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“Alright, now thats even better, not only you havent managed to curry favor with Zhang Lun, but now you also have to wait for the companys punishment.”

In the end, very soon Han Corporation announced her punishment.

All of Qiao Lunas events for half a year were canceled.

“Why did they have to do this! Didnt I just say something wrong” Qiao Luna was unhappy, she wanted to directly look for Han Zhuoli to complain.

Hence, as Qiao Luna came directly to the company, Zheng Tianming was made to welcome her.

“Coincidentally, our CEO is very busy today and has no time.

If Miss Qiao makes an appointment next time, Ill arrange a time.”

“Assistant Zheng, my issue is really nothing big, the company is making a mountain of a molehill.”

If it were someone else, Zheng Tianming would have directly told them that the company had given Red Tiger a 2 billion yuan guaranteed box office.

But with Qiao Lunas EQ, she would turn around to post this online and let the netizens feel that Han Corporation was suppressing other movies just to help protect the Red Tigers box office, and the public sentiments about Red Tiger would worsen, so what could he do

Hence, Zheng Tianming smiled and said, “Miss Qiao, youre a big shot now, and your career is going smoothly, did you forget the rules of the company If a celebrity does something wrong, they have to accept the companys punishment.

In public, a celebrity needs to watch their words and think before they do anything.

Dont think that just because you have a bit of reputation, you can be arrogant.

Before this, there were a few celebrities who were banned by the company, did you forget about them If I were you, I would take this time to calm down and focus on how to maintain your image in public.”

“Moreover, this order came directly from the CEO, so even if you find the CEO, it would be of no use,” Zheng Tianming said with a cold smile on his face.

Embarrassed, Qiao Lunas face flushed red.

She was in a cage of anger, unwilling to admit her fault and accept that she was really becoming a bit arrogant just because she was popular and famous.

“Alright.” Qiao Luna could only grit her teeth and leave.

But could she give up like that and not have any events for half a year


Actually, half a year duration was not very long.

The punishment imposed by Han Corporation wasnt unfair or too harsh.

However, Qiao Luna did not share the same thoughts; being away from the public eye for half a year, what would she do if someone took her place

What would she do it her popularity fell

Moreover, these days there was an influx of new talent in the entertainment industry with many of them gaining popularity quickly.

So no matter what, she couldnt let her popularity decrease!

She had to find a way!

Meanwhile, Zhang Luns Fighting Hero had yet to premiere and their reputation was already being flushed down the drain; with the public mocking him, he was bursting with anger and instantly contacted his publicity team, ordering them to come up with some ideas.

“How about this, we sell a tragic story.

Let the audience know that it was hard for us to film, and even after so much effort when it came to showtime, we received unfair treatment.”

“Alright, lets do that!” Zhang Lun agreed.


While the publicity team was discussing on the plan, someone exclaimed, “Hurry look at the Internet!”

Finding his outburst strange, everyone quickly took a look.

“F*ck! We were a bit slower!”

“Its Lu Man, its definitely Lu Man who did this!”

They all saw the lengthy Weibo post from the assistant director of the Red Tiger .

“Our Red Tiger production group has filmed for three months.

Initially, Director Ji Cheng found a lot of actors suitable for the roles, however, none of them even gave us a chance to discuss the script.

Finally, when we found an experienced actress, she threatened to not join the crew on the first day of the shoot for a pay hike.

Therefore, left we no choice, we had to change the female lead at the last moment.

We continuously faced trouble in every stage of filming.

It can be said that ever since the Red Tiger started filming, we have continuously encountered trouble.”

“However, when faced with the tough filming condition, all of these became small things.”

The assistant directors words were very sincere, making several hearts ache as they read it.

Especially when they read how Ji Cheng had been injured a few times, and also how Lu Mans had had bleeding blisters.


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