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Honestly, a lot of was going on right now.

Once she finished her finals, she had to worry about the movie too.

“Hmph! A bunch of bumbling clowns wont amount to anything!” Pan Xue scoffed coldly.

They were all busy being bitter about it and trying to drag Lu Man down, but they didnt even know that Lu Man was completely ignoring them.

Zheng Yuanshi smiled and said, “Your kungfu at pissing people off sure is formidable.”

“Huh” Lu Man blinked in surprise, confused by what Zheng Yuanshi meant.

“Im not trying to infuriate anybody.

Im really not able to care about them.”

Zheng Yuanshi: “…”

It was precisely how serious Lu Man was about ignoring them and that was the most infuriating, alright

Those students who were rather close to them and happened to overhear Lu Mans words were furious beyond compare.

For so long, they had been dissing her but Lu Man didnt even pay heed to them!

“Why are you pretending!”

“Whats there to be so proud of!”

Han Leilei couldnt hold back any longer and said, “They are being too overboard!”

Finally annoyed, Lu Man placed her book down.

She stood up and turned to look at those people who couldnt stop talking about her.

“Theres nothing for me to pretend, and theres nothing for me to be proud of.

Im just revising my studies.

As for how Im studying, and how my grades will turn out, well see once the exam results are out.

Right now, all of you are just here busy trying to be cool, looking down on me, I hope that when the results are out, you guys wont do worse than me.

By then I really do want you to see how Im when Im proud,” Lu Man riposted.

“We wont do as well as you in the exams” Someone sniggered, “Haha, I do want to see what kind of grades youll get.

Dont blow your trumpet right now and make such big promises, and in the end, have them slap you in the face!”

“I never make empty promises.” Lu Man looked at her coldly.

“Fan Xiyue, right If I get better grades than you, I wont ask you to apologize for what you said today.

However, if you see me in the future, please lower your head, and dont let me see your face.”

“Why” Zheng Yuanshi asked subconsciously.

“Because by then she would feel so shameless and would have lost her face,” Lu Man replied lightly and casually 1 .


Lu Man sure had a wicked mouth!

“You!” Fan Xiyue was extremely livid, and shot daggers at Lu Man.

“Fine, just you wait! I really want to see your grades!”

“Hmph! Dont make such empty promises and be boastful right now.

When you really cant beat us with your grades, you will end up slapping yourself in the face with your words.”

“Thats right, dont think that just because you acted in a movie, you are very talented.

When you film a movie, you can have many takes, but its different from a live performance.

During the examination, there will be a live performance and the teacher wont give you a chance if you NG.”

“Haha,” Lu Man laughed coldly.

She didnt continue to bother with them and went back to revising her work instead.

“Xiaoying, I really cant stand how obnoxious she is,” Yu Jingxian proclaimed loudly, “You definitely can beat her in the exams.

Let her know how ridiculous and what a joke she is.”

“Thats right!” Zhuang Tingting supported her and spoke loudly too, “Otherwise, some people would forever remain so conceited.”

Zhang Xiaoying pursed her lips.

She was gloating inwardly and very happy, but instead she said, “Try to be quiet and keep a low profile.

We arent so full of ourselves like some people.”

“Xiaoying, you are too humble.” Somebody else said, “When you keep a low-profile, other people will think that they are oh so amazing.”

“Xiaoying, you dont have to keep a low profile.

We all know your grades.

Back then you got into the university after securing first place in Cultural Studies and Professional Performance.

Yet, someone here has the cheek to be so boastful in front of you, it sure is ridiculous!”

“Enough!” Pan Xue roared angrily.

“Did Lu Man offend you Why is every single one of you being so bitter and dragging her down Shes just quietly and peacefully studying at the corner, and has never said anything.

Yet one after another, all of you just keep talking and talking non-stop.

She just rebutted you guys a little, and youre even unhappy about it Oh, so is it that only you guys are allowed to deride Lu Man, but Lu Man is not allowed to retort Who do you think you are! The king of the world”


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