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“Ill fill up your other stomach first,” Han Zhuoli said coyly.

Lu Man whimpered a little.

Very quickly, she couldnt even protest and soon she didnt even have the strength to kick him either.

Finally, after a long while, Lu Man felt like she would almost die now, her body was completely exhausted and so, Lu Man sprawled on the bed.

Right now, she was so furious that she really wanted to kick Han Zhuoli off the bed.

Han Zhuoli didnt want her to be furious at him and hurriedly tried to explain.

“I didnt mean it on purpose.

I really just missed you too much.”

Seeing that Lu Man didnt say anything, Han Zhuoli pondered for a while and said again, “Look, youve been gone for filming for two months and you finally came back after so long, but then you became busy preparing for your exam, I didnt even…”

“Im hungry,” Lu Man grumbled unhappily.

Remembering about recent Han Zhuolis trap, she hurriedly added, “My stomach is hungry.”

Then she rubbed her tummy.

“Here, this stomach.”

“Ok ok ok,” Han Zhuoli hurriedly said.

“Ill go look for Auntie He.”

Lu Man: “…”

Didnt he say that Auntie He and Butler Xiao Wang werent at home

“When it comes to mealtime, they will definitely come back,” Han Zhuoli quickly explained.

Lu Man: “…”

Then wont Auntie He and Butler Xiao Wang know that they have been in bed this whole time

Either way, Lu Man didnt plan on going out to meet anyone anymore.

And so, Han Zhuoli hurriedly went downstairs to look for Auntie He.

After a while, he returned with rice and a couple of dishes.

After laying them down, Han Zhuoli went out again and came back carrying a bowl of soup.

“This is a tonic soup that Auntie He has specially cooked for you.”

Lu Man: “…”

Unexpectedly, while they were eating, Lu Man received a phone call from Xia Qingwei.

She said that since it was already so late, Lu Man didnt have to rush back home either.

She should just stay at Han Zhuolis for a night and come back home tomorrow.

Lu Man: “…”

Was she really her biological mother, huh


In a blink of an eye, it was time for finals.

In the National Film Academy, the Cultural class exam was not difficult, it was just mainly for procedures sake.

The focus was still the grades of the performance.

It was split into individual performance and group performance.

The group performances required them to be in pairs.

Zheng Yuanshi and the other two wanted to perform with Lu Man and so they decided to draw lots.

Eventually, Pan Xue was picked and she even jumped up in joy.

Lu Man found it amusing and thought that they were exaggerating her skills.

After the final performance examination, Lu Man came out and to her surprise, she realized that Zhang Xiaoying and the others who had finished their exam before her had yet to leave.

They were just waiting outside of the examination hall.

“Lu Man, how did it go” Zhuang Tingting asked with ill-intentions.

Lu Man gave a diplomatic answer.

“The results arent out so I cant talk about it.”

However, Lu Man was rather satisfied with her own performance.

From the teachers reaction, it should be pretty good.

It was hard to say if she could get first place, but at least, her grades wouldnt be bad.

“Haha, didnt you say you will beat all of us” Zhuang Tingting laughed sarcastically.

Lu Man scoffed lightly.

“Since when did I say I will beat all of you The one I want to beat is Fan Xiyue.”

“Lu Man, are you trying to go against your words” Yu Jingxian let out a harsh, derisive laugh.

“Could it be that you realized that you didnt do well in the exam and so you refuse to admit your own words”

“Why wont I admit what Ive said before Before this, Ive never said that Ill beat all of you,” Lu Man answered nonchalantly.

However, before Yu Jingxian and Zhuang Tingting could even be smug about it, Lu Man proclaimed, “But now, I can say that.”

Zhang Xiaoying and Yu Jingxian and Zhuang Tingtings faces instantly changed color.

Zhang Xiaoying even asked seriously, “Lu Man, what you mean is, youll do even better than me”

“I was talking about Zhuang Tingting and Yu Jingxian,” Lu Man said.

Hearing that, Zhang Xiaoying felt better and no more had that frown on her face, but Lu Man continued, “But I can count you in too.”

“You!” Zhang Xiaoying was infuriated and sneered, “Why are you so obnoxious!”

“I originally wanted to leave peacefully and quietly after my exam, but you guys just had to wait here for me to ask me about it, so as you wish,” Lu Man said coldly.

She didnt bother with them any longer and left directly.


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