” Lu Qi cursed angrily.

“Ill go to seek revenge!” Xia Qingyang stood up and started to rush out.

“Who are you finding Lu Man is now busy filming, where will you find her” Lu Qi held onto her.

“If I cant find Lu Man, why not find Xia Qingwei Shes a sickly person after I say a few sentences, shell be angered to death! I caused Lu Man to steal your show, and now that shes filming outside, Ill anger Xia Qingwei to death here, she can come back to settle her mothers corpse!” Xia Qingyang said cruelly, not thinking at all that Xia Qingwei was her biological sister.

Not to mention, in Lu Mans previous life, Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi really did that.

While Lu Man was in prison, they angered Xia Qingwei to death.

“Do you feel that I havent been embarrassed enough” Lu Qi pulled Xia Qingyang back and pushed her to the side, “Dont you dare go! Do you think that Xia Qingwei is as sickly as last time Her surgery was a success, and Lu Man earns quite well, she would definitely nurse her back to health.

The previous times you saw Xia Qingwei, did you manage to anger her to death No! You didnt manage to anger her to death, but you made my reputation even worse! Please stop making trouble for me!”

“If it wasnt for you this time, I wont lose the movie and the chance to film a television drama!” Lu Qi hated Xia Qingyang to death now.

Her future was ruined because of Xia Qingyangs idiocy and petty schemes.

“In the future, whatever it is, what I say is final, and now you can stop being my manager! You dont know anything, yet you are so arrogant!”

“How can you say that about me” Xia Qingyangs lips were trembling as she looked at Lu Qi in shock.

She was upset upon seeing the obvious disdain and hate in Lu Qis eyes.

Her own daughter looked down on her!

Lu Qi warned her again, “Im telling you, dont go and find Xia Qingwei!”

After saying that, Lu Qi returned to her bedroom angrily.

Sitting on her bed, Lu Qi thought for quite a while.

Finally coming up with an idea, she took out her phone and posted on Weibo.

“I finally got a chance to film a movie, but it was snatched away by people, and I waited and practiced for more than two months just for nothing.

I did not even get a warning, I was still waiting dumbly at home while the movie had already started to film more than a week ago, and I was kept in the dark.”

Lu Qi was very low-key recently and did not even dare to appear on Weibo.

Today, she felt that not a lot of people would care about the past scandals anymore, and thus she dared to appear.

“Qi Qi, I finally see you again.”

“Qi Qi, we havent met in so long.”

“Who can tell me which movie it is This is too much, isnt this bullying”


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