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Even if she considered the popularity of just a single actor, it would still be an instant kill for Red Tiger .

“Lu Man, do you remember when we were going to the set of Red Tiger, we met Qiao Luna in the First Class lounge at the airport Turns out that day she was going to the set of Fighting Hero.” Just now, Hu Zhonghui called Lu Man.

On the other hand, Ji Cheng was also extremely anxious.

These past few days, he had been so anxious, tattering his teeth all the time.

“They must be doing this on purpose! They are considering us as push-overs and bullying us!”

“Director Ji, right now the movie has yet to premiere, so its hard to tell how it would turn out.

Please dont start losing your footing and getting so anxious.

No matter what, we must still keep our morale up.

Otherwise, if Fighting Hero sees us right now, we would have lost even before competing, and wont this just only help to build their morale and confidence” Lu Man could only encourage him like this.

“I understand everything that youre saying, but I…” Ji Cheng sighed in frustration.

“Ok, I get it, I will hold it in.

No matter what I also wont show my fear in front of others.”

“Director Ji, I know that youve put in a lot for this movie, you even put in all of your own money into this film, but you must remain confident and have faith in your movie.

No matter how strong Fighting Hero is, you still have the 2 billion yuan guaranteed investment.

No matter who your opponent is, you already have 2 billion yuan box office investment the box office on hand, you wont really lose out to anyone.

What you need to worry about is how much we can win them by, how beautiful our win would be,” Lu Man said 1 .

Ji Cheng smiled bitterly.

“Its precisely because of the 2 billion yuan guaranteed investment that I am in so much stress.

What if the movies box office doesnt earn that much, and wont Master Han lose out then, how can I still face Master Han”

“Director Ji, other than being the CEO of Han Corporation and one of the investors in Red Tiger , hes more so my boyfriend.

Please believe in me, I wont let my boyfriend make any losses.

To put it more bluntly, he only invested so much because of me, and not for you, so Im even under more pressure than you are.”

Ji Cheng: “…”

She couldnt be any more straightforward.

But of course, it did make him feel a lot more comfortable and at ease.

“Alright.” Ji Cheng gritted his teeth and nodded.

” Your final exams are just around the corner too, so I wont disturb you any longer.

Well talk again after your exams.”


Therefore, Lu Man placed all of her efforts and focus on her finals.

Her finals were split into two parts, Cultural Studies, and Professional Performance.

So, Lu Man used all of her free time to revise her work.

“Haha, whats the point of her cramming so much at the last minute now”

“Thats right, at the start, when Xiaoying entered this university she had first place in Cultural Studies and Professional Performance.

Not only Lu Man had taken a break from school for two years, but she also took another two months of leave.

She only attended a few days of lessons and shes aspiring to get good grades If she can get good grades so easily, what would that make people who usually focus on our studies and take them seriously”

“Originally, she could rely on Red Tigers results to add some points for her and leave a pretty record on her resume, but now Red Tiger might flop too, its going to clash with Fighting Hero , its going to be a blast!”

A bunch of people in the class were eagerly waiting for ill fate to befall on Lu Man.

Even those students who usually didnt have any conflict with Lu Man were also waiting for a chance to laugh at her and ridicule her.

“Lu Man, dont care about what they say,” Zheng Yuanshi said solemnly, “They are just being bitter!”

“In our class, other than Zhang Xiaoying, its only you who got to go out and film shows in Year One.

They dont dare to talk about Zhang Xiaoying but they have the guts bully you.” Han Leilei couldnt take it either.

“Whats up with them! If they really have what it takes, why dont they take on a show on their own too! If there really is a good opportunity, the school wont hold them back either!”

“Im fine.” Lu Man shook her head.

“Right now, I dont even care about them.”


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